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Acrylic Painting How-To Book: ‘Brave Intuitive Painting’ by Flora Bowley


Released in May, 2012, Brave Intuitive Painting has sold over 30,000 copies worldwide.  Offering a  heartfelt and unique perspective on the creative process, this beautiful and inspiring book encourages both novice and professional painters to “let go, be bold and unfold” as they move through fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process.  Honored as the #1 selling painting book on Amazon for a month after its release, this ground breaking book presents a soulful and transformational approach to painting (and living) that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind and spirit and begs you to be brave!

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Brave Intuitive Painting” is an inspiring and encouraging book for both novice and experienced painters that teaches a spontaneous, bold, and fearless approach to painting as a process of discovery. Learn how to create colorful, unique, expressive paintings through a variety of techniques that combine basic, practical painting principles with innovative personal self-expression and personal growth.

This fun and forgiving approach to painting is based on exploring the process, letting go of fear, releasing preconceived ideas of what your paintings are supposed to look like, and allowing the paintings to unfold naturally and with ease. Learning to work in layers, will give you the freedom to cover up, re-start, wipe away, and change courses many times along the way. Unexpected and unique compositions, color combinations, and subject matter will appear as you allow your paintings to emerge in an organic, unplanned way. Working from this place of curiosity and freedom will open up a world of creative possibilities where there are no mistakes and anything is possible.

‘True Nature’ by Flora Bowley

  Learn techniques for working with vibrant color and avoiding mud.

  Make rich and varied marks with a variety of unexpected tools

  Break compositional rules

Embrace non-attachment as a way to keep exploring

Keep momentum by moving your body and staying positive

Work with what’s working to let go of struggle

Connect more deeply to the world around you to stay inspired

Embrace layers to create rich complex paintings

Find rhythm by spiraling between chaos and order

‘Rooted in love’ by Flora Bowley

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