Lessons in Love + A Caregivers Giveaway (Winners Announced!)

I recently came across this quote, and it really hit home.  I thought, “This is it.  This is what it means to really love.  It is art of the highest order.”

If you have been following along with me on Facebook and Instagram recently, you know I have been sharing a deeply personal story — a story of love.  My dear friend and professional photographer, Tara Morris, also documented my journey in this beautiful and intimate blog post.

For the past two months, I was given the incredible (and heartbreaking) honor of care taking my beloved mama during her final weeks of life.  Although sharing the journey felt extremely vulnerable at times, the ripples of love, compassion and healing that resulted from my sharing far outweighed the fear of exposing something “too personal” online.

In fact, the whole experience showed me (once again) how crucial it is to just be honest — online, in person, to myself…always.

While the experience with my mom was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever been called to do (I’m still “in it” in many ways), I’m already grateful for the extraordinary lessons I received in the realms of compassion, presence, intimacy, patience and bravery.  My heart feels simultaneously blown open, cracked, softer, more tender and vastly more capable of love than ever before.

As I recalibrate to life back home in Portland and gear up for the next round of the Bloom True E-course, beginning on June 1st (so soon!), I am inspired by my recent experience to offer a “Caregivers GiveAway.”

I know deep in my bones how powerfully healing the creative process can be, and I have such an immense amount of respect for anyone out there who takes care of others on a daily basis.  Teachers, moms, dads, nurses, hospice workers, kids taking care of their elderly parents, you know who you are.

I would LOVE to offer all you angels a free place in my upcoming E-course as a way of honoring the amazing (and often unrecognized) work you do in the world.  It would be my honor to guide you through my brave intuitive painting journey and welcome you into a powerful global community of brave Bloomers.  As many students say, “It’s about a whole lot more than just painting.”

I will be giving away fifteen free spots for the June 1st course, although if you know me, you know I probably won’t be able to choose just fifteen ;)   To enter the Caregivers Giveaway, simply leave a comment below letting me know who you are and why you would love to join me for the course.  If you know a deserving caregiver, feel free to nominate them here too!

We will announce the winners on this page (and via email) on Friday, May 29th at 6pm PCT.

And for those of you who offered your reflections, love and condolences during the past weeks, thank you. I have felt incredibly held by my community during this challenging time, and it has made a true difference.

As requested by my extraordinary mom, my step brother and I painted her casket as a part of her celebratory memorial.

Blessed, loved and cherished always. xo

Caregiver Giveaway Winners Announced!

I am truly blown away by your amazing stories of courage and compassion.  You are ALL angels — each and every one of you — and the work you do in the world is so important.

After reading every comment, I simply could not narrow it down to 15 winners (no surprise there), so I had to choose 30 instead!  Honestly, I wish I could give a spot to every single one of you.  I will be sending along a special thank you to each person who entered, so keep an eye out for that.

To the winners, I look forward to having you join me on this grand painting adventure beginning on June 1st.  I am deeply honored to have the chance to give back to all of you who give so much.  The course will be brightened by your amazing souls.

And the winners are:

(All winners will be notified by email in the next 24 hours).

Courtney Quinlan

Cynthia Phillips Tomzac, nominated by Heather Robinson

Jean Simrose

Michelle Cain, nominated by Tegan Amber Carter

Phil, nominated by Anna Merritt

Mary Henry, nominated by Shannon Henry


Karina Robbins

Jill Flinton

Shawnty W.

Tina Sawyers

Lindsay Sledge

Sharyn McNeil

Vilma Pinheiro Costa

Bonnie, nominated by David

Jill Turner

Jessica Lane Massingil

RoseMarie L’Etoile, nominated by Cara

Danielle Tran’s mom, nominated by Danielle Tran



Russty Brazil


Jennifer’s mom, nominated by Jennifer Bethoff

Pam New, nominated by Dayle Halverson

Sandra Schmidt

Tracy Austin

Cheryl Le Clair

Chip, nominated by Gennifer

Adri, nominated by Anne

Big hug and thanks to everyone who entered the Caregivers Giveaway! Keep shining bright and don’t forget to take care of YOU.

xo flora

PS.  I apologize that some of your received the email announcement for this Giveaway after the deadline.  It was sent out this morning, and many people received it, so I’m not sure what happened there!  I would love to offer you all a special gift to make up for this, so please email me at: assistance@florabowley.com and we will be in touch with you soon.  Much love. xo flora

TRIBE Tuesday: Cindi Zimmerman

Today’s TRIBE Tuesday features the touching and heartfelt story of Cindy Zimmerman who took my most recent Bloom True E-Course in January.  Her journey is one of strength, trust and courage, both on the canvas and off.  Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your story with us here today…


Before I took Flora’s course, I had been painting for a year, mostly happy, bright, whimsical paintings….

But despite the happy vibes, when I painted I usually reached a point on each canvas where I became very fussy, anxious and frustrated. I can honestly say I had NONE of that angst on my Bloom True canvases.

Instead I had sheer excitement and joy with every mark I made (the good, the bad and the ugly, LOL). Ironically, the end result is not exactly a “happy” painting, but that was where intuition and my personal inspiration for imagery really came in.

At first I tried to ignore “that voice inside” and pushed it aside a few times, but cancer has been prevalent in my world more than I care to discuss….so I guess painting it was a way for me to verbalize it without uttering a word.

During week 3, as I pondered images that inspire me. I thought of all the brave people I’ve known and couldn’t think of anything more beautiful. I committed to that imagery (for that moment), and no sooner than I laid the scarved lady onto layer #6, my OBGYN called to say he found “questionable cells” during my annual exam and needed to do a biopsy of my uterus.

Testing Her Strength

As you can imagine, week 4 (Being Brave) took on extremely personal meaning as I faced the biopsy and awaited results.

I tried to abandon the image I had previously committed to (fearing it was a bad omen), started to paint her away, but instead listened to that little voice and moved to my other canvas. But she wouldn’t leave me alone.So I went to work on the background, painting everything around her but rarely touching her face. The random mark making was the perfect distraction while waiting for results.

I made a bold change, letting go of the flowers that previously danced in the background. Who would’ve thought that stamping and decorating little hexagon shapes could be so joyful, but doing so truly got me through several days of worry.

Periodically I’d ask myself if the main image needed to be replaced entirely as well, but when I finally heard the word BENIGN from my doctor (whew!), I knew my scarved beauty belonged on that canvas and deserved to be finished.


Cancer is an uncomfortable subject, and I’m sure many people would prefer not to see it in art (remember, even I had previously created “happy” paintings, in large part to escape from everything less than happy in my 3-D world).

In no way did I intend to make a political statement with this. It’s just very real and impactful to me, and my gut kept telling me to paint this woman (I don’t know who she is), at this specific point in her journey. The word “strength” came and went several times, so I knew I was being tested.

My mother suggested I give her more of a smile….but no. She is too tired to smile. Cancer and chemo and radiation have a way of doing that to a person. That’s reality. But still, she puts on her lipstick and adorns her hairless, aching head with a colorful scarf, determined to get through the hard days. I don’t know how this woman’s story ends, but she is valiant by every measure no matter the outcome.

I’ve loved many women (and men) with the same circumstances and sadly have lost a few, but I’m so grateful that they allowed me to be part of their journey. I learned so much through their experiences, they inspired me in ways I can’t describe, and this painting honors all of them.


I was drawn to Bloom True because 1) the way Flora painted looked FUN and 2) I admired her end results and hoped that I would learn how to turn out similar paintings.

I never could have imagined the painting that would be the product of the e-course.  I also didn’t bargain for the life lessons I learned here: The power of listening to our intuition, making bold commitments while staying open to change, tuning in to our own inspiring life, and the importance of gratitude.

I’m excited now to go to my other canvas now. I have no idea or expectations of what it will become, but I sense this topic isn’t finished with me yet. So I will play and have fun and see where the marks take me…while being mindful of that little voice that keeps whispering.

Thank you Flora for guiding me to listen, and for sharing your amazing approach. My paintings and my life will forever be richer for it.

TRIBE Tuesday: Jane Mant

Today’s TRIBE Tuesday features an inspiring story by Jane Mant.  I had the pleasure of spending a beautiful week painting with Jane last year in Bali, and I’m thrilled to share her work and her awesome story of “finding tribe” with you here today!

Sunshine Shadow

Like everyone, I have always been creative, since that first vivid experience of finger painting in kindergarten.

I studied graphic design and worked as a designer and as a high school art teacher before having time off as a stay at home mum. I continued making art and attending life drawing sessions on and off but gradually my heart was not in my painting. I had been practicing tonal realist oil painting, and instead of feeding my soul it fed my never-good-enough, perfectionist inner critic.

I stopped painting.


My heart led me to work in educating younger children. It was here that I reconnected with a more playful way of making art.

My heart sang and I yearned for a teacher to help me take it further. A year later I found Flora’s book and discovered Bloom True. I started the e-course on my birthday in June 2012. Hooray!

Painting was joyful again and I found the courage to create, but this time from the inside out, not to please others or try to appease my critic.


I was so thrilled to be chosen to attend the Bloom True retreat in Ubud last April. The trip itself was an act of courage for me, leaving my family for a week for the first time.

It was a magical, expansive, abundant and challenging week. The biggest surprise for me was the sense of connection I immediately had with the group. I realized that I had been lonely, painting on my own without creative companionship. I was so blessed to find a beautiful bunch of women who have become my international painting tribe.

Returning home, I sought out local painting friends. Having felt that connection, I couldn’t go back to creating in isolation again. I discovered a little gang of local bloomers through Facebook, and we formed an emerging group of painting friends.  I believe we will go a long way together — Hi Paint Jam Adelaide!


Through this process I have learned so much about courage, freedom and joy.

Practicing courage through painting has given me and others the courage to change our lives. I have left a job that I had long outgrown, I am painting consistently and have begun sharing, showing and selling my work. My next courageous, creative adventure is a six month road trip around Australia with my family, painting along the way.

Instagram http://instagram.com/janeamant

Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/janemant/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/janemantfineart

Thank you Jane — I have the biggest smile on my face!  I’m thrilled to hear that you found your local tribe of Bloomers, and that you are experiencing so much freedom and joy — on and off the canvas.

Keep up the amazing work and have a great trip!

xo flora




TRIBE Tuesday: Romina Montoto

For today’s TRIBE Tuesday feature we are sharing a super sweet story.

I’m sure many folks out there have similar tales of being told they were not artists as children (gah…just breaks my heart!), but Romina Montoto had the courage to follow her desire to create and reclaim her artist self as an adult.

I believe wholeheartedly that we all have infinite wells of creativity just waiting to be tapped and remembered.  Here’s one story to prove just that…

Hi, there! I am Romina Montoto. I live in Argentina and nowadays I am on a wonderful art journey.

This journey started many years ago, when I was a child and I spent a lot of time playing with my imagination and some colors like this.  It doesn’t have a title, but I could call it “Frida Lisa”!


One day, I decided to believe someone that told me that my drawings were awful. I felt so ashamed that I stopped painting and drawing. Perhaps, I as a child, I didn’t know how to deal with criticism.

Fortunately, I’ve worked on it. But I have never drawn again…till two years ago. I studied journalism, got married, had kids, planted a tree and wrote a book… but nothing about painting.

When I was pregnant with my third child, I was so stressed that I felt like drawing again. I looked for my son’s colors and painted my family (my inspiring life).

I did it by heart. I had no knowledge of art. I just focused on my feelings.


Later, I found Flora’s blog and decided to start her Bloom True E-Course. It was great.  It was not just about painting but it is about life.

I learned I have to let go to let in, to deal with stuck moments and to feel free doing what I like.  I also met a lot of artists in the bloomers group — really enriching!

This is the result:

peace from the present to the past ro montot It took me many years to understand it doesn’t matter what people say.  You have to listen to your inner voice.

And like Flora says: In art, “there are no mistakes.”

But I’d like to add, there’s only one mistake: Not trying at all.

I feel free and brave now!


Thank you Romina for sharing your story with us today,  and most of all, thank you for following your heart back to your art.  Love this pic of you at the beach!

xo flora

TRIBE Tuesday: Kristen Heinlein

I had the pleasure of meeting and painting with Kristen Heinlein in my Portland studio late last year during a Bloom True Level Two Workshop.  I’m happy to share her honest story about following her heart, taking her own advice and embracing her own unique style of creating…

I have always had an urgency to create and an imagination that worked much faster than my hands.

My favorite thing about being a K-8 Art Teacher is that I get to dip my toes into a little bit of everything and graze the surface of one hundred different mini projects throughout the day. Running from student to student in my art classroom has always felt satisfying and I loved pushing my students to CREATE EVERYDAY.

At some point along the way, however, I noticed that I stopped following my own advice.


Like so many others, I stumbled upon Flora’s book at Michael’s. I felt immediately connected- was this book written just for me?- and the rest was a flurry — 4 canvases, 3 sets of golden liquid acrylics, 2 months, and 1 ruined carpet later, I found myself unfurled in Flora’s philosophy.

Through her January 2013 Bloom True e-course, I gained the confidence to share my work with others.  I learned new mark-making techniques, created some paintings I felt proud of, and realized that there IS a place for an artist like me in the art world.

But it wasn’t until a few months ago at the November 2014, Portland Bloom True Level Two Workshop that I truly gained the confidence to start letting go.


I spent a year and a half creating artwork in every spare moment I could.

My role shifted from teacher during the day to student at night. I was pouring over the artwork of various artists I loved (Flora included) and pulled out certain imagery that I liked.

My artwork was bright, colorful, and interesting to me…but a large part of me worried that it wasn’t truly mine. Can I claim ownership for artwork that looks like it could be someone else’s?

Self doubt lurked in the shadows, but I forced myself to keep creating.

The Portland Bloom True workshop forced me to tuck away my folder of references and create from a more internal place.

I erased the preconceived floor plans for my paintings from my mind and lingered in the dark abyss of uncertainty. For the first time, I felt like I was truly being brave.

One of the neatest things happened early on in the workshop. Flora created a new type of mark using her sponge brush- a pinecone shape! She called us over to explain and demonstrate her personal discovery.

Then Flora said something that really stuck with me: “If you haven’t made a new discovery in your painting yet, it’s quite possible that you haven’t finished.”


Flora’s excitement about creating a new type of mark was contagious, and I spent the rest of the day dragging various tools in different ways.  I realized something right then and there: it is far more satisfying to invent your own marks than borrow them from other artists.

From that point on, I felt a true sense of ownership fill my being as I created artwork.  I feel as though Bloom True has given me the courage and inspiration cross over to the other side.


Thanks you Kristen for sharing your honest journey with us here.

The conversation around “borrowing” imagery and making paintings that are uniquely and distinctly your own is such an important one to address.  In fact, I believe so deeply in addressing this conversation, that I’m plotting a brand new E-course that will be all about this very topic! Stay tuned for that…

In the meantime, just remember that personal styles develops over time and through many many hours of work and personal exploration.  That said, the most important way to develop a style all your own is to show up, do the work and continue to gather inspiration from many many sources.  This will not happen overnight, but it’s also such a rewarding part of any creative journey.

Imagine where you will be 100 paintings from now!

With love and encouragement,

xo flora






TRIBE Tuesday: Marlene Butteriss

Today’s TRIBE Tuesday story is brought to you by Marlene Butteriss, who took my e-course in June 2012.  Marlene’s story is such a powerful reminder to follow your heart when you feel the pull…enjoy!

Moon Dancer Skin by Marlene Butteriss

I bloomed true at 40.

I had been painting, sculpting and creating all of my life, but there was something missing. A friend showed me Flora’s book and I immediately needed to find more.

I couldn’t afford the Bloom True E-course, but it was 2012 I had just had my 40th birthday and I felt like it was now or never. So I decided to sell a few personal things to raise enough money for the course.  I would never normally do such a thing, but I was so touched, moved and inspired by Flora’s work, teachings and simple ways of being, and I felt a yearning rise up that I had never felt before.

It was like someone was whispering declarations of love and beauty into my ear and I knew this was where I had to be.

by Marlene Butteriss

I had never taken an art course except for a couple of weekend workshops, never studied, and never learned anything about art or painting or technique.

While in Flora’s course I learned about so many skills and tricks and tools. My whole world opened and I gained such a confidence. Even just learning how to finish a canvas was wonderfully empowering.

But more importantly, I learned to be me.

I learned to trust myself, and to express myself fully and unashamedly.

In doing that I began to see, I began to see myself differently and see my skills and talents as gifts and blessings to be shared with the world.


When I experienced this self-expression, my whole world opened up.  I bloomed.

Today I am still painting, my life is still full of art and colour and inspiration.

I became a yoga teacher and a marriage celebrant. I run my own business and I live my goal of helping others see their own light shine, through Art, Yoga & Ritual.

I am forever grateful for the gift of self-awareness and inspiration Flora so generously gave in Bloom True.

My life was transformed, and I am B R A V E  I N T U I T I V E  M E.

More about Marlene is at: http://artyogaritual.com/

Big thanks to Marlene for sharing her story with us today.  If you have your own Bloom True story, we would love to hear from you!  Head on over to the TRIBE page for submission information.

xo flora



TRIBE Tuesday: Portland Workshops Announced!


Hi everyone.  I’m changing it up a bit with this week’s TRIBE Tuesday post to share some exciting new workshop announcements with you…woohoo!  Your next opportunities to paint with me in Portland are…

Bloom True Level Two Workshop: May 21st – 24th, 2015

Bloom True Level One Workshop: June 25th – 28th, 2015

Please click the links above for more workshop and registration information.  Please note that these workshops tend to sell out quickly, so if you are feeling the heart tug, don’t hesitate!  I would love to paint with you here…


BTW, I am LOVING hosting all my workshops in my beautiful new studio in Portland (for this year at least ;) ). Here are a few more moments captured by Zipporah Lomax from the last couple of workshops…









We hope to see you here!

xo flora & pearl :)



TRIBE Tuesday: Yvette Lyons

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday features the wonderful work and story of Yvette Lyons.

I had the pleasure of meeting Yvette in my most recent Portland workshop.  Yvette has also taken my Bloom True E-course two times.  Her positive energy and openness to being brave and trying new things is contagious.  I hope you enjoy her story!

Bali Dream - Yvette Lyons

My story is a story of learning to let go, developing self trust, moving through the struggle and discovering my creative spirit.  I know I came into this world as an artist.

All I wanted to do in middle school was paint.  I was accepted into the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan.  At 19 I moved to California  from New York City, and although I took some painting courses in a community college, I began to veer off into other directions.  My painting went underground.

I started working, teaching aerobic classes, working in the advertising industry in a clerical capacity.  But no matter what I did, my art and love for painting would rear its creative head. Eventually I was hired as a makeup artist.  I painted faces for 10  years.

My canvas was the human face.

After that career had come to a dead end, I went back to school for a degree in psychology, and even here, my path took me back to the art and into field art therapy.  For the past 20 years, I have been using art for healing and personal growth.  Yet, there has always been the flicker of light in my heart to return to my painting. I would always say to my good friend, Rita as I watched her paint through the years, “I HAVE TO GET BACK TO MY PAINTING”.  She would assure me, “YOU WILL.”

I wanted to return to it, my heart was there, but I allowed my anxiety and other life distractions get in the way. Then I started a yoga teacher training this past year.  I think through the deep commitment to meditation and yoga, something was ignited inside me.  I began to paint ~~ I mostly painted yoga poses.

Once my art supplies were out and my easel was set up, I became passionate about painting.  Painted, day and night.  Paintings began to pour out of me.  I HAD TO CREATE!  I did not want to do anything else.   I love to be messy with paint. I love having my hands covered in paint.

I feel so alive, yet so centered when I am painting, I didn’t want to do anything else.

Yvette Lyons

As ‘right-timing’ would have it, I found Flora through one of her paintings which I came across on the web.

I was instantly captivated by her technique.  I felt on a deep level that the process she was teaching resonated with me and would help me to move through my blocks and really allow my creative energy to flow. Flora’s painting technique are totally aligned with who I am, how I relate to the world and how I approach everything I do.

I love to feel free and loose. I love to be in the mystery of myself learning about me on deep levels.  In the past, I found myself looking for the “right way” to paint… I  searched for the correct technique or formula.  I did not trust myself.  But as Flora has said, “THERE IS NO FORMULA!”

Another thing I would do is to allow my inner critic to come down on me for not completing a painting all at once.

This self-criticism lead to discouragement and over working my paintings.  I also always felt like I would waste so much paint if I had left over paint when I was finished.  Now through Flora’s teaching, I am able to just stop a painting when I need to and maybe start another one.  I can use left over paint to start new layers on a new painting.  Most importantly to me, I do not have to worry about what I am going to paint.  I feel such freedom from not having to know, when I begin a painting, what I am going to paint.

I don’t have to have a plan or a method.  I can just paint, let go, trust my process and see what emerges.

Yes, I struggle, but in the past when I felt stuck in a painting or struggled with not liking where it was going, I would abandon the painting permanently, or gesso over it.  Today, I allow myself to feel stuck and maybe take a break, start a new canvas, change the music to get a new perspective. Then return to my painting with fresh eyes and flowing energy.

Flora’s process has helped me free up my art and feel alive while painting.

Yvette Lyons

While at Flora’s level 2 course in Portland, I was painting and I was feeling stuck.

I was overly connected to an image that was not going anywhere.  I was afraid to make a move out of fear that I would mess up the painting.  Flora was strolling by and stopped to talk.  She said just the thing I needed to hear at that moment, and these words still ring in my mind when I am painting at home.


There is no need to worry or fear, just keep moving through the painting making more marks, allowing the paint and the colors to flow through me as my painting evolve.  As I allow my images to emerge, the mystery of me unfolds.


During Flora’s level 2 training in Portland she did an exercise where we traveled around the room making marks on each other’s paintings.  The next morning she asked each of us to choose one of our 2 newly started canvases, and surrender it over to her.  She then proceeded to mix up the canvases and give them out randomly to other people.  This was such a huge lesson for me in letting go and not being attached.  I received a canvas from another artist in the room.

This canvas felt like a stranger to me.  We had to become acquainted.

I had to find my way into the mystery of this painting that someone else had started. So, I began to paint.  I had no agenda.  I had no direction or attachment to this painting.  This was truly a lesson in self trust and to just go with the impulses of the moment.

Earlier that same morning we chose Goddess cards, I pulled Hina, the Goddess of Creativity after Destruction.  As I painted on this unfamiliar painting, I could see through the movement of marks her image begin to emerge. This powerful, beautiful archetype was making herself known to me to teach me that even after totally destruction and devastation, creativity is possible, and not just possible, but necessary.  She is a beautiful image to me and she seemed to appear on my canvas as I watched her almost magically create herself before my eyes.

I was the witness of my process of growth through letting go and unfolding in the moment.

Hina - Yvette Lyons

Hina – Yvette Lyons


It was early the next morning in Flora’s studio for a yoga class.  As I went through the yoga poses, I looked to my left and there was one of my paintings in its early stages. I think there were only two layers on the canvas at this time.  As I looked over, I saw a face peering at me from behind some whimsical drips.  It clearly was a face. Once we started painting that morning, I did not want to get too stuck on that face, but I also wanted to preserve it.  So, I took some black paint, and made a large circle around it.  I then proceeded to make more marks and layers to that painting.

Soon it was time for lunch.  At a nearby restaurant, there were some lovely white lilies on a tabletop.  I took a photo with my phone camera, as they were so beautiful and I simply wanted them to add to my sketchbook. Back at the studio, (looking back now), I could see that I was totally in the moment absorbing the inferences around me.  I painted and dripped and painted some more.  Images from around me began to appear in my painting.  Flora’s lovely Balinese umbrella, the lilies from lunch and that face, the same one that appeared to me that morning all began to materializing on their own.

I was the observer of this process.  I was the vessel for these images to come through bringing forth feelings of curiosity, dreams of travel and the pleasure of being enveloped by all this beauty and creativity of the moment.

Flora strolled by, and with her hand on her chin she said, it looks done.  I would maybe add a tiny bit of black there to balance it out, but it look finished.  With that, I added a splash of black and put her aside to dry.


The last day of our level 2 training in Flora’s amazing studio in Portland, I spontaneously decided to start a new painting. Yes, I knew it was the last day, AND there were other festivities that were scheduled for the afternoon that day.  But I boldly ventured into a new painting.  I tried to start with all new colors that I usually don’t choose.  I wrote words that helped me feel empowered on the bottom layers of this painting.  Honestly, I didn’t like it at all.  I was so uncomfortable with the new choices of colors and so I attempted to cover them over with more familiar and comfortable colors.  But time was running out and I was feeling more and more stressed to produce something. Then I heard Flora’s voice from across the room say to the group, “REMEMBER, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FINISH YOUR PAINTINGS HERE.” With that, I took a deep breath and decided to stop. Clearly I was confused as to which way to go.  But with no time left to paint.  I let go and put this painting aside to rest for the time being.  The workshop was over and I was not ready to leave. Once at home, after a few days, a huge box arrived with my paintings.  I knew there was this unfinished painting in the box, which I feared would be a challenge.  But ~ I thought to myself, I have all these new tools and perspectives from being in Portland with Flora, so I opened the box and pulled out the unfinished painting.

I centered myself, put on some of my favorite music and settled into the mystery.

I was anxious and excited to see what was going to emerge.  With Flora’s voice in the back of my mind, I worked this painting little by little, “one small area at a time.”  And finally here it was.  All of the inspirations, festivities and experiences from my enchanting trip to Portland to paint with the other Bloom True Level Two amazing artists came out in this painting.  I call it…


Bali Fest - Yvette Lyons

Thank you Flora and your wonderful team, Katie and Anya for making my trip and experience such a success.

Thank you for your experience, your guidance and your passion for helping people like me re-discover their unique creative spirit.  I learned so much and my painting experience has changed dramatically. See you again for another adventure in your creative and beautiful studio in Portland. ~Yvette Lyons

Thank YOU, Yvette!  It was such a pleasure to paint with you and witness your beautiful journey in my studio.  I can only imagine how your paintings will continue to evolve.  Keep up the wonderful work.  You are such a dear!

For anyone wishing to join me in Portland for an in-person workshop, make sure you are all signed up to receive these announcements.  I will be announcing two more workshops in the next week, and I would love to have you join me here!

xo flora

TRIBE Tuesday: Jo Roszkowski

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday features the work and story of Jo Roszkowski, a student from my October 2014 e-course.  Enjoy!


Jo’s story…

The first person to really encourage me to make art was my sister. With her help, I entered a primary school competition and received some (candy) recognition for my work.

The next milestone I remember was midway through secondary school and I had a kind, generous teacher who loved my three-colour lino print of a shell.

In my final year of art at school, the other 3 students in my class could really draw and paint so I chose to do ceramics.  The marking panel crucified me as a tender 17 year old (even though a College was prepared to accept me on the strength of that same folio!)

Understandably I left art for a few years then, but after trying other paths, I soon found my way back.


As a 21 year old, I discovered the most wonderful visual arts course where I got to try absolutely EVERY media and I found a tribe of people that I connected with in a life changing way.

I was told by an arrogant lecturer that I ‘wasn’t a painter,’ so I majored in sculpture and eventually became a teacher.  Contrary to all expectations, my most creative time was when my children were little and I was at home with them.

It was a playful time and the first time I ever considered myself to be an artist.


Throughout these years of encouragement + discouragement, dead ends and split paths, I always kept a curious mind and a love of learning that kept me going and believing that there is something profound in this in this restless pursuit of self expression.

Flora – your course is such a gift because not only did it present unique, new techniques to me, but it confirmed for me that making art holistically with your body, soul, heart and mind is powerful and brings us closest to our purpose…. Thank you!!! http://josoandsew.wordpress.com

Big thanks to YOU, JO!  Way to follow your heart, again and again, and thank you for allowing me to be one of the guides on your creative journey.

For anyone feeling the call back to their own artistic roots, or perhaps you’ve been waiting all your life to pick up a paintbrush, I invite you to join me for the latest round of the Bloom True E-course.

We kicked off the first day of class yesterday with a wonderful live online chat with students from all over the globe.  It was awesome to feel the collective energy of so many people joining together in the name of ART and exploration.  I can’t wait to see this brand new tribe of bloomers bravely step onto their unique creative paths…so much possibility awaits!

Registration will remain open until February 2nd if you want to join the tribe — we’re waiting for you…

xo flora

Have your OWN Bloom True story to share?  We would love to feature it here!



Video Winners!

I was so touched to see such bravery and vulnerability — and hilarity — in the videos created for my Bloom Trueapalooza giveaways that I wanted to honor the ones that enabled public sharing by sharing them here.

I also had an impossible time choosing just five winners (you all make it so hard!), so I’ve decided to applaud and reward everyone who was brave enough to make a video by gifting all eighteen people a spot in the Bloom True E-course.  Bravery is kind of my jam after all :)

Thank you all so much for stepping out of your comfort zones, asking for what you want and putting yourself out there with so much heart.  Bravo!

Rebecca Maloney Art

Chyna DeadDoll

Michael Blackerby

Jessica Lee

Steffi Schramm

Teresa Rasmussen

Shae Weiss

Loving Road (Julia)

Madalaine McCabe

Claudia Collins

Donna Trujillo

Jeannette Rivera Lopez

Tonya Martin Williams


Katrina Fowler

TRIBE Tuesday: Mary Suzanne Garvey

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday features the gorgeous work and inspiring story of one of my amazing workshop students, Mary Suzanne Garvey. Mary took my very first workshop in Portland over four years ago, and is a wonderful example of a student who has truly found her own unique, authentic voice.

As many of my students transition into teaching and selling their own paintings, I applaud and bow before the ones who create works that are unmistakably their own. I hope you enjoy Mary’s beautiful story below…

Mary Suzanne Garvey

I first saw Flora’s paintings on Anahata’s Katkin’s blog and was STRUCK by the luscious images, colors and beauty I saw before me.

At the time, my boyfriend needed some artwork for the cover of his new CD and I suggested he contact Flora. She had just returned from Bali and when we walked into her studio it was full of the most incredibly gahhhhhorgeous paintings.

Talk about MAGIC.

I asked Flora to let me know if she ever taught a class. Several months later, I was one of the lucky ones who attended Flora’s first workshop. It was pure heaven.

Mary Suzanne Garvey

Flora was a natural teacher from the very beginning.

Her grounded, loving, encouragement and expert intuitive eye initiated me into what has become a fulfilling and thriving adventure into painting that has far exceeded my wildest dreams. After that first class I signed up for her next one, and another.

I was so inspired, creatively nourished and fueled by her workshops that I painted my heart out and started selling my work within a year.

Mary Suzanne Garvey

I always knew I wanted to paint.  It was in my bones and yet I had postponed it for years.

I was too afraid to mess up my walls, too timid to invest in canvas and paint for fear I might fail. But meeting Flora and participating in her Bloom True workshops really shifted everything for me. I learned to be bold, take risks, try something different, keep going, trust, breathe, let go, play.

(Flora is the Queen of play)

Mary Suzanne Garvey

I listened intently to what she said in her workshops and could hear her words guide me when I was at home painting away.

Watching her give demos was one of the most liberating teachings for me because it transcended all words and ideas. I noticed how she allowed herself to flow and how gracefully her hands danced with the paint; truly stunning to behold.

Mary Suzanne Garvey

It’s been four years since I took Flora’s first workshop, and since that time I have sold over 40 paintings, taught private one-on-one painting for many students of my own and am currently selling my work in several boutiques.

Though I love selling and generating income from my work, it is the timeless portal that painting offers me into the world of self expression that I treasure the most.

Painting is my soul’s medicine.

When I do it I am changed for the better; I dream differently, see the world with fresh eyes, and am more grounded and connected to my center. I am ever grateful to Flora for giving me the inspiration and permission to open myself up to what I was longing to do for so long.

Please check out Mary’s website here: www.shimmeringsisterhealingarts.com

Mary Suzanne Garvey

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Mary.  It is a pleasure and and honor to know you, and to be one of the guides on your journey.  I’m so proud of you!

For anyone else wishing to join in the magic of the Bloom True experience, our next five-week online course is right around the corner, beginning on January 26th.  A global tribe of bloomers has already gathered and are gearing up to paint!  If you are feeling the call to join in the fun, we would love to have you.

And, to all the Bloom True alumni, please continue to send in your Bloom True TRIBE stories.  We would love to share them here!  Submit your TRIBE story here.

Big love,

xo flora



TRIBE Tuesday: Marion Perepolkin

Hi all!  I’m happy to share another wonderful TRIBE story with you today.

Marion bought my book and then took my Bloom True e-course last October.  Her story of how a creative itch turned into a rich practice of self-love is a beautiful one.

Remember, we are always collecting new TRIBE stories, so please consider sending your story our way.  We would love to pass it on.

Without further ado…Marion Perepolkin!


In the summer of 2014 I bought Flora Bowley’s and Alena Hennessy’s books and started to paint.

I was in the middle of a year off from travel nursing, but was also helping my mom move into assisted living when she became ill. Helping mom took precedence, however something else was calling me so strongly that it simply could not be ignored.

What was calling me was creativity (painting) and connecting to my soul.

Sometime it’s easy for women to lose themselves.


So last summer I took my paints and art books to the beach across from Gold Island.

I did this a few days a week and I opened up to creativity that had been waiting to be unleashed. Yesterday I counted 90 paintings and 10 mixed media pieces. At first I had trouble letting go and one day realized I was painting apologetically…meaning that I was painting filled with doubt and fear even.

But I kept painting.


In October, I took Flora’s Bloom True e-course.

The words that made a huge impact on me were,“You can’t do anything wrong, there are no mistakes, and if you don’t like something paint over it.” Little epiphanies. These words were my mantra for a while.

Since Flora’s course I have developed my own style. I love to paint and start with yellow followed by many layers of colors.


I let my intuition lead the way.

Birds, mythological and present day symbols are showing up and it feels right at this time. I am showing my work in my Society6 shop and on Flora’s and Alena’s closed Facebook communities. The Facebook communities are very supportive and I love participating in them. I have had fun painting with others in my home and explaining to them that “there are no mistakes.”

Right now I am focusing on painting, but do have plans to go more public with my art.

Taking time to paint energizes me and grounds me. It is an act of self-love. I will be painting forevermore.

Thanks Flora for the encouragement in your wonderful course.

Thank YOU Marion!


Bloom Trueapalooza! Three Weeks of Giveaways!


We just couldn’t stand not rewarding all the brave entries who dared to make a video so we’re offering free spots to ALL who entered! The top five we chose for the Love Bomb paint + goody bags are here…congratulations everyone and THANK YOU for making Bloom Trueapalooza such a joy!

Please email assistance(at)florabowley(.) com to claim your spot.

Kelly Lyle Zijlstra

Michael Blackerby

Jessica Lee

Rebecca Maloney Art 

Chyna DeadDoll

Awesome honorable mentions:

Connye Corey

Jeannette Rivera Lopez

KJoyner Studios (Kendra)

Claudia Collins

Donna Trujillo

Steffi Schramm

Teresa Gray Rasmussen

Shae Weiss

Amy Godwin

Loving Road (Julia)

Madalaine McCabe

Katrina Fowler



Please make sure to send an email to assistance(at)florabowley(.)com if you’re one of the winners!

Stay tuned for the video winners (you can still enter, see below!) which will be announced Wednesday 1/21.

Lori Nuest nominated by Ardel Chisholm

JB Ralbovsky nominated by Robbin McCurum

Caroline Johannes nominated by Katie Ryan

Brianna Bradshaw nominated by Sherry Scheitel

Niki Devries nominated by J. Penney Burton

Amy Burke O’Toole nominated by Prerna

Doug Roberts’ wife nominated by Doug Roberts

Sylvia nominated by Nicole

Nancy Rahr nominated by by herself

Cassy Hessler nominated by Brittany Burkard

Tracie Skids nominated by Diane Santos

Stephanie nominated by Tonya Williams

Mari Dreamwalker nominated by Guadalupe Elizondo

Joy Aloha Davison nominated by Becky Jacobs, Sara Bernardi and Hitomi

Toni Becker nominated by Karin

Noelle Darling nominated by Aimee Zvinakis

Kaitlyn Malinowski nominated by Dylan Diebold

And congratulations to our Instagram winners:



Oh yoooo hooooo…it’s that time again!

My five-week e-course is about to commence once again on January 26th and while it’s always a popular affair, I want to be able to share the experience with as many of you as possible!

To spread the Bloom True love just a little bit more, I’m offering three different giveaways leading up to the course.

All in all, we’ll be gifting 20 spots to 20 lucky winners (thus the palooza ;) ) Read on for more details…


GIVEAWAY #1: Instagram Giveaway!

If you’re not already on Instagram and you use a “smart phone,” you may want to join in the fun. Instagram is where I share the most pics of my art and life, and the community of artists there is super fab. Come for the contest, stay for the community! Join Bloomers from all over the globe who are sharing their #bloomtrue journey, make new friends, and connect with your new tribe.

HOW TO ENTER: Head on over to my Instagram for the details, and look for the giveaway photo:


Five winners will be drawn and announced on Instagram on January 11th!

GIVEAWAY #2: Nominate a Friend!

This particular Giveaway has become a Bloom True tradition, and we absolutely LOVE it because we get to hear you gush about your favorite people and why they deserve a spot in the course.  We think this is a pretty great way to share your gratitude…AND offer something awesome to your loved ones.


Leave a comment RIGHT HERE in the comment section of this post, and nominate a friend for a spot in the January e-course. Let us know why they would be a perfect candidate for the course and why you love them so much!  We will announce the ten winners on January 18th, so stay tuned for that.


GIVEAWAY #3: Scholarship + Love Bomb Video Challenge!

OK, this is something new we’ve cooked up and we’re super excited about it!  We want to see your shining faces and hear directly from YOU why the Bloom True E-Course would make a difference in your life.  We’re giving away five scholarship spots, PLUS these winners will receive awesome love bomb goody bags of Flora merchandise and art supplies to start the creative journey! We’ll announce the winners on Facebook on January 21st.


1. Create a 90 seconds or less video and answer this question:

How will Bloom True support you as a person, and how will you use your experience to be of service in the world?

Extra points for creativity + humor! Trust me, I know how hard it is to be vulnerable on screen. I’ve been there, but here’s a great opportunity to be brave!

2. Upload your video to your Facebook page and share its URL it over on Flora Bowley Paintings so we can make sure to see it! To do that, you’ll have to click on the video after it’s uploaded, and then click OPTIONS > GET LINK. Copy that link over to the Facebook page so we can see your entry (see pic below).



Please share this post with your friends so we can bring Bloom True to folks who otherwise may not get an opportunity to participate in what so many of you have called a “life-changing” e-course.  Best of luck to all who enter!

For any questions about the giveaways or the e-course, feel free to send an email to assistance@florabowley.com.

Photos by Zipporah Lomax.

TRIBE Tuesday: Trudy Rice

Trudy Rice was a participant in my October e-course, and along with many of the other Bloomers in that particular course, she is taking advantage of the 6 months of class access by going through the entire course again…so cool…and smart… if I do say so myself ;)

Here is Trudy’s story…


I came across Flora’s book by chance in a very unlikely small bookstore in country Victoria, Australia.

I read it with gusto in one evening – devouring every word and then finding the web address, went online to find a huge world of information and her e-course which I signed up for immediately!

With my preferred medium being printmaking I was a little apprehensive starting the course, getting out my old paints and buying new shiny white canvases, however I knew it was just what I needed to help kick start extending myself and therefore my arts practice.

My first canvas was a mess… just getting a handle on painting again was challenging. Then there was finding my imagery.

I didn’t want to copy, I wanted to push my bounds, but I always seem to come back to my most favoured imagery of nature.

The most fun part was putting on my music and downloading some new tracks – I hadn’t done that in a long time. Closing my eyes felt so freeing and got me out of my head and into a more intuitive space.

I’ve come from a very religious up bringing and as an adult turned my back on anything that was remotely religious. I believe this also closed me off from listening to my own intuition.

So finding my internal conversation again has been like coming home.

When I was 16 years old my wish was to be an artist, and open a gallery.

I loved pottery, painting and drawing and after breaking my arm in a horse riding accident, I went back to school to find the teacher had thrown all my work out. This lead me on a path of more musical creativity and I’ve only come back to my beloved visual art in the last 10 years.

I am now in the very fortunate position of having a beautiful husband and children who support all that I’d like to do creatively.

My second painting still didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Still finding the imagery was hard, but I love a challenge and decided to keep pushing my bounds, be more brave and make marks I wouldn’t normally make. Printmaking is very different to painting.

I felt by mid-way through this second painting I was listening more to my intuition, going with the flow and this seemed to translate into my daily life.

I’m quite a shy person really – generally keeping my opinions to myself and I don’t like conflict. However, I spoke up about an issue at work recently which then resolved itself much quicker – without the added angst.

It felt good to be brave.

trudy-rice-2 I loved connecting with other Bloomers on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Bloom True group is taking advantage of the online information being available for 6 months after the course, and we are starting from the beginning to do the whole thing all over again! I’m excited to see where this second time round will take us.The group has been so supportive.  Often I would find the answer to my own question without even asking as others would be finding the same challenges.

I have run an artists’ critique group in my local area for the past 3 years – it has been a great way to keep grounded and connected with like minded folk.  With great trepidation I took my paintings to one of our sessions – the group LOVED them.  They all commented on how the last painting is more “me” and I believe it definitely has more of MY mark making.


Thank you Flora for helping me to explore parts of myself I’d forgotten existed.

This in turn will, I believe, translate into greater depth in my art practice.  I must get back your wonderful book, I’ve loaned it to a friend!  It definitely deserves and second and third read!

I have been working on some prints for an exhibition to be held in late January and feel they are more developed than my last series.  I also have a Solo Exhibition mid-2015 and look forward to a brand new body of work – I’m excited to see how far I can push my craft.

You can find Trudy online here:



Thank you Trudy!  I love hearing your story and seeing the results of your brave dedication to trying something new outside your comfort zone. Bravo, my dear.  Keep up the great work.

If you have a Bloom True story to share, we’d love to hear from you!  Let’s continue to honor each others journeys, explore new territory, be brave and widen our circles of inspiration in the year ahead.

With gratitude,

xo flora




TRIBE Tuesday: Ashley Joon


Happy almost new year everyone!

I hope your holidays have been peaceful and rejuvenating.  As we gear up for another year of creative unfolding, I’m happy to share one final TRIBE Tuesday story for 2014 (there will be more to come in 2015!).

This inspiring success story comes from Ashley Joon…

It’s been two years since I took Flora Bowely’s Bloom True E-course and I’m now a full time artist. I’ve been dreaming of this for years and I owe so much to Flora and her willingness to share her process to the world.

Her workshop opened me creatively and pushed me to find my own artistic voice.



I’ll admit trying a new style was frustrating, I must have created 50 paintings that were not so pleasing to the eye; however they were learning experiences that I use in my work today. My pieces are now full of color, drips, fingerprints and playfulness.

There’s something magical about letting the painting guide you to what it wants.

One of the lessons that I took to heart was to rediscover my story and hone in on what I’m inspired by and why.  There’s a story behind this piece you can find here.


“Finding Balance”

Flora’s bravery gave me the courage to expose myself.

I paint live in different venues as often as I can. It’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I have to rely heavily on my intuition, a skill a learned from taking Flora’s course.


I’ve never been more confident in my work and I’ll forever be thankful for Flora’s lessons.

To see more of my paintings visit AshleyJoon.com.

Thank you Flora. I’ll be taking another workshop soon!


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and story, Ashley.  I’m cheering your success on from here and so grateful to be a part of your creative journey.

To everyone else, I truly hope you have enjoyed the TRIBE Tuesday stories I have shared this year.  As a teacher, I absolutely love hearing about your journeys and how this painting process has impacted your lives (and hearts).  Please keep your stories coming so we can keep sharing them here.

Wishing you all balance, health and infinite creative inspiration in 2015.

xo flora

*If you are interested in starting your new year off with an empowering creative journey that will last a lifetime, please join me for the next round of Bloom True: the E-course beginning on January 26th, 2015. First time painters welcomed and encouraged!

TRIBE Tuesdays: Sharon Lamonica

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday is brought to you by Sharon Lamonica, an awesome bloomer who took my e-course and then bravely decided to join me at my Bali retreat last Spring.  We hope you enjoy her story below!

Sharon Lamonica

Let it Go to Let it Flow…

It is said that there are no accidents.

Art was a huge part of my life until my early 20’s until I became completely distracted by corporate jobs and stress. Last year I had a nagging inner voice bugging me to pick up the new issue of Where Women Create magazine since my subscription ran out. I found it in the store and, BAM; the first featured artist was this dynamic woman with gorgeous art dripping from her studio.

I wanted (needed) to know more immediately. As soon as I logged onto the website, I saw there was an online course and I had one last day to sign up. I did and Wow! My creativity was off the chart and I was hooked. Who ever heard of not being tied to the outcome or don’t worry just make random marks? A water bottle? Use black and white paint…What?

When the posting for Bali came up, I felt an uncontrollable pull that I NEEDED to be there and experience this. I didn’t know why, just that this was something I had to do. Once my spot was confirmed, sheer PANIC set in.

I had no idea why I thought I needed to go half way around the world to paint. Why couldn’t I just do it here? I had no clue but that little voice kept nagging at me. YOU NEED TO DO THIS! So I did!

Sharon Lamonica

You have to be scared to grow.

From the moment I arrived (insanely jet lagged after 33 hours) I knew this was something special. There was a welcome dinner with a warm reception and really cool goody bags on our beds. It was obvious that so much thought, love and care went into the planning of our experience.

Each and every day I connected to my raw emotions, fears, compassion, gratitude and creativity. I needed to be far, far away in this magical, spiritual place to heal and grow.

Flora gave us the permission and the keys to creative freedom. There was no preaching or limits, we were just FREE to do things however we wanted. I felt this wild crazy bond and sisterhood to all these amazing brave women. We all came from different backgrounds and parts of the world. We all wanted this experience and we all laughed, cried, danced, sang, stretched, swam, ate, got emotional, dared to be brave, and got very dirty in multi-colors of painted freedom.

This experience has touched my heart and empowered my life.  I take crazy chances with my art now and jump in to try new things.

Sharon Lamonica

I love creating new techniques on the canvas and I just feel so excited for all the creations to come.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this experience and for Flora’s loving guidance, which was shared from the heart. Rachael is an absolute Dynamite Rock Star who was there for anything we needed, and Lynx is a Loving Gem who met us every morning to ground us and guide us through Yoga.

I came away from this experience understanding how to transfer my energy onto the canvas, and that we all need a Tribe to thrive. My biggest AH HA moment was that I came home to realize that I had trusted everyone but myself.

Along with the artwork, I am now collaborating with a friend and creating meaningful empowerment jewelry. Our name is Pure Awakened Energy!!!

Letting go of everything that no longer serves our highest good, makes room to manifest and attract the good things to flow in.

With much Love and Gratitude,


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Sharon.

It was such a pleasure to spend an amazing week with you in Bali, and I love hearing how the our time together has continued to inspire you…hurray!

If you have a Bloom True story to share with us, we would love to hear from you, so we can share your story here on the blog.  Please submit your TRIBE stories here.


TRIBE Tuesday: Kerry C. Mitchell

And now for something completely different on this TRIBE Tuesday. We are excited to share the story and digital work of Kerry C. Mitchell who participated in my e-course in a truly unique way.  Talk about making the process your own, and finding ways to paint no matter what! Her inspiring story follows.


My Painting Story

In 1994, I came home from work on April 1. I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. From that day until 15 years later, I laid in bed, sick. I did nothing else. Art was out of the question. I couldn’t even talk on the phone or go visit a friend. I was finally diagnosed with lyme disease and started treatment in 2009. I also have fibromyalgia.


As my health has slowly improved, I have returned to the world.

In the Fall of 2012, a woman who worked for me talked me into taking Flora’s class. I really didn’t want to do the class. I had done no art for 15 years. I was a textile artist. I had been told in art school that painting was not something I would ever excel at. I had believed that.


Wow, what a great class it would turn out to be. It has changed my life.

When I took Flora’s class, I did it digitally. I still spend a lot of time in bed. I can now do art from bed on my laptop. I use a high-end painting app that emulates real paints and other media.


I learned to be brave and bold from Flora.

I learned about making paintings that pop. I learned how important it is to use black and white in a painting. I just learned and learned and learned. There was so much in that class. I went back three months later and redid the entire course again. When I did that, I learned even more.

There was so much heart and soul put into those classes.


Flora helped me understand that my soul is in my art. I can’t exist without doing art. It is more than a compulsion, it is something I have to do, every day if I can. Thank you, Flora, for returning my art to me.

Most important, I learned that the professor who told me I was not a painter was wrong.

Amen Kerry!!  We love your story.  Thank you so much for sharing and for all your kind words.

Have you had a painting breakthrough? Has your Bloom True experience impacted your life off the canvas?  Do you have a story to share? Please submit your TRIBE story hereWe would love to hear from you!



TRIBE Tuesday: Shannon Crandall


TRIBE Tuesdays continues today with the lovely work and inspiring story of Shannon Crandall.  Enjoy!

Shannon’s story…

I took Flora’s Bloom True E-course in the fall of 2012.

I have to say that I have always been creative, but this course enabled me to push forward and share my work with the world.

Shannon Crandall

Since taking the course with Flora, I have sold 125 paintings, expanded my work into the licensing arena and designed a whole line of jewelry that features my paintings.

Shannon Crandall

It has changed my lifestyle and the way I feel about myself and my art.

It has freed my spirit and stoked my creative fire.

A Gathering 36x36

I have made lifelong friendships and connections with artists around the world and have had the courage to push myself in ways that I would never have been able to before.

I am braver and driven to share my joy!

You can see more of my work at www.shannoncrandall.com

Shannon Crandall

Thank you Shannon for sharing your story, and congratulations on all your creative success.  If you have a Bloom True story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!

Please submit your TRIBE stories here.


Centered Expansion + Portland Studio tour!


As many of you know, I’m making some pretty massive shifts in my life right now.

After four years of fairly intense globe-trotting to spread the Bloom True love, I’m shifting gears and rooting down in my hometown of Portland, OR.

In support of this grand shift, I moved out of my little backyard studio into a large and lovely (like woah) studio nestled in a groovy creative industrial area about ten minutes from my house.  I feel beyond blessed to have found such a magical space that is EXACTLY what I envisioned, hoped and prayed to find.

Manifestation powers are officially intact.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of opening my studio doors and welcoming in an amazing group of fifteen women for my inaugural Portland Workshop in the new space.  I couldn’t have asked for a a more awesome group of bloomers.


I’ve taught in a vast array of places over the past four years: Pop-up tents, horse stables, cement rooms, white-carpeted yoga rooms, community centers, rustic cabins, under the stars, in the woods, next to the swimming pool, in the basement, out in the orchard, next to the castle by the sea…the list goes on.

Each unique teaching environment offered more and more clarity about what my perfect teaching space would look like…or more accurately, FEEL like.

It became clear to me that the energy and details of the space were just as important as the painting process itself.

So.  I allowed myself to dream…BIG.


My dream studio would feel magical, warm, inviting and full of soulful inspiration.

The sound system would rock, the lights would be dialed to perfection and the altar would be overflowing with intention and love.

There would be space to move and dance, walls to hang canvases on, floors to get messy, a “heart circle” to feel held and cozy inside of and a teal IKEA cart for each student…a personal little fantasy of mine ;)

The food would be organic and artfully presented, the coffee would be delicious and always hot and everyone would feel beyond taken care of by the Bloom True Team…Pearl Dog included.



Did I mention the live music provided by talented local musicians?


And the light streaming through old industrial windows?


And having my friend, Lynzee Lynx, stop by to demonstrate collaborative painting with me?


I hadn’t even considered how awesome it would be to have ALL my own painting supplies…right there…all the time.  Gah, so nice.


Needless to say I’m a little in awe and feeling completely blessed to have found the perfect space to create the kind of transformational experiences I wish to create — both for my students and for myself.

{thank you thank you thank you thank you Universe}

I will add that my mantra right now is CENTERED EXPANSION…meaning it’s time to root in, quiet down, get still and spread my wings all at the same time.

Along those lines, I am scheming and dreaming on a brand new series of monthly chronicles called (I think), The Studio Diaries. These will include intimate painting videos, creative prompts, “couch chats” with people I love and admire, playlists and all my latest musings and inspiration.

All brought to you by: CENTERED EXPANSION, of course ;)


If you would like to come play in my dream studio with me, I will be announcing two more Bloom True Level One Workshops this Friday.

These workshops will take place in February and March, 2015, and they tend to sell out pretty darn fast, so make sure you’re signed up for my love letters to be the first to know about these. More workshops will be announced throughout the year.

Thank you so much for stopping by to hear latest…signing off with some more love from my favorite lil polardog.

We hope to meet you here!



Thanks to Zipporah Lomax for all the lovely pics!

TRIBE Tuesday: Lori Tapani + New E-course Content!


Hello friends! We’re happy to share another Bloom True story with you today for our TRIBE Tuesday feature.  Introducing e-course student, Lori Tapani…enjoy.

Lori’s Story…

I am so very thankful for the Bloom True class!  It was by chance that I noticed Flora’s book and decided to buy it.  Once I read the book, I knew that I needed to take the class.  This has been my first experience using acrylic paints and I have loved it so much. The act of picking a color or colors that I love and just “going with it” has been so rewarding.

I love painting without the fear that I will do something “wrong.”  My mantra is “nothing is permanent”

Lori Tapaniimage

When I look at my painting I feel bliss, serendipity, and an overall sense of hope and possibility.  It’s a direct creation from soul to canvas.

I loved the Bloom True e-course because I loved the journey of painting in this way. Moving forward and alternating between being free & flowing and making commitments was so therapeutic.

Thank you so much.

Sending out a heartfelt thanks to Lori for sharing her lovely work and reflections with us today.  If you have a Bloom True experience you would like to share, please submit your TRIBE story here.

We would love to hear from you.


Exciting Additions to the January E-Course!

If you or someone you know is feeling called to explore the Bloom True E-course, we are happy to announce that registration is officially open for the next course beginning on January 26th, 2015.

While the “bones” of the Bloom True E-course remain consistent with Flora’s unique process and message, we are dedicated to continually improving the course with new inspiration and content.  For the January 2015 course, we are thrilled to debut an exciting new set of videos showcasing conversations between Flora and some of her favorite artists and peers:

Alena Hennessy, Pixie Campbell, Anahata Katkin, Melody Ross and Kelly Rae Roberts.

In addition to these new videos, Flora will also be hosting live weekly Q + A conversation to offer students a chance to ask questions and get direct feedback about their painting experience.  All conversations will be recorded and accessible for all students for the duration of the course.

Gift vouchers are also available if you want to give the course as a special present to a precious friend – please email assistance[at] florabowley[dot] com for details.

With gratitude,

xo flora  + the Bloom True team


TRIBE Tuesday: Emily Mitchell

For this week’s TRIBE Tuesday we hear from Emily Mitchell, an art educator in Vermont, who stumbled upon my book, then took the e-course, and ended up in my Boston retreat. She shares her journey below…enjoy!

The Village

I was introduced to Flora Bowley’s book at a 4 year old’s birthday party in December of 2012.

My friend, the host, showed me her art space and her books, and there was Brave Intuitive Painting sitting right in front of me. And. I. Was. Mesmerized.  I completely ignored the rest of the party (kids? What kids?) and read the entire thing. I now consider that glitter-filled party the turning point in my art making, and the first step forward to greater risk, but ultimately, greater happiness and purpose.

I felt a deep connection to Flora’s art, but ultimately, I knew the approach she uses to make her art that was tugging at my heart. The play-full, intuitive process was something I tried before, and ALWAYS was the way I felt I had made the truest art for me. But I had put that aside for about 15 years to teach K-12 art and AP Drawing. Which I LOVED, and had great results for my students and career as an art educator. It even pushed me to be a better draw-er. But I knew it wasn’t MY true art heart.

Play was where my art heart lives, and I knew I needed to find it again.

I went home from the party and signed up for the January 2013 e-course. The results of the e-course (and eventually the [awesome] Boston 2013 Bloom True Retreat) are really innumerable. Excited and brimming with ideas, I would come home from work, take care of my family, and stay up until 11 painting in my basement “studio.”


I was dreaming about paintings.

The ideas simply released themselves and I would create without really being present, finding myself in another place or plane. And, because the work was coming from the moment, and not a rigid plan, I found I could solve problems more easily, both on and off the canvas. I was also more PRESENT in the act of painting, and eventually my family as well.

Before long I had over 40 paintings in my basement, which was causing a storage problem, so I found places to show the work. This led to letting go of the fear of sharing things the that I create. I had more confidence – an epiphany – I can make art that is important to me, about things I care about. It didn’t have to be about SOME. BIG. THING. It could be organic and true to what I had to say.

Colossal lightbulb!


“I AM an artist,” because I am showing up, doing the work, committing to the process, trusting it, and letting go.

There have been two other great fringe benefits of this journey. People. I have made new friends, “virtual” friends, and re-connected with old friends from “past lives” like we saw each other yesterday.

I took the e-course with my friend (and former student-teacher) AshleyAnne, and we have a new dimension to our relationship that is part mentor-mentee (not always sure who is whom!), kindred spirits, true friends, and artists-in-crime. There have been “virtual critiques” via email with a woman I met at the Boston workshop, and conversations about art on Instagram with kindred spirits I have yet to meet. It is a nice connection and community for this full-tome mom-o-busy-boys/anytime-I-can-get artist.


I am so appreciative of Flora’s willingness to share the process of both making art and being true and brave. Flora’s generous spirit has allowed me, and countless others, to grow, connect, work, and push forward. You have helped me listen to my heart and play while creating, and it has ignited a fire within me that I honestly did not know was there. Thanks for “coming” to that birthday party!

Visit Emily’s website at http://emilymitchellstudio.com.

Sending out big thanks to Emily for sharing her heartfelt journey with us here.

The next round of my e-course starts in January, and registration is now open. You can also get a taste of Bloom True experience by checking out Bloom True Boot Camp: 30 days of prompts to ignite your creative fire.

Do you have a Bloom True story to share? We would love to hear your TRIBE story. Please click here and let us know about your painting adventures!

xo Flora

TRIBE Tuesday: Dominique Hurley

TRIBE Tuesday continues with another amazing story from a student who attended my Bali retreat in Ubud earlier this year.

So happy to present this week’s TRIBE feature: Dominque Hurley.

Dominique Hurley_Italy

Dominque shares her story…

I was in my local art store picking up a huge Golden order when my eyes were drawn to Flora’s book.

I can’t describe my surprise and excitement as I glanced over the table of contents – this was the book I had imagined writing …. one day. I knew we were tapped into the same Creative Source, so I signed-up for the January 2013 Bloom True e-course. It’s as if my Guides kicked into high gear after that because I was called to ride the brave intuitive wave that went far beyond my exhilarating Bloom True studio time and touched every aspect of my life.

After getting a personal Facebook account to join the Bloom True group, I also joined the Energism Art group on the very day they advertised the launch The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art website. Energy started coursing up and down my spine, and I soon received several confirming signs that I was meant to study there in the Fall.

After over 20 years of creating and selling artwork, I was finally going to get over my psychological baggage around drawing, something that came up yet again near the end of Flora’s amazing e-course.

Dominique Hurley_CoCreative Bliss1

I spent the next six months fundraising (teaching English, crowdfunding, auctioning off all my artwork online, selling off most of my belongings, etc.).

By the end, my plans to go to Austria for one trimester expanded to my spending 2 full trimesters there, 1 month in Bali (a week at an ashram, Flora’s workshop in Ubud + the extension week, and a visionary art workshop), 1 week as artist in residence at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness across from an ashram near Assisi, Italy, and 2 more months studying part-time back in Vienna.  I loved being a 47 year-old student!

When I returned to St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada after such a fulfilling and guided year,  I kept getting the message to just paint and not worry about planning the year ahead.  This was very uncharacteristic.

I have a very strong left brain, feel much more secure when things are hyper-organized, and am used to pushing the business side of things from the get-go. It didn’t take long to understand the bigger picture as the layers of my life came together.

I got a call out of the blue offering me a contract to teach painting workshops in French schools and community centers across the province in October. Amazing!

I used everything I learned from my years in the studio, my background in recreation & teaching, Flora’s outstanding example, and the Mischtechnik I learned in Vienna to develop a 3-hour workshop that would open children and adults up to the world of intuitive painting.

In Flora’s spirit of sharing, my 300th blog post described the whole process in both French and English so that participants and people all over the world could try out this magical world of creative expression by themselves or in groups.  Very fulfilling!

Dominique Hurley_Lighting The Way
The picture kept forming. In September, a downtown spa welcomed my filling the space with 30 of my paintings for a period of several months.  Group exhibition opportunities started rolling in in October. I was asked to teach ESL courses at the university and “Developing Your Intuition” and “Simplifying Your Life” workshops at a weekend Body, Mind & Spirit retreat in November.

It’s a good thing I listened and didn’t try to force a plan before its time.

Dominique Hurley_Sweet Harmony

My calendar is completely blank for 2015 though – slightly nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, I have come to accept that my life is meant to evolve in the same way our paintings do in Flora’s courses – layers of warm, cool, contrast, imagery, risk-taking, turning things around and upside down, letting go, etc.

It isn’t always easy or comfortable, but I have absolutely no regrets. I’m constantly stretching those comfort zones and taking giant leaps of faith in and out of the studio with great results. It’s all part of my life’s purpose to explore and express my love of beauty and the beauty of love.
Flower Child _Dominique Hurley

For more about Dominique, please visit www.DominiqueHurley.com. To submit your own TRIBE story, click here!

Stay tuned for more TRIBE Tuesday coming soon.

xo flora


TRIBE Tuesday: Janine Adamo Lancour

photo: ZipporahLomax.com

photo: ZipporahLomax.com

Welcome back to TRIBE Tuesdays

I love sharing the inspiring stories of the ever-widening Bloom True Tribe, and I hope you are enjoying them too!

This week’s TRIBE Tuesday continues with Janine Adamo Lancour, who took my September 2013 E-course. She remains an active member of the Bloom True Tribe and has graciously shared her story here…

Janine’s story…


First of all, my Bloom True 2013 tribe is filled with amazing women.

These women are there for you no matter what is going on in your life, and even though we are spread throughout the globe, we still connect and support like I have never experienced. I consider them some of my closest friends and we have never met.

Now a little bit about me. About 2 years ago I entered a deep depression, one that was hard to get out, one that relied solely on friends and family to help me get through even thought I never asked for help.

What got me out of my depression was my art.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design and have been doing it for 18 years now…but it was not what I originally went to school for; I originally went for illustration. I always wanted to have a studio, and paint and create.

Well, I entered the Sketchbook Project that October 2012 and was done with it in a month. I then started making my mixed media art on canvases and adding inspirational quotes on them. So odd how art happens, these inspirational quotes are what I needed to hear at that point in my life.

I wanted to share my art and I started doing arts festivals. I got a booth and shot my work and made prints, and did all I thought I needed to to make money off of what I loved doing.

By September 2013, I wanted to grow more and take classes and that is when I found Flora. I resonated with her way of painting immediately because that was how I started my paintings already.

I took her course and it changed the way I paint.


It changed me, my motivation, my love to paint, my desire to connect through art.

My work is completely different, instead of working small, I work large now. I feel like I am more of a fine artist now – I love what I create.

Now, on a personal level I am going through a divorce, I came out of my depression ready for life to find my husband was already checked out. My Tribe has been helping me through this time in my life and my paintings still show me what I need to see at each point in my life. I am still doing arts festivals and I seem to connect with people on a different level. I have been trying to get into galleries and having a hard time but I won’t give up. I can’t give up.

I feel like Flora has given me my own voice and that need to share it. I did have a show at a metaphysical store called Phoenix and Dragon here in Atlanta and wow, it was so cool how my art resonated with everyone. What an amazing feeling it was. I’ve tried other courses since that one and none of them have spoken to me like Flora’s.

I am a different person, a stronger person, a more artistic person all because of that Bloom True September 2013 E-Course.

I guess I am writing today to say “Thank You.” I just wanted you to know what kind of impact you have had on my life. I am so grateful for it and for the amazing women I call my Tribe.

Janine’s website is here: http://afairysdreamonline.com/ 


Janine, it’s an honor to hear you share your story and know that the painting process has had such a profound effect on your life!

We would love to hear more from all of you who have shared this journey: please send your stories to assistance@florabowley.com.

While this round of the e-course is in progress, you can have a taste of the experience by checking out my newest offering: Bloom True Boot Camp.

The next Bloom True E-Course will begin in Jan, 2015.  Registration for this course will open on November 1st.

TRIBE Tuesday: Jennifer Currie


For today’s Tribe Tuesday post, I’m happy to share a story from Jennifer Currie, who took my e-course in May. If you are inspired to join in the five-week painting adventure, registration will remain open through this Friday!

Jennifer’s Story…

The first time I heard of Flora Bowley was when a friend sent me the link to her Bloom True Course {May 2014}… a couple of days before it began.  The words “Intuitive Painting” got my attention instantly because they combine two things I am passionate about:

Learning to listen to my inner wisdom and allowing myself to express creatively.


I earned an M.A. in Art History in my 20’s, but it took me years to realize that I was truly happier making art than studying it.

I had made a commitment to having a creative life over 10 years ago, but I was still keeping it small.  I had started a business as an Intuitive Life Coach and incorporated my creativity in the form of Spirit Portraits, but I felt like the business side of things was keeping me at my computer far more than in my studio.  I was having fun on that path, but felt a little out of balance at the same time.

Art by Jennifer Currie before the Bloom True e-course

Art by Jennifer Currie after the Bloom True e-course

Flora’s class instantly spoke to my spirit, and the minute I signed up I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I couldn’t wait, even though I knew it was going to stretch me into new territory. Before this class, my work was primarily watercolor/pen and ink illustrations.  It was a big leap going from my small, detailed paintings to large canvases, finger-painting and tons of layers. However, from the very beginning I was in heaven.

It has only been a few months since Bloom True began for me, but I feel like it has led me to discover more of my creative self.  My art has shifted dramatically, and I’m transformed as person.  There have been so many gifts from this class, and more keep emerging.  I have completed almost 10 paintings since I began, moved my studio into a larger space, and started selling my work.  Mostly, I feel like I have bloomed into owning and valuing my creativity.

Simply put, I love myself more.

I think there was a part of me that didn’t feel like a “real artist” in the past.  I don’t feel that way now.  I want to share what I’m creating because I am so happy doing it. I’m incredibly grateful for Flora’s inspiration and teaching.


Thank you, Jennifer, for your heartfelt words and reflections on your Bloom True experience.  We absolutely love hearing from you all!

Inspired to share your OWN Bloom True experience?  We are always collecting new stories for our TRIBE Tuesday blog series.  Please submit your stories and images to us at: assistance@florabowley.com

Thanks for stopping by!


Bloom True Boot Camp: Final Prompts + E-course Winners!


Welcome to our final two days of Bloom True Boot Camp…woohoo, YAY, we did it!

I want to thank you so much for joining me on this month-long creative journey.  What started out as tiny flash of inspiration during a swim in a lake turned into such a beautiful and inspiring creative global adventure.

Your posts, pictures and reflections have brought me so much joy and reminded me (once again) how powerful it is to join together with like-hearted people dedicated to their creative paths and waking spirits.  {{THANK YOU}}.

In the spirit of gratitude and celebration, may I present our two final Boot Camp Prompts and the announcement of our Bloom True E-course winners!

Please note:  The entire Bloom True Boot Camp experience is now available for LIFE in a gorgeous 38-page downloadable PDF!  Click HERE for more info.

September 29th : Give Thanks


There is a great quote by David Steindl-Rast that offers a beautiful perspective on the subject of gratitude and joy.  He wisely states…

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

I believe making this simple yet profound distinction offers some serious insight into the power of gratitude.  Understanding that gratitude is a choice and an action gives us the power to create our own joy.

The action of choosing to practice gratitude focuses our attention on what is already working in our lives.  By doing so, we shift our conscious thought away from what we lack, while inviting in a feeling of contentment.  In this way, gratitude is simply about acknowledging what we already have.

Often the most challenging part of practicing gratitude is the practice itself.  Like most things worth doing, we have to dedicate time and energy to really receive the benefits of the practice.  Here are a few ways to get your gratitude ball rollin’:

  • Keep a “gratitude journal.”
  • Speak out loud what you are grateful for each day.
  • Make a list of 100 things you are grateful for and hang it up.
  • Take a moment to pause and be grateful for your food before you eat.
  • Shower the people you love with love.
  • Share your gratitude in the form of letters, emails, calls, presents, texts, random acts of kindness…
  • Offer yourself loving gratitude through self-care.
  • Cultivate a bit of gratitude every time you have the opportunity to paint or create.

How else can you show your gratitude today?

September 30th : Celebrate!


The final prompt is to simply to celebrate all you have accomplished over the past month.

Whether you have completed all the prompts or dabbled with just a few, take a moment now to honor yourself for showing up and being committed to your creative self.

Place the palms of your hands face down on your belly and heart.  Take five deep breathes.  Cultivate as much love, compassion, acceptance and celebration that you can muster and send all those loving vibrations INWARD.  Let the cells of your body soak up all your own good medicine.  Remember…

You were born to shine, thrive, bloom and create.  You got this.


Bloom True E-course Winners Announced!

With so many AMAZING Boot Campers from all over the world participating in this journey, choosing ten Bloom True E-course winners was no easy feat!  In fact, I couldn’t seem to do it ;)

Announcing all 18 of our amazing winners here…check out their profiles below!



















If you see your profile here, please send an email to assistance@florabowley.com so we can set you up with your free spot!

Bloom True Boot Camp will be offered as a digital product in the coming week for anyone who hasn’t been able to get to all the prompts.  You will be able to download the prompts and audios and save them for life…please stay tuned!


Bloom True E-Course :: The Journey Begins October 13th

My deepest wish is that anyone wishing to explore their brave intuitive selves, both on canvas and off, will someday have the chance to participate in the Bloom True E-course.  I have poured my heart and soul into this five-week adventure and it’s always so amazing to see the transformations that take place throughout the course.

If your soul is tugging at you to join, please listen in.  I would absolutely love to paint with you.

xo flora

Stepping Out Brave

Squam Circle

photo: rachaelrice.com

Six days ago, I arrived at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire.  The woodsy scene there is all kinds of gorgeous — quaint cabins, an unbelievable lake, awesome women everywhere — but there I was with knots in my stomach.

I was there to teach a totally new class — one that involved more movement than painting and more watercolor, ink and pastels than acrylic.  Most of my security blankets, comfort zones and feelings of “I got this,” had left the room.

To be honest, this feeling of stepping out beyond the edges of what is known is one I simultaneously resist and crave.  There is an aliveness that happens out there in the mystery, but damn, it’s uncomfortable.

It’s also where the magic happens.

When we can’t rely on patterns, habits, and in this case expertise, we are forced to expand — to rise to the occasion, to experiment with new tools and find new ways of communicating our message.  There’s kind of no other choice.

Squam Love Layers

photo: rachaelrice.com

Over the course of the six-hour workshop, we touched on many of my creative philosophies, but in new ways.

We experimented with walking meditation, dance, contact improv, figure drawing, drawing with our eyes closed, moving with our eyes closed, spilling ink, collaborating, sharing gratitude and resting….yep, resting.

My students did not walk away with large, colorful, multi-layered paintings (as per usual), but they did walk away energized and inspired…with a few really awesome mixed-media paintings to boot.

My greatest hope is that by moving outside of our collective comfort zones, we were all able to stir something awake and walk away with fresh eyes and open hearts.

I know this is what happened to me.

Love Layers at Squam

Speaking of dipping toes into new territory, I’d love to share an online course that offers its students a chance to do just that.

Life book 2015 is a year-long online course featuring 26 different teachers with 26 different perspectives on the creative process. Life Book is packed with lessons, inspiration and a vibrant community of artists from all over the world.

This will be my second year contributing lessons to Life Book, and I’m happy to be joined by some of my fave art teacher buddies this year: Mati Rose, Lynzee Lynx, Rachael Rice and Alena Hennessy to name a few.  If you are craving to learn some new techniques from these art rock stars, Life Book might just be for you.

Registration for Life Book 2015 opens on October 6th and the course begins on January 1st, 2015. However, I have the pleasure of giving away one FREE SPOT here today!  To enter, leave a comment below about a break through you’ve had as the result of stepped out of your comfort zone — mmmm good stuff, can’t wait to hear your stories!  I will announce the winner in the comments section here tomorrow.

All the wonderful Life Book teachers are giving away spots on their blogs (see the schedule below), so check em out.

Hope to see you in class…xo flora

:: Life Book Teacher Line Up + Blog Hop Giveaway ::

8th September 2014 – Tamara Laporte –  http://www.willowing.org/
9th September 2014 – Jane Davenport – http://janedavenport.com/
10th September 2014 – Joanne Sharpe – http://joannezsharpe.blogspot.co.uk/
11th September 2014 –  Jenny Lee Wentworth – http://jennyleewentworth.blogspot.co.uk/
12th September 2014 –  Violette Clark – http://www.violette.ca/
13th September 2014 –  Chris Zydel – http://creativejuicesarts.com/
14th September 2014 –  Danielle Donaldson – http://danielledonaldson.com/
15th September 2014 –  Effy Wild – http://effywild.com/
16th September 2014 –  Flora Bowley – http://florabowley.com <— YOU ARE HERE
17th September 2014 –  Alisa Burke – http://alisaburke.blogspot.co.uk/
18th September 2014 –  Rachael Rice – http://rachaelrice.com/
19th September 2014 –  Jeanne Oliver – http://www.jeanneoliverdesigns.com/
20th September 2014 –  Andrea Gomoll – http://andrea-gomoll.de/
21st September 2014 –  Kristin van Valkenburgh – http://www.kristinvanvalkenburgh.com/
22nd September 2014 –  Jill K. Berry – http://jillberrydesign.com/
23rd September 2014 –  Alena Hennessy – http://www.alenahennessy.com/
24th September 2014 –  Juliette Crane – http://www.juliettecrane.com/
25th September 2014 –  Jenny Doh – http://blog.crescendoh.com/crescendoh/
26th September 2014 –  Mati Rose McDonough – http://www.matirose.com/
27th September 2014 –  Patti Ballard – http://www.pbsartstudio.com
28th September 2014 –  Lynzee Lynx – http://lynzeelynx.com/
29th September 2014 –  Roben Marie Smith – http://www.robenmarie.com/
30th September 2014 –  Andrea Schroeder – http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/
1st October 2014 –  Lynn Whipple – http://www.lynnwhipple.com/
2nd October 2014 –  Donna Downey – http://www.donnadowney.com/

Tribe Tuesdays continues with Patricia Svarnas!

I’m delighted to keep hearing from people all around the world who are sharing their Bloom True journey. Please enjoy Patricia’s inspiring story below..

Salt Water 2012 By Patrica Svanras

I participated in the Bloom True e-course in the summer of 2012. Little did I know that it would end up being a life-changing experience for me.

For more than a decade, I had felt the call deep inside me to return to art. As a child, I loved painting and drawing and spent hours creating my own characters and worlds on paper and canvas. But as I got older, I abandoned art for “more serious pursuits”— like a mainstream desk job that would make me money and be socially acceptable.

But all along, I still felt that intuitive yearning to create.

Brave 2013 by Patrica Svarnas

Bloom True was such a transformative experience. Flora’s videos, techniques and suggestions guided me towards creative freedom. Rather than a class with strict rules and guidelines, Bloom True gives you the tools and encouragement to let go of fear, perfectionism and that haunting voice that says, “I’m not good enough.

Instead, Flora is a gentle friend who makes you feel like every mark or paint stroke is meant to be there and that with each layer of paint, you’re getting closer to what will be born out of the canvas.

I always thought I had to start a piece of art with a clear idea of what I was going to paint. Bloom True taught me to trust myself, to play and to let what is inside of me come out on the canvas intuitively.

It’s amazing what came out.

Let Things Go 2013 by Patrica Svarnas

My first two canvases became boats in deep water. Subsequent works included hot air balloons, animals, and lighthouses. I listened to my heart and let my hands work organically instead of forcing them towards some preconceived idea. I was free.

Since the Bloom True course, my style has continued to develop and I’ve added collage and typography to my intuitive painting. I once felt stifled and blocked but I feel like Flora gracefully showed me how to crack open my heart and let all the built up creativity flow out.

She also showed me how to trust my intuition—in art and in life. I showed my work for the first time in a juried show in October of 2013 and won the award for best mixed media piece. I recently had my artwork and writing accepted for publication in a well-known magazine. And I took a leap, created a website and started my own art business.

You never know where one decision will lead you. My intuition told me to take Flora’s course and it changed everything for me. She’s an amazing teacher, a beautiful spirit, and a creative role model. She made me see myself and my artwork as unique and valuable with no mistakes. And she allowed me to dream big artistic dreams that are already coming true.

Safe Harbor 2012 by Patricia Svarnas


We would love to hear your TRIBE Story! Please click here for more info, and be sure to join our group Pinterest board, now with over 50 Pinspiring bloomers!

TRIBE Tuesday: Rhonda Groves

Our TRIBE Tuesday Series Continues!

Painting by Rhonda Groves

For this week’s TRIBE Tuesday, we are happy to feature Rhonda Groves.  We hope you enjoy her story…

Hello, my name is Rhonda.

I took Flora’s Bloom True E-Course in September 2013.  The magnitude this e-course has had on me is phenomenal.  I have created paintings I never dreamed of.

There is such power in throwing my soul into the canvas.

I have also made friends all over the world and we do have a tribe.  Some of us are discussing meeting for a week and painting together.  I love these friends because they get the excitement of a shadow, dancing leaves or the wind.  I  feel more confident in what I could be capable of.  Negativity is not allowed in the circle.

Mistakes are only opportunity for a different direction.

I find this helping me in my own life as well.  If some horrible thing happens beyond my control I try to look at it differently and learn/grow from it.  My intuition has been heightened and I find things do fall in place.  I think I have always had a sixth sense about things; but now I am learning to trust the universe more.  I also believe I have something to offer.

I am the only one that can create my art.

I really am a new painter, but I dream about my paintings now.  It is time for me, to recharge myself.  Here are a few of my paintings from Flora’s class.  I have taken other e-courses but Flora Bowley helped me develop my paintings.  They are my individual style.   This is important to me as I did not want to become another artist.  I wanted to become an artist.   Bloom True has been the class that helped me find my self more that the other painting classes.  Thanks, Flora!
Painting by Rhonda Groves

Do you have a Tribe Tuesday story to tell?

TRIBE stands for: Tales + Reunions + Inspirations + Breakthroughs + Evolution.

TRIBE is a place for bloomers to share their stories, stay inspired and connect with each other.  We imagine TRIBE will evolve and grow in exciting ways, but for now we simply welcome anyone who has ever taken a Bloom True class, either online or in person, to send your stories, inspirations and breakthroughs to us at: assistance@florabowley.com.

Also, if you are on Pinterest, we are creating a group Pinterest board to share your Brave Intuitive Painting experience. Follow Flora on Pinterest and we will send you an invite to join the group board.  Please include TRIBE in the subject line of your email.

TRIBE Tuesday: Fay and Tam

For this week’s TRIBE feature, I am very pleased to present two incredible women I had the pleasure of meeting in Bali last May. Dr. Fauziah Mohamed Yunus or “Fay” (or “Mom:)) as we came to know her, took my e-course, followed by my in-person retreat in Bali. Tamara Laporte, or “Willowing,” as she is lovingly known to her online following, joined us in Bali as well.

Here are their beautiful stories.

photo by Zipporah Lomax

photo by Zipporah Lomax


“Finding My Tribe”

When I got the email saying I had been accepted into the Bloom True Amed course last March I felt like I had won the lottery! As a single mum I had surrounded myself with work and had little time to really have fun, doing the things that I love to do. The last 18 years was mainly about making sure my three sons would be okay in Life. As they grew up and needed less of me, my sons started to encourage (actually I felt like I was being nagged!) to find something that I loved to do, something that inspired me, something that I enjoyed and…most importantly, was just for me.


photo by Zipporah Lomax

My Tribe was made up of such diverse women from all over the world. They had different backgrounds, different cultures, different stories, they even sounded different with accents from around the world… each person was unique and, to the Heart Circle, each one brought the gift of their unique self. That week we spent together was filled with laughter and discovery. We not only painted together but we shared ourselves, listened deeply and accepted each others’ uniqueness as we got to know each other. We supported each other as we painted and what joy it was to have nothing else to do, nowhere else to go … just the space and time to do what we wanted to do. This was a most magical week in my Life which will always be a special memory for me…this was the week when I found my Tribe.


photo by Zipporah Lomax


“Learning to Let Go in Bali”

Bali (the first holiday on my own since having children (!) was like a little rebirth for me. Of course, for a large part this was about learning more about painting, but, as I said a few times on the retreat: I think I was there a lot more for the life lessons. For me it was deeply spiritual & emotional. I had some mega shifts happening for me related to childhood stuff and limited beliefs about myself.


Sharon, Tam, and Fay (image via willowing.org)

On one of the mornings Flora started to add imagery to her painting, before that, she’d been doing a lot of layering and mark-making which felt really uncomfortable to me (as it looked like it was all intuitive and as I said before: I like control and don’t trust my intuition much) so when she started adding imagery I could feel some kind of relief inside of me like aaaah, I know this, now ‘we’re getting somewhere’, and then: yay Flora started adding a portrait to the painting: aaaaah, great, I know this even better, this is great, I am feeling totally relieved now – and then all of a sudden BAM Flora starts to PAINT OVER THE PORTRAIT giving me a little mini stroke. Here I’m thinking ‘I’m finally safe’, but naha: she’s painting over it!!

So afterwards I asked her: “Why? why did you paint over the portrait?” She goes: “because I didn’t like it and I’m going with what I like.” So in that moment I said the group: “Ok, I will do a portrait today and set myself the challenge to ‘paint over it.’”


We were all walking around and checking out each other’s paintings here and there and people kept asking me: “so, are you gonna paint over it?” And I started to feel resistance coming up again, I had a nice portrait going, I spent quite some time on the detail and I really did NOT want to let go of it. I did not want to go over this portrait.


photo via willowing.org


photo via willowing.org

When we started our session the next morning, I took one look at the portrait and had not more interest in furthering it, I was COMPLETELY ready to let go and go over it. And so I did! I did! I did! That was basically incredible for me. I had worked hard on that portrait and really didn’t think I was going to let go, but I did. A major learning in there for me. It transformed into the below bird painting which I LOVE so much! :)

That’s just one example of a deep shift in me that happened there; I dared, was brave and learned to ‘let go’ :) (I’m considering to tattoo ‘let go’ on my arm). More happened of course, we went snorkelling, had amazing food, chatted, laughed, visited some beautiful scenery, splashed in the pool, sang and so on and so forth.

So the experience was of that kind (for me); a lot of sharing with wonderful women, deep shifts happening, releasing old pain, transforming, learning to let go and surrender. Pretty magical and amazing!


It has also really helped me to finish off canvas paintings I’ve been stuck on for ages. I’m more daring, bolder and able to try out new things without being too attached to certain outcomes, colours or shapes. Since I’ve come back from Bali, I’ve finished and started between 6-10 canvases!!

Read Tam’s full blog post about her time in Bali on her 

blog: http://www.willowing.org/2014/07/29/learning-to-let-go-in-bali/


photo by Zipporah Lomax

Do you have a TRIBE story to tell? Please share it with us!

TRIBE stands for: Tales + Reunions + Inspirations + Breakthroughs + Evolution.

TRIBE is a place for bloomers to share their stories, stay inspired and connect with each other. We imagine TRIBE will evolve and grow in exciting ways, but for now we simply welcome anyone who has ever taken a Bloom True class, either online or in person, to send your stories, inspirations and breakthroughs to us at: assistance@florabowley.com. Please include TRIBE in the subject line of your email. Click here for more about TRIBE.

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xo flora

Introducing…TRIBE Tuesdays!


I am continually in awe of the amazing tribe of students I have all over the world, and the truly transformational stories they share with me about their Bloom True experience. In an effort to spread their inspiration and good juju beyond my own head space and email box (and to connect you all to some truly amazing Bloomers), I’ve decided to start sharing these inspiring stories each Tuesday on my blog >>>


In additional to these blog posts, I will also continue to highlight TRIBE stories periodically through this newsletter. I hope you find these tales as awesome as I do. I’m so thrilled for you all to “meet” each other this way!

Of course, if you are feeling inspired to share YOUR Bloom True story, we would love to hear from you (submission info below).

Without further ado, may I present to you….the amazing Carolyn Mackin.


Carolyn shares…

I am shocked and amazed at what a profound and enduring shift has happened within me since taking Flora’s first e-course in February-March of 2011, as well as her Bloom True Boston 2013 workshop. Although I have been an artist my entire life, even earning a MFA, I found that the dense theory we were required to study sucked the joy out of the creative process for me. When I started painting on large canvases with my fingers (thanks to Flora!), while listening to beautiful music and my intuition, I felt an extraordinary emotional release and profound openness. Something clicked, and I knew with great certainty that I was doing what I was put on this earth to do.

“I began to notice I no longer felt anxious about small stresses in life.”


At first the changes outside of my painting practice were more subtle- I started taking more liberties with fashion and began layering and pairing outfits in a different way. It felt as though I was seeing what was already in front of me in a new way. Then I began to notice that I no longer felt anxious about small stresses in life. My transformation has resulted in me taking many more risks in all aspects of my life, especially with the business side of art-making.

“This flexibility, openness, and willingness to change is the secret to finding joy.”CarolynMackin_giclee_print-crop

I have stopped telling myself that I am not good with the business side of art!  Now I am actually embracing and enjoying it, as it continues to connect me with other wonderful people.  My most recent business dealings include finding the right professional print house to reproduce my originals, organizing a 1st annual open studio tour in my town, teaching private painting lessons, showing my work in multiple venues, selling my originals and prints, and participating in a community art project.

I used to follow other artists and wonder—How do they find time/energy/inspiration to do that? Now people are asking me that very question! Now I know the answer. I am no longer afraid of failure. I cannot make an ugly painting because I can simply add another layer and transform it in 10 minutes! On a recent one-week vacation to Europe, I completed eight paintings while traveling on trains and planes. This flexibility, openness, and willingness to change is the secret to finding joy. And once you find that happiness, you find it gives you energy. So even at the end of an exhausting day, I go into my studio, and tap into that bliss.


Flora, you have proven to be one of the most profound teachers in my life. I still cannot believe that an online class put me on this trajectory! I am forever grateful to you and to the tribe of fellow artists and supporters I have connected with. Namaste.

Blog - http://carolynmackin.wordpress.com/
Website - http://carolynmackin.me/
Instagram - http://instagram.com/carolynmackin
Carolyn’s Bloom True Boston blog post

BTrue amed14 circleholdingarmsphoto by zipporahlomax.com


TRIBE stands for: Tales + Reunions + Inspirations + Breakthroughs + Evolution.

TRIBE is a place for bloomers to share their stories, stay inspired and connect with each other. We imagine TRIBE will evolve and grow in exciting ways, but for now we simply welcome anyone who has ever taken a Bloom True class, either online or in person, to send your stories, inspirations and breakthroughs to us at: assistance@florabowley.com. Please include TRIBE in the subject line of your email. Click here for more about TRIBE.

Join our Group Pinterest board!

If you’d like to join us in a worldwide collaborative inspiration experience, please follow me (Flora Bowley) on Pinterest and include your Pinterest link when you email assistance@florabowley.com. We will send you an invite to join the group board. Make sure to tag your pins with #bloomtrue and #braveintuitivepainting!

Psst…Bloom True Challenge + Give Away — coming soon!

Stay tuned for a super awesome month of Bloom True prompts and inspiration happening everyday of September, PLUS a chance to win a spot in my upcoming Bloom True E-course starting on October 13th. It’s gonna be rad…I hope you will join me.

xo flora

BTE spiralingout

photo by zipporahlomax.com

Knowing When to SHIFT ~*~ (and a sweet Summer Sale!)

Ocean Floor

Four years ago, I was invited to teach my very first painting class at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. Although I had never shared my painting philosophies before (or even considered doing so for that matter), the timing felt divine.

I was ready for a shift.

Painting alone in my studio and selling my paintings through galleries felt more and more isolating. I craved deeper connections, more inspiration from others and a sense of service in my life. Teaching seemed like a great fit.

Although I had no idea what to expect, I arrived at Squam wide-eyed and ready to share all I could. To be honest, I had no idea how to teach something that was so intuitive, so wordless, so not linear. I did, however, trust my many years of painting experience. I also knew the only way to learn was…THROUGH.

Looking back now, I realize how radically this weekend by a lake in New Hampshire would shift my soul’s path. Who knew!?


Signs from the Universe.

One week after my first teaching experience, Quarry Books invited me to write a book about my painting process. Who…me?! Again, I found myself completely out of my comfort zone, but I took the opportunity as a sign from the Universe and nervously said YES — yes of course I can write a book!

(Holy shit…how do you write a book?!)

Well, my book, Brave Intuitive Painting, came out one year later and has now sold over 30,000 copies. I have also traveled the world teaching and have shared my painting process with thousands of people through my Bloom True E-Course.

Needless to say, it’s been a wild and amazing ride.

BTrue amed circlemeditation

Fast forward four years and I find myself ready for another shift.

Yep, evolution beckons and new territory awaits, so here I go.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I will be traveling less and teaching more workshops in my awesome new Portland studio, but I’m also designing new classes to incorporate more of my passions: movement, meditation, mixed media and writing — all wrapped up into one sweet inspirational experience.

In perfect full-circle fashion, my first foray into this new class forma will take place this September at none other than Squam! My class is called Love Layers: Cultivating radical self-love through movement, marks and meditation,” and I’m thrilled to explore new territory and push some new boundaries once again.

Pssst… I’m really not sure exactly how this will all unfold, but there’s only one way to find out :)


Honoring the call to shift

Although my class at Squam is sold out, there are many other great offerings still available and an amazing creative community to boot. In fact, two of my favorite ladies, Tara Morris and Rachael Rice, will be rocking their awesome classes at Squam for their first time — highly recommended!

Perhaps you are ready for a shift too? Are you feeling the tug to find your creative tribe, to try out a new art form, to spend four days by a beautiful lake because you DESERVE IT? Remember, these tugs are your soul’s longings asking you to listen up…

Maybe I’ll see you there?

xo flora

BTrue amed14 holdingfoambrushes

Signing off with a sweet SUMMER SALE….enjoy!

IG summersale 2014

Summer Sale!

I’m happy to offer you all a special Summer Sale this weekend. Use coupon code: summersale25 at checkout to receive 25% off Papaya luxe totes (these are the last of these beauties…like forever) and all Bauxo leather products. Also receive free shipping on select Society6 products this weekend.

Both sales good through July 13th, midnight PST.

From Stuck —> To Feelin’ It :: A Roadmap through Painter’s Block

news july1 2014 palettetable

Last night was the perfect night to paint.

My schedule was clear, the air felt delicious and it was still light out at 9pm. I turned up the music, cleaned off my palette, lit a candle, burned some sage and hung a halfway finished painting on the wall. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling incredibly inspired, but typically I just need to START in order to find my rhythm.

So, I started…

I choose a few of my fave colors of the moment (grey, yellow, violet, magenta and white), and began to move the paint around. I tried out some of my signature moves, turned the canvas upside down and waited for the magic to take hold. Any minute now…

But, it didn’t. After about an hour everything looked forced, murky and far from magical.


Deep Breaths.

The truth is we all get stuck.

And yes, it’s uncomfortable and frustrating and often brings up our “stuff,” but getting stuck is actually a CRUCIAL part of the creative process — it has to happen. Hitting creative walls means we are evolving, shifting, moving out of our comfort zones and into new territory.

This, my friends, is where we GROW.

In fact, I believe big breakthroughs are often waiting for us right on the other side of our greatest challenges. This is why it’s important to acknowledge these moments — EXPECT them — and honor them as opportunities to expand, rather than opportunities to shrink.

In fact, these are the most important moments to trust, be brave, breathe and rise to the occasion. What waits on the other side will be well worth it!

So, how do you transform stuck into feelin’ it?

I have a few tricks that always seem to help me get back in my groove every time, and this is exactly what happened last night.

I’m happy to share them with you…

news july1 2014 texture

Let go of striving.

Instead of forcing outcomes, ask yourself: “What feels exciting to me RIGHT NOW?” and How do I want to FEEL when I’m painting?”

The experience of painting can feel so many different ways. It can be wild, free, frenzied, delicate, loose, embodied, precise, sensual, meditative, focused, alive, exhilarating and… frustrating. To name just a few.

Last night I choose: WILD + FREE with a touch of exhilarating :)

Keep it simple.

It can be very overwhelming to have infinite choices. What colors? What shapes? What tools? Abstract? Images? You get the idea.

Instead of working with EVERYTHING under the moon, try choosing just one or two colors and one or two ways of working with the paint. For example, last night I noticed I had a full bottle of prussian blue, a color I seldom use, and some trees sketches from the park. Perfect.

I choose prussian blue, trees, wildfree and exhilarating as my starting points.

news july1 2014 bluetrees

Stay present + Follow your curiosity + Trust your inklings.

Trying to “figure out” your whole painting can easily lead to overwhelm and freezing up. Again, too many choices!

To stay present, let go of the need to know where it’s all going and simply focus on what feels interesting RIGHT NOW.

Trust those tiny whispers in your head or subtle feelings in your body that suddenly beckon you to do things like: Drag your fingers across the canvas, add yellow, paint faster, turn your canvas, step back.  Finally, trust that your painting will unfold when the time is right.

Last night, my prussian blue tree sketches quickly created a framework for for me start exploring interesting new color combinations. Those color combinations led me to explore thick texture with a new spatula tool. One choice lead to the next, to the next, to the next…and suddenly a painting started to come together.

news july1 2014 fullpainting

I hope these tips are helpful the next time you hit those inevitable walls of stuckness. Remember, navigating through frustration is a crucial part of the creative process. You are not alone!

You are right where you’re supposed to be.

You got this. You’re awesome.

With love,
xo flora

Project Ground Out + the Enjoyment Factor


“Remember the Enjoyment Factor.”

This sweet reminder was offered up by my yoga teacher yesterday. In fact, remembering to enjoy the experience was the focus of the entire class.  We were given permission to throw away strict yoga “rules” and ideas about what the practice was supposed to look like. Instead, we were encouraged to move and breathe in a way that simply….FELT GOOD.

Ah yes. That.

The simple and powerful reminder to enjoy life, do what feels good, let go of self-imposed pressure, follow curiosity and appreciate what simply IS.  Sounds like some pretty sound painting advice I often give my students :)

But to be totally honest, I’m needing a bit of my own medicine these days.  For months now, I’ve been experiencing strong under-currents of discontent, like something is just….OFF.  It took me a solid month to recover and re-integrate after both of my trips to Mexico and Bali, and even after my body and mind were firmly connected back to this time zone, my spirit was weary and my energy was low.

Eager to dive into the root cause of my blues, I started doing some serious soul-searching over the past month: long baths, quiet meditations, raw heart-to-hearts with friends, intense work outs, soulful ceremonies and really honest conversations with myself.  I was looking at all the parts of my life and asking myself what I really need to feel whole, happy and peaceful…what needed to shift to feel the way I want to feel?  The result came in the form of this crystal clear realization:


(even the word ‘sabbatical’ makes me smile)

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 3.40.03 PM

After four years of creating, building, renovating, visioning, writing, traveling, teaching, moving and teaching some more, I realize I am burnt out. Straight up. Classic. Burn Out, otherwise known as “feeling WAY OFF.”  Needless to say, I definitely lost track of the “Enjoyment Factor” along the way.  Darn it.

But here’s the good news:  I’M CATCHING MYSELF!  In an epic turning-point-come-to-god-mid-course-correction-holy-epiphany-direct-download-gotta-make-some-serious-shifts kinda way, I’m waking up to what my soul really needs, and what my soul really needs is…


Within days of declaring my need to stay HOME for a year, this adorable muppet-faced doggie walked into my life (thank you Universe), and that pretty much sealed the deal. I love how quickly the Universe responds when we actually get CLEAR about what we really want/need.


Without getting too dog obsessed here (I assure you that’s another post), I will say that Pearl dog feels like a furry white angel who appeared at the most perfect moment.  She arrived right when I need her most…right when I needed to slow down, stay home, prioritize walks in the park, snuggling and GROUNDING OUT.  Obviously, she is the perfect buddy for all of this.  And, yes, there is also an adorable math teacher who is pretty excited about the new arrangement :)

But wait…the magic continues!  The day after I found Pearl, I also found a  brand new gorgeous studio space in my neighborhood — the PERFECT space for holding local workshops.

I’m signing a three-year lease tomorrow.


So there you have it: Project Ground Out with an emphasis on the “Enjoyment Factor.”  I realize there might be some folks out there who might be disappointed to hear I won’t be teaching in Bali, or Mexico, or ANYWHERE other than Portland next year, but I imagine you also understand.  Because, who wants their teacher to show up without a full cup?  Not me.

For those of you who have always wanted to visit Portland, OR, you are in luck!  I will soon be announcing a wonderful array of new workshop options including a “Master Class” and some more movement based classes (because…look at that dance floor).  I’m feeling so excited to embark on this new chapter and to continue sharing my passions with you …

with a FULL cup of course + the Enjoyment Factor in full effect!


***’Project Ground Out’ will officially commence after my trips to Squam and Ireland this September (doggie will be in good hands). There are still some spots open in my Ireland workshops, so if you want to catch an international workshop, this will be your last chance for awhile.  Did I mention, I’m teaching in a castle by the sea?  Would love to see ya there.

xo flora

“Creativity is maximized when you are living in the moment.”

- as seen on a Lululemon bag


New Goodies! :: Clocks,Totes, Cell Phone Cases, Pillows, Prints and More…



I’m thrilled to share with you a fresh new line of products now available worldwide though my Society6 store.


If you’ve ever craved one of my paintings in the form of a rug, tote bag, clock, iphone case or shower curtain…yes SHOWER CURTAIN, you are in luck!

The new store also features a variety of prints of some of my very favorite paintings.

society iphonecase burnbrightThe following goodies are available now, and shipping is FREE today!

▪ art prints & framed art prints
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All Society6 products are produced when you order them, on-demand (to avoid waste), using only the highest quality materials and processes. And they ship quickly, worldwide! For more details about each product, please check out this page on their website.

flora bowley laptop skins

I hope you find these products a beautiful and affordable way to bring the color and soul of my work into your home. Enjoy!





Bloom True TRIBE :: Student Gallery!

Today is a big day around here. It’s the very first day of “school” for my latest group of Bloom True E-Course students and excitement is in the air! In honor of this new brave beginning, I’m sharing some of the awesome work and reflections from past bloomers. Gotta admit, I’m pretty proud of them — you’ll see why.

We still have some spots open for any ‘late bloomers’ out there (sorry, had to). Registration will remain open through the end of this week. Feel like joining the tribe? I would love to have you. OK…on with the show!

BT student ChelMicheline“This painting truly took on a life of its own as I painted it, and taking Flora’s advice to heart- I let go and followed where it wanted to go. Painting it was one of the most meaningful and unique creative experiences of my life. Before I started this class, creativity was important to me, but something I had trouble finding time for. At the end of this course, my creativity is ESSENTIAL to me, and a necessary part of my every single day.” 

Chel Micheline

BT student DeniseThewissen

“The most important thing I learned: don’t be afraid to try things out! You can always see it as another layer. This is a very liberating feeling. It has made me way more adventurous and bold in my way of painting.” 

Denise Thewissen

BT student CatalineGarreton

“I adore my painting, I see my style blossoming with new techniques and inspirations from Flora. And finger painting is now a MUST in my studio! BloomTrue was absolutely incredible–connecting to my art and myself (via the intuition exercises and gratitude work) was a winning combination, I am so grateful.”

Catalina Garreton

BT student KellieDay

“I love how the course has taught me to use brilliant color, to experiment with shapes and movement that I never would have tried before, and to further let go of my mind and trust in what’s happening on my canvas.”

 Kellie Day

BT student SharonMinchuk

“The Bloom True course guided me along a path so that today I can look at a stack of canvases with anticipation over what I may be able to create. I was making so little progress because of my fear of making a mess, not something artistic. Whew! Looking forward to maintaining this positive energy for a long time.”

- Sharon Minchuk

BT student FayYunus

“This painting is my very first painting done on canvas. It came into being as I let go, let loose the Dreamer in me. I have not picked up a paint brush in eight years, nor have I ever painted with acrylics or on a canvas. This course has allowed the creative, intuitive painter in me to arise … with joy and freedom.”

Dr. Fauziah Mohamed Yunus

BT student IsisZtarr

“This painting for me expresses the exuberance of summer and my love affair with painting that began doing your wonderful course. Your course gave me the confidence to explore myself, my creative spirit and the medium of painting. A new lifetime adventure has been sparked!”

- Iris Ztarr

BT student MelanieBerry

“I had never painted much, large nor had had I ever painted figures or anything figurative before. Suddenly, I felt like I could and did. It was fun and easy. Previously, the fear was in the way, I guess. I never thought it was in me so I never tried. This entire process is about bravery and intuition just as your title indicates. Fearlessly yours.”

- Melanie Berry

BT students DianeFifer

“What I have learned from the course I will share with my students…..to understand that they have a place in this world, that they are unique, and that this needs to be celebrated.”

- Diane Fifer

THANK YOU for taking the time to experience these heartfelt Bloom True TRIBE creations. Each painting represents so much trust, letting go and courage. Check out even more student work on these links:






For more info + testimonials about the course, please head on over to the Bloom True page.

Love to all. Have an awesome week. xo flora

Bloom True Giveaway Winners Announced!


It’s time to celebrate!!

Whohoo!  I’m super excited to announce the winners for the Bloom True E-Course Giveaway, but first let me just say WOW…wow wow wow.

We had over 430 incredible nominations for ten tiny gifted spots, and the nominations were all so heartfelt, so sincere, soooo hard to choose!  (need a little pick me up?…read these stories.).

Seriously, you guys I stayed up late into the night reading each word, connecting with each person who I knew in my heart deserved to win this course…shedding a few tears along the way, I might add.  I so wanted to give a spot to EVERYONE.  In the end, I expanded the winners to include these 24 amazing souls.  Can’t wait to bloom true with you all soon!

1. Susan (as nominated by Shannon Dean)

2. Rachael Collins (as nominated by Christine Smith)

3. Maja Druzdzel (as nominated by Elizabeth)

4. Nikki Nienhuis (as nominated by Janel)

5. Josh’s wife (as nominated by Josh)

6. Stacy (as nominated by Dewar Deborah)

7. Amy Walls (as nominated by B Wirth)

8. Melissa Layer (as nominated by Trisha Coghlan)

9. Giulia (as nominated by Abramo Papp)

10. Mrs Rascati (as nominated by Sal Rascati)

11. Julie (as nominated by Kim)

12.Matt (as nominated by Nancy Baku)

13. Jenny (as nominated by John J Mulrooney)

14. Linda (as nominated by Gwen)

15. Stephanie (as nominated by Paula Ulrich)

16. Kathy Guidi (as nominated by Kathy)

17. Hoi Yan (as nominated by Joan Wong)

18. Rebecca (as nominated by Belinda Sigs)

19. Prerna Poojara (as nominated by Amy O’Toole)

20. Ansula Press (as nominated by Jenny Siegel)

21. Mary (as nominated by Dayle)

22. Cheryl Gelsomine (as nominated by Jennifer)

23. Shannon Mouck (as nominated by Jennifer Bonneteau)

24. Kristin (as nominated by Sandi)

Clearly Bloom True has struck a chord with every single person who commented on the giveaway post. If you would like to gift the course to your friend, please email hello@braveintuitiveyou.com and ask about purchasing a gift voucher. And if you want to sign up yourself you can still squeeze in here before class begins on Monday. I would love for you to join me! xo flora







Bloom True Giveaway Time!


Hi friends.  It’s GIVEAWAY time around here, and I want to make sure you are all in the know!

We are excited to be giving away TEN FREE PLACES for the upcoming Bloom True E-course beginning on May 12th, but here’s the deal…we want you to nominate someone else to win the prize!  Why?  Because we love surprises, generosity, thoughtfulness and presents, of course.  And…won’t it be amazing if someone did this for you?  We think so :)

We often receive the feedback that this course not only changes the way people paint, but also offers deep and loving transformational life lessons along the way…AND, the community is awesome!

Do you know someone who would really LOVE to be a part of an adventure like this?  Someone who could really benefit from five delicious weeks of brave intuitive painting, connecting, exploring and playing?  If so, please head on over to the Do What You Love blog (my partners in the creations of this course), and nominate your well deserving loved ones!


The prize:  Ten free places on the Bloom True E-Course for ten special people for.  Course runs for 5 weeks beginning on May 12th, 2014.

*Please note the prize does not include materials which must be gathered by the person taking the course.

How to enter: Check out the course website to find out more about it, and then leave a comment on the Giveaway blog telling us about  your nominee and why Bloom True would be great for them.

Deadline: 12 noon GMT on Wednesday May 7th, 2014.


What people are saying about the course:

“Words cannot adequately describe the effect this course has had on my life. It is profound. I felt as though I had come home on the very first day. I’m forever grateful.”

“Unbelievable, indescribable. Be ready for it and Flora will bring it to you! Freedom you never knew you had with art!! And it brings something out in you that you thought you had but were never sure!”

“Brilliant, invaluable for those on a creative journey, a “must-do’ if you are stuck and want to move yourself to a higher creative level.”

“Mindblowing! If you are willing to let go, to really stop and listen to what your own heart is telling you, you will be amazed at what blooms true. Do it!”

“FABULOUS! It is impossible to take this course without learning something. The “lessons” will root themselves in your soul and continue to bloom even after the course is complete.”

“I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in a holistic embracing life changing experience, it’s not just about painting but a great place to start if your new to painting.”

“I am inspired beyond words–inspired in a quiet, accepting place in my heart. I’m inspired to layer paints and play–until magically, scenes from the natural world emerge and fill me with surprise and awe and wonder. This class gathered all of the unconventional parts of me and gave them a space where the peace of union with that something which is bigger than us all–the quiet and “knowing” that is grounded in belief yet set free by intuition–this is the place this class took me to. Flora and Beth’s meticulous planning and guidance provided a safe and inspiring place to join with others and celebrate the creative process.”

“It has taught me that there is no right or wrong way to paint. It has inspired me so much to be brave and just go for it and find what feels good to me. It has helped me to let go of my fear of a blank canvas.”

“This course has impacted so many areas of my life and just the way I experience and respond to each day. I feel more ‘aware’ and definitely more BRAVE (I’m getting there, anyway!). I’ve been inspired, encouraged and nourished. I’ve begun to learn how to let go, be bold and to embrace joy and to trust my own creative process.”

“This course opened me up to infinite possibility. It’s been over a decade since I felt this much creative energy flowing from within. It’s exhilarating. I actually feel like the creative life I constantly dream of is an attainable goal. This course helped free me from the stagnancy of perfectionism and self-doubt. Before this class I always felt myself trying to create what I thought others might want, after this class I’ve learned to trust myself and just be me–the rest will follow.”

“I love how Flora intersects painting and life and does it brilliantly. She is vulnerable and full of joy and if you ever get a chance to take her course… well don’t even think about it…just do it. Do not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. It will change you forever.”

“The biggest impact was to trust in the process that my painting would turn into a finished piece by following the methods outlined in this course….and they did! I loved the mix of body, mind and spirit with the painting instruction! It truly has changed the way I create in to a positive, fun, intuitive experience! I love what I am making.”

“The impact is pretty profound…Until I started the course I had been really stuck and quite lost in my own process…I was all in my head about what I wanted and/or ‘should’ paint. The intuitive painting process totally turned that around – I was once again reminded of a sense of play, my own intuitive strength, of balancing body/mind/spirit and using my whole being and letting go of expectation. Experimenting, being open to throwing on paint just to see what would happen and knowing I could at any point transform and change it all up at any time! Wonderful and so very freeing! Plus, really being encouraged to go inside and outside to identify and explore personal imagery. Amazing and also a process I can use over and over again! Love it!”

“It impacted my view on perfection and my expectation to complete something quickly. I was able to take my time, be patient with the process and enjoy it. It also has helped in my daily life with my family. I am more patient with them as well. Not always thinking about the outcome, but the process. Meaningful time spent with each other.”


Introducing…Bloom True TRIBE!


I’m so excited to share a new idea with you!

(I think you’re gonna like it).

The inspiration for ‘Bloom True TRIBE’ comes directly from my students who often share the most beautiful tales of transformation with me.

On a daily basis, I hear stories about newly discovered creative freedom, as well as massive (or subtle) shifts in life off the canvas.  There are amazing tales of first time exhibitions, paintings sold and heart warming trips around the world (or down the block) to meet fellow bloomers.  It’s really quite incredible to realize an entire worldwide community has emerged — bloomed! around this approach to painting and living.  As you can imagine, I’m a pretty proud mama.


The very first time I taught a Bloom True class,  I noticed the insta-tribe that sprung up between the students.  Since then, I’ve always considered the community aspect to be one of the most potent and important parts of the Bloom True experience.

Whether it’s through an online Facebook group or an in-person retreat, the bonds that form between like-minded soulful creative seekers feel sweet… like looking in a mirror… like coming home.  I know how much I depend on my own creative family to feel understood, accountable and inspired, so this is something I feel really passionate about sharing.  I actually believe creative community is CRUCIAL.

<< This is where Bloom True TRIBE comes in! >>


TRIBE stands for: Tales + Reunions + Inspirations + Breakthroughs + Evolution.

TRIBE is a place for bloomers to share their stories, stay inspired and connect with each other.  We imagine TRIBE will evolve and grow in exciting ways, but for now we simply welcome anyone who has ever taken a Bloom True class, either online or in person, to send your stories, inspirations and breakthroughs to: hello@braveintuitiveyou.com. Please include TRIBE in the subject line of your email.

We will gather and chronicle your stories, and start to share them on the TRIBE page, as well as on social media and through our weekly emails.  Please keep your shares between 1-3 paragraphs, and be sure to include images and links when possible.

If you need a bit of food for thought regarding what you might contribute to TRIBE,  here are a few questions to ponder:

How has Bloom True has made a difference in your life — on or off the canvas? Has your approach to creativity changed? Has your approach to everyday life changed?  Do you feel more brave? Are you more in touch with your intuition?  Have you started showing your art…selling it?  Have you had any creative breakthroughs?  Have you connected with other bloomers from around the world?  Have you found your tribe?  How has the process inspired you the most?  How has your art practice evolved since taking the course?  What have been your biggest AHA moments?

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your stories soon.

Spread the love!

xo flora and the Bloom True crew


 All photos by Zipporah Lomax.

School of Life


I’ve been home from my month-long trip to Bali for exactly one week, and I gotta say TIME is so strange when flying halfway around the globe is part of the deal.  In some ways I feel like I was just there, but mostly it feels like a distant exotic dream.  You know how that goes…

Anyhooo, my trip was lovely.  Bali is lovely.  My students were awesome and many thresholds were crossed.  I know I’ve said it before, but AGAIN, I can hardly believe I get to do this work in the world…and all over the world at that. Every time a new bunch of bloomers comes together (especially when the backdrop is beautiful Bali), magic happens.  This year was no different.


From the minute I met both my groups of students in Bali, I couldn’t help but notice the sameness — the connectedness — that was lurking just below the surface of our collective personalities and distinct life stories.  Sure, we were from many different parts of the world.  Some of us called ourselves professional artists, some had never picked up a paintbrush.  Some had kids, some did not.  Some were shy, some lit up the room.  As you can imagine, the list of our differences could go on and on, but that’s not what captured my heart during our opening ceremonies.

Nope.  What brought tears to my eyes (it always does), was our collective READINESS to step up and step forward toward new ways of being, both on and off the canvas.  To honor this journey, I always begin each workshop with a ceremony.

Sitting together, circled up around an alter, warm Bali air on our skin, candles burning, butterflies in our stomachs, I prompted everyone to share one thing they were ready to let go of and one thing they were ready to welcome in.  One by one, each brave soul, stepped forward to declare out load what they were ready to let go of by symbolically dropping a rock into a bowl of water.  Next, they announced (loud and clear) what they were ready to welcome in.  They sealed the deal by intuitively choosing a painting, each containing a little message just for them.

Like a golden thread weaving us together, we ALL seemed to be craving these universal shifts:

More love >< Less fear.  More trust >< Less control.  More play >< Less worry.  More heart ><  Less mind.   More flow >< Less struggle.  More compassion  >< Less judgement.  More connection >< Less separation… 


So, while we spent our days painting and lounging by the pool, we also spent them falling in love each other, stepping up to (and beyond) our edges, navigating a radically different culture while riding the inevitable roller coaster of emotion that surfaces when nothing is holding you to your familiar life back home.  Hello brave intuitive souls.

To be honest, I went on my own roller coaster ride on this trip.  I found myself scrambling up an incredibly steep learning curve that is my life and work these days…maybe you can relate?  As I look around, it seems like so many of us are finding ourselves “back in school”—  the school of life that is.  As we wake up more and more to our deepest longings and truest selves, old stories no longer fit.  Transformation beckons.  New thresholds await.  All we can do is take one more step forward, and TRUST.  Are you with me on this journey?  Here are a few lessons I’ve been learning at school lately:

Blazing new trails requires new levels of self confidence.  Walking my talk requiring a ton of discipline (and is not always easy).  Working with new groups of people in far away places requires flexibility, surrender and trust.  Facilitating soul work requires…SOUL WORK.

All that.  And so much more.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.  What are YOU learning in school these days?

ps. Big shout out of love and appreciation to my amazing retreat collaborators, Rachael Rice, Lynzee Lynx and Nicole Lawrence.  Couldn’t have done it with out you! xo


Growing older = getting wiser = freeing up


When I received an invitation from Susannah Conway to participate in a blog series about the AWESOMENESS of aging, I got full body goose bumps, aka “truth bumps.”

How refreshing to focus on the positive aspects of aging, rather than replaying the same old, “how to hold onto your youth” conversation, over and over again. Finally, an opportunity to collectively celebrate all that is GOOD about getting older…and wiser.  Leave it to Susannah to spark such a sorely needed dialogue in celebration of her 41st birthday.

This woman is seriously on the pulse.

Like many of the inspiring women participating in this conversation, I am turning the big 4-O this year.  Although I’ve never been too caught up in the number game, forty does seem like a pretty big deal — a threshold of sorts.  And, while it can be tempting to focus on the shocking amount of grey hair I have, my deepening “laugh lines” or my cranky-body-part-of-the-moment, it’s honestly just not that interesting to me…anymore.


To give you the full story, I’ve spent an excruciating amount of time and energy worrying about what I look like…and sound like and act like (you name it).  For much of my teens, twenties and into my thirties, I battled massive insecurities that held me in unhealthy patterns.  Although I knew on an intellectual level that the “gremlin” voices in my head were way out of control, they often ran the show.

However, as my life’s work started to clarify, amplified with a few life-altering trips to Burning Man, stacks of self-help books and a heaps of soul seaching, I slowly started caring less and less about what I looked like on the outside.  My priorities started to shift towards feeling good, doing positive work in the world and surrounding myself with the people I love.  This shift was so potent for me, I actually decided to change my name to reflect the “new me.”  This is how committed I was to letting those old stories GO.

 The moral of my story is:  Growing older = getting wiser = freeing up.


Now, with each passing year, I’m aware of how much LESS I care about what other people think of me.  At the same time, I’ve also grown more comfortable living in my skin, speaking my truth and owning my expertise and talent.  As a result, I let my uniqueness shine brighter, I stand taller, I speak more clearly and I attract more and more amazing people into my sphere.  Hallelujah.

Aging has also shed some serious light on the BIG LIFE questions such as:  Who am I?  What do I believe? What is my style?  What foods make me feel good? What kind of partner is good for me?  What am I going to be when I grow up?  And the list goes on.

Although I’ll always be a truth seeker and I still find myself stumbling along at times, on most days I find myself standing firmly on solid ground — belief system in tack and clear purpose leading me forward.  I even found myself a NICE guy who makes me laugh, listens deeply, accepts everything about me and shows up when he says he will.  This, my friends, is a sign of the times.

I tell you what, it’s amazing how much energy I’ve FREED UP by no longer worrying about things that don’t actually matter or by spending time with people who do not feed my soul.  Instead, I use my energy to create art, inspire others, spread love, manifest big dreams and tend to my body, mind and spirit.  Did I mention travel the world, do cartwheels on the beach, volunteer in disaster zones and write books?


I’m grateful to say that my life feels more grounded, soulful,  connected and FUN than ever before.  This is not to say it’s all smooth sailing from here, but the waters do feel pretty calm around here thanks to all the years of brave navigating that have brought me here.

Here’s to celebrating life with each and every delicious year.

***Head on over to Sussanah’s blog for links to many other inspiring tales on aging from rockin’ women around the world.  So juicy!


Blooming True in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


What an amazing week this has been.

Sharing seven soulful days of painting, laughing and connecting with sixteen amazing women gathered from all parts of the globe (U.S., Canada, Honduras and South Africa), has left me, once again, in a state of gratitude and awe for the work I get to do in this world.  Although an incredible amount of energy goes into creating these special retreats, I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being a part of the beautiful transformations I witnessed here this week…on and off the canvas.

I will let these images tell the rest of the story…

Our “Heart Circle” altar where we began each day. A place for meditation, poetry, speaking from the heart…and the occasional morning churros with Mexican hot chocolate :)
Beautiful traditional rooms at Casa Carmen (with goody bags waiting!).
Paintings created for my students as a part of our Opening Ceremony.


Day one.  First Layers.  “Freeing up!”

Our lovely "studio" aka classic Mexican courtyard from above.

Day two.  Our courtyard “studio” from above.
Pretty happy accidents all over the ground. 
Day three.  Paintings taking shape (and afternoon sunbeams flooding our courtyard with amazing light!).
Diving into some collaborative painting…teamwork makes the dream work.
A sweet day off at the local hot springs.  Time for soaking, sketching and lounging on Mexican blankets in the sun.  Yum.
Back to the courtyard for some more leisurely days of painting.
Out on the town in San Miguel…surrounded by inspiration.
My first demo paintings in progress…Mexican influence in full effect.
So many beautiful connections forming between my students. 
Our mantra for this day was:  Make commitments to NOW…but stay open to change.
My second demo painting.  Showing how “soft and dreamy” can be just as powerful as “edgy and bold.”
By the end of the week, everyone was firmly in “the zone.”  Hours passed by quickly and our courtyard took on a surreal and sacred quality.
At the end of every retreat, we honor the painting and our journey by having a “show.”  Seeing all the brave intuitive paintings gathered together blows me away every time.

I hope this offers you a little slice of the magic we experienced here this week.  Big thanks to all my students for making the week so special and fun, and extra thanks to Rebecca Brooks and Rachael Rice for all their amazing support in making it happen.  I couldn’t do it without you!

Grateful, xo flora

*  To read about the retreat from a student’s perspective, please check out Valen Dawson’s travel blog, This Way to Paradise.

*  To experience the Bloom True adventure without flying to Mexico, sign up for the next round of Bloom True: the E-Course (a soulful five-week online course) beginning in one week from today!


 Adios y gracias!!

Seek Your Tribe


I believe the commonly held idea of artists toiling away alone in their studios, isolated from each other, guarding their techniques and often in some state of despair is becoming a thing of the past.  It’s a myth that no longer serves our collective human need to come together, support each other and move our evolution story forward.  The bottom line is:

 We need each other.

 We need each other to heal our isolation stories, to remember we are all connected and to find inspiration among our creative peers.  We need each other to feel seen, heard and understood, and to know we are not alone on our creative journeys.  Often, we don’t even know why we need each other until we find each other!

But once it happens, it’s hard to imagine life without our tribe.


 [Image: Zipporah Lomax]

 As a person who brings creative people together for a living, I witness the power of gathering every time I teach.  It often begins with shy hesitation — a time to test the water and feel out the container.  Is it safe?  Can I be vulnerable?  Who are my people here?  However, it does not take long for the walls to come down.  Often it feels like a collective exhale.  Finally!  We can be ourselves with all our creative idiosyncrasies in tact.  This, my friends, is when we are able to come alive.

 This is when we shine.

 So.  How do you find these tribes of like-minded creatives?  If you work alone in your studio all day, it’s unlikely that your people will magically appear at the door.  You need to take action.  I suggest first becoming clear on who you want to attract and then align your energy to SEEK them out.  Remember, energy attracts energy and intentions play a powerful role as well.  Here are a few ways you might seek your tribe:

  • Sign up for an online class or in-person retreat.  Both formats are great ways to connect with people who may share similar interests.
  • Reach out to people you currently admire from afar.  They might really love to hear from you.
  • Start talking about what kind of community you want to find or create.  The more you clearly state your desires, the stronger they become.
  • Hang up a sign at your local art supply store or community art space that lets people know you are seeking a creative tribe.  Chances are, you are not alone.
  • Be active on social media.  There are so many ways to connect virtually these days, but you need to be active in order to be seen.
  • Invite people you already know to come together.  Often times, people just need an invitation…or a leader.


 [Image: Zipporah Lomax]

The more we can surround ourselves with people who are living and creating in ways we admire, the easier it is to stay on our own creative paths.  What kind of tribe do you have?  How did you find them?  What do they bring into your life?  I would love to hear about your experiences with creative communities on the Bloom True Facebook page or on Twitter.  Remember to use the hashtag #bloomtrue when posting.

For a peek at the creative tribe gathered with me in Mexico right now, click here.  We have been collaborating up a storm and having so much fun!

This post is taken from my free weekly “Seeds of Inspiration” letter.  Every week, I send out a “Seed” with my current musings, insights and reflections on brave intuitive painting and living.  To receive these letters in your inbox weekly, please sign up here.

Thanks ya’ll!

xo flora




Dreamy San Miguel de Allende


Hi friends….and greetings from beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I’m in the midst of fulfilling a dream I’ve had for awhile to live and paint in this magical mountain town, and I’m happy to say it’s finally happening!

This is not my first time here.  For the past two years, I’ve taught workshops in San Miguel, each time craving more time to soak up the colors and vibrant culture here and to translate this inspiration into my own paintings.  I’ll be teaching here again next week, but first…some me time.


I rented a lovely home (painting studio included), and hopped on a plane in early January.  I’ve been in San Miguel for two weeks now, and everyday feels a bit more homey.  My days are filled with painting, writing, wandering the cobblestone streets, eating every variety of taco you can imagine, practicing my Spanish and sitting in the sun (filling up on Vitamin D fill before I head back to Portland).

Interestingly, the late owner of the home I rented, Leigh Hyams, was also a prolific painter, teacher and writer, and I’m feeling her energy so much here.  I’m quite sure it is no coincidence that I landed in her lovely space.  Everything happens for a reason.

Another dream that is manifesting beautifully here in Mexico is my dream of bringing together some of my favorite artists friends to collaborate, dream, scheme, play and paint together away from our respective homes.


Anahata Katkin (founding artist of Papaya! Art) and Alena Hennessy (author of Cultivating your Creative Life) took me up on the invite, and for the past week we’ve been painting and collaborating up a storm.  Creating alongside these talented ladies has inspired me in so many ways and reminded me how passionate I am about collaboration.  I see LOTS more of this kind of gathering in my future…and maybe even a film project and book?  Inspiration is afoot.

More pics of our collaboration over on Facebook.



{Collaborative painting by Anahata Katkin, Alena Hennessy and Flora Bowley}

In addition to our collaborations, I’ve also been doing quite a lot of my own painting here.  I’m working with mixed media on paper and the paintings are flowing out of me quite effortlessly…love that when that happens!  I’m remembering (once again) how important it is to get out of my comfort zone and away from my home turf.  There is something so electric about painting in a new place with unique energy, fresh light and endless color inspiration.

I’m rolling with all the inspiration and feeling really experimental too.  I’m playing with different mediums, new imagery and a more rapid pace of creating.  The phrase that keeps going through my head is, “Por Que No?” Translation = Why not?  Looking forward to sharing this new mantra with my students here next week.

A few of my works in progress…


work in progress


I’ll leave you with some more San Miguel de Allende eye candy.  It’s everywhere here, and I’ve been having a lot of fun posting my version of this lovely place on my Instagram feed.




Oh, and I’ve also been getting in touch with my inner cowgirl…

Yeehaw, giddy up, love to all, adios!  xo flora


2013 :: Thank You + Good Bye


I’ve always had a thing for New Year’s Eve.  Even when I was little, I felt a strange mandatory pressure to stay up until the apple dropped in New York City…while the rest of my family was fast asleep.  Alone with the T.V., I would do a little New Year’s dance, watch the crowds of people celebrating and eventually make my way to bed, feeling satisfied that I had “properly” acknowledged the passing of another year.

Although I still love a good party on New Year’s Eve, it’s the days leading up to the New Year that I relish now.  I cherish this quiet reflective time nestled between the holiday bustle and back-to-business-as-usual.  The calm in the air is like a deep exhale providing time to think back on the year as a whole and set intentions for the twelve months ahead.  For some of us, it’s also a time to blog :)

*Admittedly, I wrote this post mostly for myself as a way to chronicle, reflect and honor 2013, and to clear the path for 2014, but I hope you glean some insights too…or perhaps you’ll be inspired to write and reflect on your own journey as we move into the year ahead?


To say 2013 was a big year would be a bit of an understatement.  My words for 2013 were Collaboration and Ease, and I’m happy to say both were in full effect.  Upon reflection, I’m going to add LOVE to the list, another central core message/practice for me this year.

The year started off with a collaborative live painting gig with my dear friend, Lynzee Lynx, in front of thousands of people at the Inspire Truth New Year’s party.  This was truly a potent experience and one that set the stage for a year of collaborative exploration.  I wove the element of collaboration into all of my workshops and was so happy with the results.  Watching my students laugh, play and paint together, while letting go of the “preciousness” of  “MY painting,” made my heart sing and opened the door to a whole new way of approaching the process.

In January, I returned to beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for my second year of teaching there.  As expected, the retreat was a gorgeous coming together of vibrant women in a magical place.  This view of our courtyard pretty much sums it up.


Upon my return home from Mexico, I happily moved into the house I spent a year designing and building.  Having lived communally with other artists for my entire adult life, moving into my own space for the very first time was a bit of a dream.  I spent months indulging my interior decorating geek and lavishing in the quiet of my own space.  Moving into my less than 700 foot square house also proved to be a great way to sort, purge and redefine how much one actually needs to live comfortably.  I still wake up everyday grateful for my little cocoon.


In February, I ventured into new territory by entering the world of online dating.  I’m pretty sure I could write a whole book about my experience (Brave Intuitive Dating!), but I’ll keep it short and say that after *many* awkward dates and misadventures…it happened.  We both felt the connection the second we met, and the past ten months have proved initial spark to be true. I’m beyond grateful for finding this kind of love in my life…and with the most adorable middle school math teacher to boot. #lovethatabouthim

Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 10.25.48 AM

If you’ve been following along here this year, you probably remember my “Thirty Day Blog Love Affair” that happened back in April.  I mention it here because it was such a sweet chapter in my year.  My intention was to fall back in love with my blog and to re-ignite my relationship with writing and sharing by writing a blog everyday for thirty days in a row.  It worked!  My final post also turned into my name change “coming out” party, a beautiful and vulnerable experience.  You can read about the whole shebang in the most recent edition of Somerset Life Magazine’s.  Woot!

Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 11.20.49 AM

Another collaborative highlight for me this year was the creation of Soul Shine Studio.  This project is the collective coming together of three of my fave art buddies, Kelly Rae Roberts, Pixie Campbell, Lynzee Lynx and myself.  Together we share a lovely downtown Portland studio space used for dreaming, scheming, gathering, teaching, creating…and chilling.  Our connection has grown so deep as a result of this shared space…a constant source of inspiration, support and hilarity.

I’m also so happy to have connected with Miss Rachael Rice, my rock solid, rock star assistant.  I can honestly say I don’t know what I’d do without her support.


In May, I had the pleasure of returning to Bali once again (it’s becoming a second home of sorts). This time around I taught two week-long retreats in two of my favorite spots: Amed and Ubud.  I was joined by a couple of dear friends and the whole experience was deeply heart opening and full of adventure…as Bali always is.

Back on home turf, I taught two Northwest workshops: one at Soul Shine studio in Portland, and one in lovely Pt. Townsend, WA.  In the Fall, I journeyed to the East coast where I taught back-to-back workshops in Brooklyn and Boston.  Reflecting back on all these gatherings, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the richness of this “work” I am so blessed to do in the lifetime.  I have met the most amazing people, witnessed huge transformation and walked away a better person for all of it.  I’m truly grateful to walk this path, and so look forward to more next year (I’m leaving for Mexico tomorrow)!


This year also brought together three amazing groups of “bloomers’ from all over the world to participate in my Bloom True E-course.  I’ve run my course six times now, improving and changing it each time, and I’m consistently blown away by the impact it seems to have on people and on ME.  Every course is truly adventure of the heart and soul, and with each new group, I feel vulnerable, alive, on the edge, empowered, nervous and elated as we move through the experience together.

In September, I released all new videos for the course, along with some reflections on the fear I had to move through in order to film all those videos — stepping out of my comfort at it’s finest, and worth every moment.


In closing, I’m happy to report that I managed to spend a decent amount of time painting in my own studio this year…a welcome shift from the past couple of years.  I’ve posted my 2013 collection right here for your viewing pleasure :)

Thank you so much for following along on this ever-unfolding journey of art, love, life and growth.  I am forever grateful.  Wishing you joyful moments and abundant love in 2014.

I hope it blows our minds.

xo flora



Embracing awkward


Question: Is there something you have always wanted to do that lingers in the back of your mind…whispering?  I actually have a bit of a choir going on up there, so much to do in this one short life.  But I’m happy to say I just checked off one lil’ desire:


Well, really I’ve just begun, but I did complete a seven-week series, and I’m pretty sure I’ll go back for more.

To say I was nervous going into my first class would be a pretty big understatement.  I arrived 45 minutes early just to make sure I wouldn’t feel rushed, walked into the slightly terrifying, yet super beautiful room at Night Flight Studio and quickly tried to make a buddy.  There were about twelve of us first-timers there — all women, all fit, and all seemingly in their twenties.  Deep breath.  I held my own during the half-hour warm-up, although my arms were already starting to burn.  oh shit.


After warm-ups, we split into two groups: half on the trapeze, half on the aerial silks.  I started on the silks…Saweeeet.  I will admit this is the main reason I was in the class.  I’ve always been in awe of sexy graceful women who seem to effortlessly (yeah right) climb, wrap and suspend themselves from colorful fabric pieces in midair.  Needless to say, my first attempts were far from sexy or graceful…or effortless.  Words like awkward, weak and way-harder-than-it-looks come to mind.  However!  I did manage to climb my way up to the very top which felt like a huge small success.

Onward to the trapeze. 

I think it goes without saying that swinging from my knees from a swinging bar was not the most comfortable thing I’ve done recently. In fact, it really hurt.  As did white-knuckling the thick ropes as I attempted to suspend my entire body while lifting my knees to my chest.  Again, not. sexy.

As hard as it was, I did commit to showing up seven weeks in a row…attempting new tricks, feeling totally lame and waking up all kinds of sore the next day.  I’m pretty sure I was the worst person in the class.

By the third week, my mantra became, “It’s amazing that I’m even in the room,” which *did* actually make me feel better every time I said it to myself.  All in all, it was an awesome and super humbling experience.  Being “bad” at something or brand new to something forced me to strip away my ego, step out of my comfort zone and……drum roll please…..


In fact, I was more than OK.  I was better for it.  And, I have the blisters to prove it.

What whisper will you answer in the new year???







Give the Gift of Creative Freedom! 2 for 1 E-Course Special


Hi friends.!  Just a quick note to make sure you know about the special offer I am running on my Bloom True E-Course right now.  If you register for the course before Dec. 19th, 2013, (that would be this Thursday), we will send you a gift voucher for another spot in the course.  You can gift the spot to someone you love…what a groovy and meaningful gift!  Or, you can find a friend to do the course with you, pay for one spot, and get the second spot for free.  In other words, get 50% off each course.  Sweet!

You do not need any special coupon code to receive your gifted spot.  Simply, go to the registration page and sign up by Dec. 19th, and we will send your gift voucher by Dec. 21st.  The next course starts on Feb. 10th, 2014, and runs for five weeks.  To get more of a feel for the course, please watch the short promo video below, read the testimonials or find out more on the E-Course info page.

I would love to paint with you in the new year!

xo flora

*The offer cannot be applied retrospectively to courses already booked.

Testimonials from previous students:

“Words cannot adequately describe the effect this course has had on my life. It is profound. I felt as though I had come home on the very first day. I’m forever grateful.”

“Unbelievable, indescribable. Be ready for it and Flora will bring it to you! Freedom you never knew you had with art!! And it brings something out in you that you thought you had but were never sure!”

“Brilliant, invaluable for those on a creative journey, a “must-do’ if you are stuck and want to move yourself to a higher creative level.”

“Mindblowing! If you are willing to let go, to really stop and listen to what your own heart is telling you, you will be amazed at what blooms true. Do it!”

“FABULOUS! It is impossible to take this course without learning something. The “lessons” will root themselves in your soul and continue to bloom even after the course is complete.”

“I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in a holistic embracing life changing experience, it’s not just about painting but a great place to start if your new to painting.”

“I am inspired beyond words–inspired in a quiet, accepting place in my heart. I’m inspired to layer paints and play–until magically, scenes from the natural world emerge and fill me with surprise and awe and wonder. This class gathered all of the unconventional parts of me and gave them a space where the peace of union with that something which is bigger than us all–the quiet and “knowing” that is grounded in belief yet set free by intuition–this is the place this class took me to. Flora and Beth’s meticulous planning and guidance provided a safe and inspiring place to join with others and celebrate the creative process.”

“It has taught me that there is no right or wrong way to paint. It has inspired me so much to be brave and just go for it and find what feels good to me. It has helped me to let go of my fear of a blank canvas.”

“This course has impacted so many areas of my life and just the way I experience and respond to each day. I feel more ‘aware’ and definitely more BRAVE (I’m getting there, anyway!). I’ve been inspired, encouraged and nourished. I’ve begun to learn how to let go, be bold and to embrace joy and to trust my own creative process.”

“This course opened me up to infinite possibility. It’s been over a decade since I felt this much creative energy flowing from within. It’s exhilarating. I actually feel like the creative life I constantly dream of is an attainable goal. This course helped free me from the stagnancy of perfectionism and self-doubt. Before this class I always felt myself trying to create what I thought others might want, after this class I’ve learned to trust myself and just be me–the rest will follow.”

“I love how Flora intersects painting and life and does it brilliantly. She is vulnerable and full of joy and if you ever get a chance to take her course… well don’t even think about it…just do it. Do not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. It will change you forever.”

“The biggest impact was to trust in the process that my painting would turn into a finished piece by following the methods outlined in this course….and they did! I loved the mix of body, mind and spirit with the painting instruction! It truly has changed the way I create in to a positive, fun, intuitive experience! I love what I am making.”

“The impact is pretty profound…Until I started the course I had been really stuck and quite lost in my own process…I was all in my head about what I wanted and/or ‘should’ paint. The intuitive painting process totally turned that around – I was once again reminded of a sense of play, my own intuitive strength, of balancing body/mind/spirit and using my whole being and letting go of expectation. Experimenting, being open to throwing on paint just to see what would happen and knowing I could at any point transform and change it all up at any time! Wonderful and so very freeing! Plus, really being encouraged to go inside and outside to identify and explore personal imagery. Amazing and also a process I can use over and over again! Love it!”

“It impacted my view on perfection and my expectation to complete something quickly. I was able to take my time, be patient with the process and enjoy it. It also has helped in my daily life with my family. I am more patient with them as well. Not always thinking about the outcome, but the process. Meaningful time spent with each other.”

“I am finally returning to a confident woman after going through a breakdown/transformation which started 2 years ago. This course was the light at the end of my transformation tunnel. I feel like I have gained the most beautiful wings and become myself again, but a better version.”

“I feel better equipped in mind, body, and spirit to make painting a part of my daily ritual. Greatly appreciated learning painting-related philosophy/method/techniques in such a well organized and succinct way.”

“The course changed the way I paint forever. I was never brave or bold -, in fact I did not even know this style of painting existed. I am still doing my own style but now it’s enhanced and exciting and loose and free. I really did Bloom True and I am so very excited.”

“It’s hard to quantify it, but I was feeling really really stuck before I took this course and I was feeling deeply distressed about it. Somehow this course made me realize what is really important for me in life and how to prioritize my life so that I can have those things I need: good health (lessened fear), art in the form of painting and expressing myself through it. I felt so nurtured throughout the process and I think my art has grown leaps and bounds and best of all now I have more tools in my toolbox to access when I’m feeling stuck. I know this course has forever impacted me and my painting.”

“I have been painting for years and always fight with the big freeze. It is like my arm and head do not connect. Now, it is like Magic. I know there are many images and feelings in side of me that want out. Right now I just can’t stop painting, my arm is even sore. I have let go and gotten out of my own way to just let the paint do the talking. My images come so freely now. I didn’t take the class to paint like Flora; I took it to paint like me. Now it just comes bubbling out. I’m in my 60′s but I’ve gone back to the drawings I did as a child. It was in my head and on hold all this time.”

“Amazing……it has impacted on both my art and life. I have learnt to play and let go of the inner critic….freedom.”

“The beginning of a new artistic chapter in my life…”

“The course has recalibrated my artistic soul. I approach art in a more fun and care-free way now. Flora’s perspective to painting and art is so empowering because she starts from a place of abundance where everyone is an artist and has their art inside of them. She encourages us and gives us tools to discover and uncover this soulful art that already exists in that place deep within. The manageable pace was very freeing.”

“So inspiring, powerful and life-enhancing. There was an incredible amount of content in this course and I loved the soulful aspects on the in-between painting days. Very beautifully presented and professional.”

“If you want to dream in washes of color for five weeks, then wake up looking forward to charming Flora’s daily posts, paintings taking over your home, and gaining a great joy and confidence in painting from your soul, don’t miss this online course.”

“Flora’s class is an uplifting, experimental, colourful journey! She helped me discover an artist in myself that I have never met before (even though I have been producing art my whole life)!”

“This course is truly inspiring, every aspect has been cleverly constructed. Flora gently leads you through the process of creating beautiful freeing marks right through to finding your path to the finished painting. The lessons are filled with great information that applies to both painting and life philosophies. The whole experience has been so much fun to participate in, with the added benefit of sharing it with like-minded people around the world.”

“Painting as a whole body-mind-spirit experience! The BEST course I’ve ever taken…”

“A wonderful journey in self discovery, being brave, letting go and painting with wild abandonment! I just loved it! The course might be over but the journey is just beginning… I will take all the lessons and apply them to my life and my painting from now on.”

“I will never paint the same way again. I will never be intimidated by a blank canvas again. I will never stop painting…ever.”

“It’s more than just learning to paint beautiful pictures- it’s learning to live a beautiful life.”

Online Mini Painting Sale Tomorrow!


One of my favorite conversations to have with people is about what REALLY lights them up.  It is one the most direct ways to  understand a person’s heart and soul-calling and often leads to the kind of juicy conversations I love the most.

My “light up” moments usually happen when I’m painting and connecting with people I am truly inspired by.  So, for the past year I’ve been combining these passions by exploring collaborative painting, and guess what?  I love it.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been jumping out of bed on the days I get to paint with one of my dearest friends, Lynzee Lynx…talk about feeling lit up.  We have been having SO. MUCH. FUN. co-creating a group of 60 little paintings, passing them back and forth and adding our unique touches until they are complete.

Lynx is a total pro when it comes to adding fine details with paint pens, and she also spent hours hand cutting stencils and tiny paper cutouts just for this project.  I, of course, love color combining, adding translucent layers and layering organic imagery. Together, we are stumbling upon some pretty amazing new territory and creating some kick ass lil’ paintings along the way.


As you might imagine, we are super excited to share our new creations with you all soon….like tomorrow! We will be hosting an Online Sale starting tomorrow (Dec. 10th) at 10am here on my website under the “Shop” tab.  Each unique painting is 8″ x 8″ created with mixed media on thick bamboo and finished with a high-gloss resin top coat.  The paintings will come with a hole in the back and rubber bumpers on the corners, so they are ready to hang right on your wall.

All paintings will be $150 each (including shipping in the U.S.  International shipping available).  Paintings will ship out within five days of the sale (pssst….a great gift idea).  We will also be donating a percentage of every sale to support one of our favorite Portland non-profit organizations, p:ear, a creative mentoring program for homeless youth.  P:ear does amazing work and we are thrilled to support them with the work we do.

We will also be offering prints of a handful of our new minis.


We have a hunch the Minis will sell out pretty fast, so if you are keen on owning a lil’ orginal art, please tune in as close to 10am as possible.  Thanks friends…we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Leaving you with a sweet lil’ video created by my friend, Zipporah Lomax.  A sneak peek inside my studio and our Mini making process…enjoy! xo flora

Introducing: “Heart to Hand: A Love Letter Project”


I love this time of year for all the obvious reasons…the coziness, the boots and scarves, the deliciousness of gathering with friends around a fire, the steamy drinks.  You know, all the usual suspects.  However, the real magic of this time of year comes for me in the form of gratitude and time for deep soul reflection (i.e. getting my priorities straight). I’ve been doing quite a bit of both lately.

During one recent conversations about what really matters in life, I found myself talking about letter writing.  I was wistfully lamenting the lost art of the handwritten letter, or any letter that ends up in an actual mailbox for that matter.  I used to love sitting down to write heartfelt letters and like everyone, I love receiving letters.  However, I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote a real letter…until this morning.  Enter in my latest brain child:

  Heart to Hand: a Love Letter Project


I’ll admit, I have a thing for projects that are contained within time frames.  Likely due to my wildly unpredictable schedule and lifestyle, I enjoy building myself walls to operate inside of…for awhile.  I think they make setting myself free again that much sweeter.

For example, when I first moved to Portland, I created, “The Thirty Shows.”  I asked 30 artists to create 30 paintings in 30 days. We sold each painting for 30 bucks to raise money for some groovy causes, and the whole thing was a huge success.  Last April, I embarked on my “Thirty Day Blog Love Affair” writing a blog everyday for a month in order to kick start my relationship to blogging again.  Also…a winner.

This time around, it’s all about letter writing which also happens to be all about slowing down, mindfulness and gratitude.  So, for each day of December, I will write a hand-written letter to someone I love.  I have no list of people in mind to receive these letters.  Instead, I plan to sit down everyday, meditate for a few minutes and allow someone I love to float into my heart and mind.  Today’s first letter was written to one of my dearest friends and teachers who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Spending an hour writing a letter to express my gratitude and love for this friend was so healing.  I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s letter!


If you are feeling inspired, I would love to have you join me in this project.  Whether it’s a month of letters or just a few, let’s all take some time to sit down, slow down and express our love and gratitude to the people who mean the most to us.  I’m pretty sure this is a REALLY good way to spend some time.  If you join in the project and do any posting about it, let’s use the hashtag: #hearttohand.  It will be fun to see everyone’s pics in one place.

And, if writing on something really pretty will help the words to flow, I just so happen to have some lovely new holiday cards created by Papaya Art for all your letter writing needs.  All these cards and, well, EVERYTHING in my online store is 20% off until tomorrow at midnight, PST.  Just use the coupon code: GRATEFUL4U to receive your discount. Cheers!

Happy writing.  Happy loving.  Happy slowing down!

xo flora


*Winners Announced!* Brave Intuitive Painting JOURNAL (it’s new!) Give Away + 20% off Gratitude for YOU sale!


*Thank you ALL for your heartfelt comments and kind words. I appreciate hearing from you so much.* 

Congratulations to the following (randomly selected) winners of my new Brave Intuitive Painting Art Journal Give Away!  I am so happy to pass along my new art journals to you all.  I hope they offer lots of new inspiration in the new year…

MariaTherese Bygdin

Kiki Kougioumtzi

Gwynne Beatty

Tricia Tharp

Michelle Myhill

Hi friends.  I’m really excited to announce the release of my groovy new interactive journals based on my book, Brave Intuitive Painting. This hard-covered interactive journal is bursting with colorful images, helpful techniques, tips, ideas, and inspirational prompts…all from yours truly :)

To show you a glimpse inside the journal pages, I made a nifty little video (below), and to celebrate it’s release, I’m giving away FIVE free journals here today.  Whohoooo!  Please leave a comment below about how you cultivate inspiration for your creative life to enter the Give Away.  I will randomly choose five winners tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy of these new little gems (AWESOME holiday gift idea!), they are available now in my online store.  And, speaking of my store, I’m excited to announce my 20% off “Gratitude for YOU” online sale starting today and running through Monday, Dec, 2nd (midnight PST).


Gratitude for YOU 20% off Sale Starts Today!

For one full week, I’m happy to offer you 20% off all my Lifestyle Goodies (tote bags, journals, pouches, sticky notes, wallets, lamps, holiday cards, etc), Giclee Prints, Original Paintings, and signed copies of my book!

We will also include a free Mini Journal with all orders over $50. Shipping is free within the US.

*Please use the coupon code GRATEFUL4U to receive your discount*

Thank you so much for your continued support.  Wishing you all a wonderfully cozy and inspired Holiday Season.

Grateful always,

xo flora

Pssst….please hit the play button below to see a peak inside my new Brave Intuitive Painting Journal.

Saying YES, feeling CLEAR, and making RAD stuff


As you likely know, I’m a big fan of collaboration, so when Matt Butler, the dynamic conductor of the amazing Everyone Orchestra, asked me if I’d be interested in painting a tuxedo jacket and matching hat for him, it was a very clear YES.

Let me start by saying that I totally dig the whole concept behind the Everyone Orchestra.  Their positive high-energy shows blend a unique line-up of different (always uber-talented) musicians and there is no “Set List” … only improvisation, talent and trust.

“Tuning in to his energy, the band and audience utilize The Conductor as their pivot to the set mood of each passing jam as he communicates with the musicians using hand signs, whiteboard and assorted mime suggestions.” -www.everyoneorchestra.com

Talk about collaboration, trust, and embracing the unknown.

Clearly, these are my people.


Beyond the obvious radness of this whole intuitive approach to making music,  I’m also a big fan of Matt’s dedication to working with visual artists to create his outfits.  When he asked me to design a suite for him, Matt gave me no guidelines and no requirements.  He simply said, “I love your work.  Just do your thing.”

This is a man who gets it…again, a clear YES

To add to the spirit of collaboration, I invited my favorite collaborator and friend, Lynzee Lynx, to help me create something truly unique. We did a little bit of planning, but mostly just allowed the design to evolve organically as we played with stencils, spray paint, acrylic paint and paint pens.  We had so much fun painting on our new “canvas” and velvety top hat, that we are now dreaming about a clothing line.  Can’t you just see jean jackets and leggings with these designs?!  We can.


Once again, this whole suit making experience/experiment assured me that trusting my intuition, working with people and projects that I admire, and only saying YES only when things feels awesomely in alignment is simply the only way to roll these days.

<<<Grateful for it all>>>