Give the Gift of Creative Freedom! 2 for 1 E-Course Special


Hi friends.!  Just a quick note to make sure you know about the special offer I am running on my Bloom True E-Course right now.  If you register for the course before Dec. 19th, 2013, (that would be this Thursday), we will send you a gift voucher for another spot in the course.  You can gift the spot to someone you love…what a groovy and meaningful gift!  Or, you can find a friend to do the course with you, pay for one spot, and get the second spot for free.  In other words, get 50% off each course.  Sweet!

You do not need any special coupon code to receive your gifted spot.  Simply, go to the registration page and sign up by Dec. 19th, and we will send your gift voucher by Dec. 21st.  The next course starts on Feb. 10th, 2014, and runs for five weeks.  To get more of a feel for the course, please watch the short promo video below, read the testimonials or find out more on the E-Course info page.

I would love to paint with you in the new year!

xo flora

*The offer cannot be applied retrospectively to courses already booked.

Testimonials from previous students:

“Words cannot adequately describe the effect this course has had on my life. It is profound. I felt as though I had come home on the very first day. I’m forever grateful.”

“Unbelievable, indescribable. Be ready for it and Flora will bring it to you! Freedom you never knew you had with art!! And it brings something out in you that you thought you had but were never sure!”

“Brilliant, invaluable for those on a creative journey, a “must-do’ if you are stuck and want to move yourself to a higher creative level.”

“Mindblowing! If you are willing to let go, to really stop and listen to what your own heart is telling you, you will be amazed at what blooms true. Do it!”

“FABULOUS! It is impossible to take this course without learning something. The “lessons” will root themselves in your soul and continue to bloom even after the course is complete.”

“I would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in a holistic embracing life changing experience, it’s not just about painting but a great place to start if your new to painting.”

“I am inspired beyond words–inspired in a quiet, accepting place in my heart. I’m inspired to layer paints and play–until magically, scenes from the natural world emerge and fill me with surprise and awe and wonder. This class gathered all of the unconventional parts of me and gave them a space where the peace of union with that something which is bigger than us all–the quiet and “knowing” that is grounded in belief yet set free by intuition–this is the place this class took me to. Flora and Beth’s meticulous planning and guidance provided a safe and inspiring place to join with others and celebrate the creative process.”

“It has taught me that there is no right or wrong way to paint. It has inspired me so much to be brave and just go for it and find what feels good to me. It has helped me to let go of my fear of a blank canvas.”

“This course has impacted so many areas of my life and just the way I experience and respond to each day. I feel more ‘aware’ and definitely more BRAVE (I’m getting there, anyway!). I’ve been inspired, encouraged and nourished. I’ve begun to learn how to let go, be bold and to embrace joy and to trust my own creative process.”

“This course opened me up to infinite possibility. It’s been over a decade since I felt this much creative energy flowing from within. It’s exhilarating. I actually feel like the creative life I constantly dream of is an attainable goal. This course helped free me from the stagnancy of perfectionism and self-doubt. Before this class I always felt myself trying to create what I thought others might want, after this class I’ve learned to trust myself and just be me–the rest will follow.”

“I love how Flora intersects painting and life and does it brilliantly. She is vulnerable and full of joy and if you ever get a chance to take her course… well don’t even think about it…just do it. Do not pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. It will change you forever.”

“The biggest impact was to trust in the process that my painting would turn into a finished piece by following the methods outlined in this course….and they did! I loved the mix of body, mind and spirit with the painting instruction! It truly has changed the way I create in to a positive, fun, intuitive experience! I love what I am making.”

“The impact is pretty profound…Until I started the course I had been really stuck and quite lost in my own process…I was all in my head about what I wanted and/or ‘should’ paint. The intuitive painting process totally turned that around – I was once again reminded of a sense of play, my own intuitive strength, of balancing body/mind/spirit and using my whole being and letting go of expectation. Experimenting, being open to throwing on paint just to see what would happen and knowing I could at any point transform and change it all up at any time! Wonderful and so very freeing! Plus, really being encouraged to go inside and outside to identify and explore personal imagery. Amazing and also a process I can use over and over again! Love it!”

“It impacted my view on perfection and my expectation to complete something quickly. I was able to take my time, be patient with the process and enjoy it. It also has helped in my daily life with my family. I am more patient with them as well. Not always thinking about the outcome, but the process. Meaningful time spent with each other.”

“I am finally returning to a confident woman after going through a breakdown/transformation which started 2 years ago. This course was the light at the end of my transformation tunnel. I feel like I have gained the most beautiful wings and become myself again, but a better version.”

“I feel better equipped in mind, body, and spirit to make painting a part of my daily ritual. Greatly appreciated learning painting-related philosophy/method/techniques in such a well organized and succinct way.”

“The course changed the way I paint forever. I was never brave or bold -, in fact I did not even know this style of painting existed. I am still doing my own style but now it’s enhanced and exciting and loose and free. I really did Bloom True and I am so very excited.”

“It’s hard to quantify it, but I was feeling really really stuck before I took this course and I was feeling deeply distressed about it. Somehow this course made me realize what is really important for me in life and how to prioritize my life so that I can have those things I need: good health (lessened fear), art in the form of painting and expressing myself through it. I felt so nurtured throughout the process and I think my art has grown leaps and bounds and best of all now I have more tools in my toolbox to access when I’m feeling stuck. I know this course has forever impacted me and my painting.”

“I have been painting for years and always fight with the big freeze. It is like my arm and head do not connect. Now, it is like Magic. I know there are many images and feelings in side of me that want out. Right now I just can’t stop painting, my arm is even sore. I have let go and gotten out of my own way to just let the paint do the talking. My images come so freely now. I didn’t take the class to paint like Flora; I took it to paint like me. Now it just comes bubbling out. I’m in my 60′s but I’ve gone back to the drawings I did as a child. It was in my head and on hold all this time.”

“Amazing……it has impacted on both my art and life. I have learnt to play and let go of the inner critic….freedom.”

“The beginning of a new artistic chapter in my life…”

“The course has recalibrated my artistic soul. I approach art in a more fun and care-free way now. Flora’s perspective to painting and art is so empowering because she starts from a place of abundance where everyone is an artist and has their art inside of them. She encourages us and gives us tools to discover and uncover this soulful art that already exists in that place deep within. The manageable pace was very freeing.”

“So inspiring, powerful and life-enhancing. There was an incredible amount of content in this course and I loved the soulful aspects on the in-between painting days. Very beautifully presented and professional.”

“If you want to dream in washes of color for five weeks, then wake up looking forward to charming Flora’s daily posts, paintings taking over your home, and gaining a great joy and confidence in painting from your soul, don’t miss this online course.”

“Flora’s class is an uplifting, experimental, colourful journey! She helped me discover an artist in myself that I have never met before (even though I have been producing art my whole life)!”

“This course is truly inspiring, every aspect has been cleverly constructed. Flora gently leads you through the process of creating beautiful freeing marks right through to finding your path to the finished painting. The lessons are filled with great information that applies to both painting and life philosophies. The whole experience has been so much fun to participate in, with the added benefit of sharing it with like-minded people around the world.”

“Painting as a whole body-mind-spirit experience! The BEST course I’ve ever taken…”

“A wonderful journey in self discovery, being brave, letting go and painting with wild abandonment! I just loved it! The course might be over but the journey is just beginning… I will take all the lessons and apply them to my life and my painting from now on.”

“I will never paint the same way again. I will never be intimidated by a blank canvas again. I will never stop painting…ever.”

“It’s more than just learning to paint beautiful pictures- it’s learning to live a beautiful life.”


  1. Hi:
    Does this also apply for ppl who have already bought the course?

  2. Hi Tiffany. Unfortunately, we are not able to apply the discount to previously purchased courses.

  3. Hi, is this special running through today or did you need to register before today?

  4. Hi Flora! I signed up before Christmas and can’t wait to give it a try. I’ve never painted except for some little experiment with canvas and oils years ago. I enjoy watercolouring just for fun. But I feel inspired by your course and your personality and I also need to free myself, so… “Be bold, unfold” sounds very good to me :) I will going to gather all the necessary and patiently wait to begin, since then have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Giusy – Italy

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