*Winners Announced!* Brave Intuitive Painting JOURNAL (it’s new!) Give Away + 20% off Gratitude for YOU sale!


*Thank you ALL for your heartfelt comments and kind words. I appreciate hearing from you so much.* 

Congratulations to the following (randomly selected) winners of my new Brave Intuitive Painting Art Journal Give Away!  I am so happy to pass along my new art journals to you all.  I hope they offer lots of new inspiration in the new year…

MariaTherese Bygdin

Kiki Kougioumtzi

Gwynne Beatty

Tricia Tharp

Michelle Myhill

Hi friends.  I’m really excited to announce the release of my groovy new interactive journals based on my book, Brave Intuitive Painting. This hard-covered interactive journal is bursting with colorful images, helpful techniques, tips, ideas, and inspirational prompts…all from yours truly :)

To show you a glimpse inside the journal pages, I made a nifty little video (below), and to celebrate it’s release, I’m giving away FIVE free journals here today.  Whohoooo!  Please leave a comment below about how you cultivate inspiration for your creative life to enter the Give Away.  I will randomly choose five winners tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy of these new little gems (AWESOME holiday gift idea!), they are available now in my online store.  And, speaking of my store, I’m excited to announce my 20% off “Gratitude for YOU” online sale starting today and running through Monday, Dec, 2nd (midnight PST).


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Thank you so much for your continued support.  Wishing you all a wonderfully cozy and inspired Holiday Season.

Grateful always,

xo flora

Pssst….please hit the play button below to see a peak inside my new Brave Intuitive Painting Journal.


  1. I cultivate inspiration for my creative life by trying to keep my eyes open, and an attitude of learning – and seeing beauty everywhere. This autumn the leaves and light have been so wonderful it’s sometimes dangerous for me to drive! I would absolutely LOVE to be a lucky recipient of this art journal :)

  2. i cultivate inspiration by spending time enjoying and studying the nature that surrounds me

  3. I cultivate inspiration by turning off the mind chatter about what I think I should create and just breathe in the amazing creative spirit that lives within. Releasing and getting quiet through breathing, writing or nature opens me up to the world!

  4. I cultivate inspiration by going for walks in the woods, the smells, the sounds as well as how the light comes through the trees and peeks of the sky really inspires me to be more creative!

  5. I cultivate inspiration by trying to capture every idea or thought I have by doodling/writing it down into my notebook!

  6. I live across from a nature preserve in the forest and walk there every day with my 2 dogs (sometimes one of my cats will follow me!). Every day I’m grateful I can do this, and every day I’m inspired creatively by Mother Nature and all she provides for me and all her little forest friends. It’s amazing how a simple walk in the woods can make the whole day brighter!

  7. Everything inspires me!!! For me, it is more about deciding which inspiration to follow. Nature is hugely inspiring, as are all the beautiful patterns in just about everything my eyes take in – hub caps, buildings, trash cans, trash, birds flying, horses running, dogs sleeping. All of it is so glorious and inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful!! I wish I didn’t have to sleep (although naps are delicious), so I could paint every single thing that inspires me!!

  8. I would love to win this! :) I cultivate creativity through my dealings with my children. It’s doing art projects, but also playing, telling stories and joking around. Creativity and joy! :)

  9. These look fabulous! I’d love to win one. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  10. I sit on the beach and listen.

  11. I cultivate creativity by painting.. well actually it’s more like messing around with paint, with my 3 yr old toddler, by painting with my 3 month old baby on my arm when inspiration strikes (I have a really strong left arm now). This makes me feel so abundant and rich!
    And I cultivate my creativity by allowing myself to play with creative materials, read childrens books ( love ‘the dot’ ‘ish’ ‘harold and the purple crayons’ ‘the perfect square’ and all those stories that give me permission to be and simply create. To watch the world around me in wonder. And of course by doing ecourses like yours and livestreams by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

  12. Let’s be honest…Inspiration=Pinterest!!!

  13. I have learnt to cultivate inspiration by noticing the true shapes and colours around me, the details, but funnily enough the more I have come to notice, the more I have realised how little I know, how mistaken I am about overall shapes, let alone details. My little pleasure is to look at the stars, the moon and visible planets at night.

  14. How exciting!!!!And thanks for the chance to win one. I am inspired by life…. everything around me gives me inspiration. I recently went through a very long drought of creativity and was becoming depressed over it… I joined the 29 Faces in September and Art Every Day Challenges and had to force myself in the beginning…. now the ideas are flowing and I have to write them all down to remember them…

  15. I have recently been cultivating my creativity though meditation…. and keeping an art journal! Looks like a fabulous journal, Flora, thank you for the opportunity to win!

  16. I find inspiration by looking at everyday things in a different way and by collaborating with other artist on projects. And now I just found Tic tac phOto which is a phone app where you can create collaborative photo montage with your friends. Very addictive… and inspiring!

  17. I cultivate creativity into my life by daily walks and creative journaling….the day doesn’t seem quite right without these 2 things…they lead me to where I need to go:) xoxo

  18. I try to get quiet enough that I can just do what comes up and not to censor myself about how I am doing. My inspirations come from being in nature and all the possibilities of colour and form.

  19. I cultivate inspiration daily by sitting on my front verandah, (surrounded by trees, and plenty of parrots this time of year) eating my breakfast and observing, no screens of any kind allowed, taking in the ever changing beauty of nature and the interaction of the animals.
    Sandra oxo

  20. I would love to win this creative journal! I just signed up for the E-Course because I’m trying to get back my creative impulses. Family issues have consumed me over the last 8 or so years and now, I’m ready to take off. I’m constantly trying to create but seem to be in a rut. Friends don’t think I’m in a rut but they don’t understand the self-doubt that overtakes my process. I’m ready to make a change. So, my inspiration is usually finding a quiet place and dreaming. Thank you.

  21. Hey Flora, I am always working on being still and mindful of the current moment. I become very aware and appreciative of all the beauty in every little thing that surrounds me. For me, this kick starts the creative juices.

    I would so love to be one of the lucky winners.

  22. Thanks for the opportunity! I cultivate inspiration by placing my attention on that which inspires me…nature, sunsets, color, music, good feelings, people, love, dance, well… life itself! :)

  23. I try to get outside as much as possible even in bad or cold weather. Moody days can almost be better. Lots of music and good food. I am working on how to pull it out from myself intuitively. Your journal looks like a perfect aid for that!

  24. I have been finding it hard to get creative lately. I’ve been down and just find that I can’t get motivated. The thing that helps me press on is creating something for someone else. It pushes me to start and then I find myself snapping out of my funk! I have your book and these journals look amazing!

  25. Being 5 months pregnant and chasing around a rambucious 19 month old boy creates more inspiration than when I was just a lone ranger (well rangerette). Whether it is the joy of feeling this new creation move inside me or watching his big brother run freely around the field by our house, I know now more than ever that there is beauty in each moment.

  26. oh, these are absolutely lovely!!

    i cultivate inspiration by slowing down and spending time outdoors. i wander through nature with my camera getting lost in time capturing the small details, and then i get lost once again when i download the images and see those details close up and magnified. we live in a beautiful and elegant world!

    thanks for the gratitude opportunities. i know that i am grateful for you every day! you have made a wonderful and very powerful impact on my life!

  27. I cultivate inspiration by looking at à butterfly, listen to the birds, watching my 2 Cats sleep during the day……..all these little things in nature when I open my eyes for it. This inspiration gives me wings to draw and paint with my intuition and playing as a little child. I love it even as your creative inspiration and This beautiful creative art journal! I would feel as an angel when I would win one! I whis you all warm creative inspiration!

  28. Hi Flora and community,

    I cultivate inspiration for creative expression by living in sync with the Moon’s cycles, personal and collective, and with void of course Moon times as well as the sign the Moon is in. This is an internal experience, our Sacred Mother Moon is our primal timer and by living in rhythm with Her, rest is an active process where information seeps into a consciousness that guides and supports creativity. My experience is that the Muse abides within and through our Moon’s Love Light, in all of her changeable facets.

  29. I cultivate inspiration by meditating which centers me and enables me to feel with my heart what surrounds me. I also like to feel what it feels like to be… anything really (a rock, a bird, a lamp on the wall, a chair, a tree etc…). I also like to “take out” one of my senses. For example, in a place that I know so well that I am not conscious of anymore, I create experiences: being blind for a day for example or put things in my ears so that I can’t hear a sound for a while and then take them out… then, I can hear a lot of sounds around me that I haven’t notice before!!! I hope you understand what I mean because I am a French speaker!

  30. I’m inspired by other people, especially those who work with colour. They really help get the creative juices flowing.

  31. Inspiration is usually something that sneaks up on me when I least expect it. While brushing my teeth, driving my car through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, which I do A LOT. When I’m looking to cultivate inspiration I usually pick up a book that inspires me to think deeply about the world around me and myself. Something inevitably comes from that place. Thanks for your beauty and inspiration Flora!

  32. I really think it starts by just getting out supplies.. And touching them… If they are Ll out in front of me I can’t help but just dice in! That is why I always have a journal and markers.and waTercolors in my purse…every free second cAn be an opportunity to let it fly out from the heart… Xoxox✨✨✨

  33. I cultivate inspiration by living each moment with an attitude of gratitude, by seeking the Divine in everyone and everything around me, and enjoying artwork produced by others, both historical and contemporary.

  34. Well you have inspired a whole batch of artists here in the Ottawa, Ontario region. I read your book cover to cover posted how much I liked it on facebook and boom friends bought and loved it and worked from it. Thank you for a great book.

  35. Dance dance dance, get my free bird flowing and loosen up a little. I dont dance alot in public but I dance constantly while painting.
    I love to take nature walks and stop infront of things and stay for a very big pause and just look and touch everything, textures, pattern and shapes, I feel it helps my mind expand and gives me better ideas and problem solving skills when I get back to creating.
    Cups of tea, great music and cats to kiss and cuddle while they sleep around my work, ohh and the smell of flowers or incese. Just a few. Hmmm never thought of this before :)
    thanks xxx

  36. I find inspiration by exposing myself to diverse topics. I read everything from technology news and the psychology of human interactions to home decor and gardening. I love when ideas from different areas cross and create something new and innovative. I also can’t go wrong with surrounding myself with nature. A good hike or even sitting on my patio watching the birds in the trees seem to spark inspiration for me.

  37. I’m inspired by so many things…nature, photography, music, poetry. I find that sharing with my creative friends on a daily basis really inspires me as well.

  38. I “fill my well” by going outside in the garden or doodling. It always works! (btw, I’m so excited about the art journal!!)

  39. I cultivate inspiration through a combination of my own inner exploration and discovering the product of others’ inspiration. This could be in the form of lovely art, like yours, writing, music, or even conversation. Anything that enriches my life creates inspiration.

  40. I gather inspiration from the clouds, the colors or the grass,and trees, blue skies; mother natures palate.

  41. I find inspiration in nature color texture smells food music breathing people. All of these things inspires the spirit in me to express and share the energy.

  42. Gorgeous journal Flora! I cultivate my creative life by listening and following what makes my heart sing! I love being around people who are living their passion…nothing is more inspiring!

  43. I get inspired in tons of ways. Walks in forests. Early mornings, taking the time to slowly let the day unfold while the city around me is waking up. Playing with children. Cooking. Strolling through libraries and second hand bookstores. Going through blogs of inspired and creative human beings as yourself. ;-) Dancing. Humming new songs. Thinking about the many people I hold dear. Going through boxes with old magazines. And so on. And so on. Thank you for asking… just thinking about all of this has put a huge smile on my face and made my heart warm. Feeling blessed! <3

  44. Listening to your intuition and living an authentic life….

  45. Hi Flora, anything and everything inspire me, living in the moment and noticing really small details that others may pass by. I am inspired by this beautiful life everyday x

  46. Inspiration comes to me as I begin to paint. That is the most important inspiration for me…just to begin. And then I allow myself to come forward as the painting(s) develop…without any attachment to the outome.

  47. Participating in e-courses, going on walks with and without my camera, looking at the world with the eyes of a child, keeping a gratitude journal, strolling through familiar and foreign cities, spending time in nature, listening to music, reading … All of those things that I love and almost do daily to treat myself and my (inner) artist with cultivate my creativity: leading a creative life is an inspiration in se.

  48. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources. People, nature, music, colours, words and touch are just some of the sources of my inspiration. Have a happy day:). – Heidi

  49. I have a vision board to help me cultivate creativity…I also find that mediation helps, as does journaling…so I’m really excited about getting your journal to help me grow as an artist!

  50. i cultivate inspiration by journaling and collages, in nature and my daughter, family and friends…

  51. I have your first book and love, love, love it! I sure would love an early Christmas present.

  52. there is so much inspiration in the world…I love it all…Flora your new journal looks like it would be so inspiring…would love to journal in one!

  53. i cultivate inspiration by taking time to look and see, which may translate sitting on my porch with good music and a good glass of wine but sometimes means shaking my introverted self up and venturing out into the world beyond the porch.

  54. I cultivate inspiration by helping others make stuff. Works like a dream.

  55. I’m inspired by music – this gets me in the groove every time:
    Walking, moving and looking at beautiful things do it too. YES!!!

  56. I cultivate inspiration through reading, nature, daydreaming, cloudwatching, and scrolling through Facebook. Now this journal would make a perfect keeper of all my inspiration gatherings!

  57. I am inspired by the wonderful color that nature puts forth each and every day. Just yesterday I saw a Chinese tallow tree with it’s glorious combination of fall colors…greens, reds, yellows….all magnificent!

  58. By making time to be in that blissful state of flow, stopping, opening, listening and then leaping! ;)

  59. I cultivate creative art by just opening up and painting! It has been awesome and in to see what is created.this is all new to me and I would love your new journal to help prompted me along!

  60. I cultivate inspiration through the ‘shesha’, or residue, of a spiritual practice such as yoga, qigong or meditation. In that open space, I take one of my teacher’s instructions: :don’t know what to practice [do]? sit stupid, and wait”!

  61. Following others online and taking online classes has worked the best for me most recently. Me! The lady of a certain age who thought I was “too old ” to learn the computer stuff…..

  62. I cultivate inspiration through my 83 year old father who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. This experience has brought home the importance that what I do today…. will be engrained in my life experiences forever.

  63. How exciting!!! The Journal is a GREAT idea!
    I cultivate creativity by immersing myself in nature. There is nothing more inspiring than taking a cold, brisk walk in the snow amidst a forest of birch trees! The sound of the snow crunching under foot, the smell of clean air, the sounds of little creatures rustling. It always places me into a magical land of enchantment!

  64. I get inspired looking at process videos on you tube. I’m a learner painter, so sometimes need to see how artists do things in order to learn skills so I don’t get too frustrated when my vision doesn’t come to fruition. Your journal looks pretty inspirational too!!

  65. I cultivate inspiration by listening to music, watching artsy YouTube videos, reading blogs by inspiring artists (like yours) and daydreaming. I would love to win one of your brave intuitive painting journals. Wendy

  66. Gorgeousness! Now we can carry a little Flora-inspiration wherever we go :)
    I am still learning to cultivate my creative life, but my best and favourite thing is to spend time with my child on his level – seeing what he sees and doing what he enjoys.
    More generally, recognising and removing toxicity (whether people, places, or objects) from my space has made a huge difference.

  67. I’ve learned to cultivate my time and how I use it; putting art making at the top of the list, sometimes staying with it until the inspiration hits. I keep inspiration folders and use them every week as seeds for painting. Flora, thank you for this opportunity to win! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  68. I get inspiration from the sky…birds,flowers,feelings….nature and natural things inspire me most and make my heart swell x love it long timeeeee :)

  69. Looks delish! Very nice to have a giveaway. I would love to win one! Looks like a easy, special place to start writing!

  70. i cultivate inspiration by going dancing – letting the music take me over – it blows the cobwebs out!

  71. I cultivate inspiration by making sure I walk outside every day – preferably alongside the water or through the woods behind my studio. If I really come to a standstill creatively I pull out my accordion – never fails. Would love to win one of your gorgeous journals.

  72. thats why i need this journal to help cultivate inspiration. LOL! seriously i think you can get inspiration from anywhere, just look outside the window, or listen to music, read a book, go to a museum, be with friends, it is around us everywhere it is just opening up your eyes to see it. xoxo thanks for the chance to win. love you. xox

  73. I cultivate creativity by watching my daughter paint and seeing how free she is, and how self-assured. Quiet also helps.

  74. I cultivate creativity by walking around the lake and spending time with creative people.

  75. I cultivate inspiration by surfing the internet and looking at the creative work of my favorite artists – you, Kelly Rae, Jan Avellana, Beth Morey – looking at etsy, photography sites, textile sites, Better Homes & Gardens, watching HGTV. Soaking in the creativity of others inspires me to create!

  76. I am so inspired by allowing my authentic self to come forth and speak to me on the canvas with beautiful colors, shapes,dots, and squiggles that begin to form into images. The mystery of it all inspires me to see what is next and to continue to cultivate my gift.

  77. Our studios are in a building with approximately 300 artists – inspiration abounds in this complex – Walking the hallways and seeing what other people are creating is motivational and awe inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to win your book!

  78. Great idea and a beautiful prize. This is my answer:

    “When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde

    Feeling blocked or stuck without flow breeds fear in me. To cultivate creativity, I must slow it down, even stop everything I’m doing. I breathe. I take time out. I open my body and mind to the bliss around me: nature, creative activities, exercise, writing and journalling, practicing gratitude, music or art like Flora’s, and time with loved ones. I open my body and mind to possibility, vulnerability, timelessness, and the beauty of the world. I stop the rut temporarily and cultivate the creativity bone. I dare to be powerful. And often, it works (but then the process begins again).

    Thank you for your beauty and inspiration as always, Flora.

    With love, Julie

  79. I get my inspiration in loads of ways but my favourite is to clean up my studio so it is clutter free, turn up the music and pour out puddles of paint colours “that talk to me” on my palette . by then I cant wait to use my fingers to see what is going to emerge. Just writing this makes we want to go and get started ! Anna x

  80. I find inspiration in the most unusual places. When I was first taking your ecourse, I used a lot of motifs from Persian rugs. I’ve always drawn a lot of my creativity from nature, and I still gaze out the window at my garden when getting ready to paint.

  81. I cultivate inspiration by being, breathing and living inspiration. I wake up each morning and pray to my angels to show me how can I be kind and compassionate today. I always get presented with a unique way to show kindness and compassion towards others and myself. I believe this is the basis of my inspiration and it creates many miracles in my day. That can come in any form!! Thank you for also inspiring me! Another thing I believe that when we inspire we also give others the permission to do so, creating a huge rippled Inspiration Effect! Beautiful Inspired Energy!

  82. Nature does it for me,…..birds and blooms, trees and wind, clouds and sky, sunrise and sunset, lakes and sand.

  83. “Be Brave” is my mantra – I have adopted this after following your brave intuitive painting course – this freedom to just “do it” enables me to express my emotions, feelings, yearnings and gratitude in whatever creative endeavor I’m enjoying

  84. I get inspired by going to the library and checking out stacks of books and music…
    from sitting in coffee shops and people watching…
    from escaping to the woods to study different plants/trees/birds and really taking a close look at the intricacies that nature holds…
    I get inspiration from friends who are thought provoking and who challenge my ideas about the world around me.

  85. I cultivate creativity listening to my inner voice and observing nature. So excited to be taking your e-course in February!

  86. I cultivate inspiration by looking for the good in others. It inspires me to quietly observe people who are so generous and giving of their time, abilities, posessions, without expecting anything in return. They don’t even know they are doing anything extraoridinary! It totally inspires me to be creative, not only in my artwork, but in paying it forward. I begin to look for opportunities to “give” without expecting anything back.

  87. Oh how I need this. After a two plus years of neglecting my creativity in favor of work and taking care I others, I am re-dedicating myself to myself. I cultivate my inspiration by submerging into the works of other artists who create things I find beautiful. It puts me in a space of beauty and inspires me to finely my own and bring it into the world. Your lovely book seems like just the catalyst to light my fire once again.

  88. I cultivate my creativity by volunteering my time with a group of amazing outsider artists. These amazing people are dealing with some really rough situations, and are using art to help them cope! What is more inspiring than that!?

  89. I cultivate inspiration from my son’s toys and children’s books. Fun color combinations can even be found in product packaging. I’m serious!

    I art journal my ideas first, then paint about it :)

  90. Hmm… Great question! I cultivate inspiration through being in awe of my surroundings. It never ceases to amaze me just how much beauty is found in the little things. Beauty that is often taken for granted and passed by during our busy lives. By seeing the world through the eyes of one in awe, inspiration lives all around!

  91. I cultivate my creativity by continually learning and sharing with others what I have learned. Also, doing the work doesn’t hurt!

  92. My four kids are my daily inspiration, especially when spending time playing,painting and drawing with them – or just watching them doing it is just amazing!!!

  93. Ooooh, how wonderful! I’d love to have one of these wonderful journals!
    I cultivate my inspiration by taking photo walks – I love being outside, seeing the beauty of nature.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity, Flora!

  94. I cultivate inspiration by keeping my eyes and ears open to possibilities . There is so so much inspiration in our world. It may be a pair of earrings on the clerk at the store or the color of leaves this time of year . Someone could inspire me with a soul deep story that encourages me to go paint , cuz I can !!! My quiet time can be a great investment to possibilities , turning down the noise so I can hear what’s being presented . Starring at a box of good ole crayola crayons !!
    Thinking about what cultivates my inspiration just made me smile !
    Thanks for asking !!

  95. Hi Flora
    I get inspiration from other artists (you are one of them – thanks). I am also drawn to colour, organic marks and mixed media. Just beginning my artistic journey.

  96. I cultivate inspiration by music and mood. If I’m a little tired I tend to paint in blues, but I start to think about my blessings and put some upbeat music on ;) . I have your book and would love the journal, would be a great addition.

  97. Hi Flora, Happy Holidays…may they be creative and inspirational for you…!!! I cultivate my inspiration by trying to be present in the “now” living in the moment and observing the details of the world around me. I also look at other artist’s work, techniques and authored books for inspiration. I am open to learning new and different things…and sometimes the smallest things excite and inspire me. Of course I would love to win one of your journals, it looks beautiful and reflective.

  98. I am so excited about this give-away! I cultivate inspiration by creating little altars all over my house. I cluster collections and they never fail to inspire me. It could be as simple as a leaf and a pearl or a few pine cones and crystals….it doesn’t take much to create something inspiring and beautiful. I love walking through my home feeling like I am having an open eyed meditation.

  99. I go to my grans garden….at 93 she has the most beautiful flowers, roses, and bulbs…and always loves a visit…thanks Flora :)

  100. I get inspired by people watching and looking in shop windows on my walks to and from work, by visiting art galleries and talking with people about art, and by sketching or just playing around with paint. Would love to win one of these journals! Thanks for having the giveaway, Flora!

  101. I cultivate inspiration by welcoming & embracing inspiration in all settings & in unlikely places. By opening myself to receive from everyone & everywhere, I find that it just flows!! :)

    Thank you for this chance to win. The journal looks stunning!


  102. I stay inspired by keeping inspiration around me and within me. Around me through Instagram, Facebook groups, friends, etc. and within me through intuition, angelic guidance, higher self, etc. would love to receive this. Thank you Flora!

  103. The journal is gorgeous and fun! I’d love one. I cultivate my creativity by allowing enough alone time and walks in nature. Soul food!

  104. Inspiration comes in little flashes when I quiet my mind, and or when I ask spirit to give me the next hint!

  105. I cultivate inspiration by living my life. My inspiration comes from everything around me and in me – people, nature, architecture, patterns and other artists. It could be a leaf, a thought, a moment, a beautiful flower or a color. I’m a curious person – curious to myself and the world around me…and that brings a lot of gifts to my creative life.
    Thanks for the giveaway – and the inspiration you so willingly give away.

  106. Inspiration comes when I manage to quiet my mind, and tell spirit I need the next hint!

  107. I cultivate inspiration for my creative life by journaling (oh, how I love journaling!), checking out Pinterest, reading artist’s blogs, taking time to go within and check in with my heart to see where it is leading me.

    I so hope I win!!! It definitely would be a wonderful early Christmas gift. :)

  108. I collect my inspiration from looking up at my higher self. I am always meditating and trying to stay grounded while practicing reiki every single day. I ask the universe/my higher self/spirit (whatever you want to call it) for guidance and to help my creativity flow and give me new inspirations and ideas for my art and for my life. I enjoy getting outdoors and just feeling Mother Nature pass through me ..this always makes me feel recharged. Of course you flora, are a huge inspiration to me..if it wasn’t for your intuitive painting demo video I watched way back I wouldn’t have been inspired to start kick my love for painting again. In which I thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today and I thank my blessings for each step I have accepted into my life to continuously stay inspired and grow.

  109. What a great question! Congratulations on the new book and thank you for another great competition and opportunity to win.
    My motivation to create comes from my family, specifically my four month old baby. I have always done art but I have never had such a clear focus until now.
    My inspiration comes from a couple of places. Firstly since finding your page, connecting with your art, and reading your first book, a whole new world has opened up to me. Ive connected with Tamara from Lifebook, Ive started online classes and local classes near me. I feel like Ive found a community of people that are giving, caring, deep thinkers and not trying to hide techniques. These artists, including you Flora, are opening up art to everyone and that is inspiring. I am studying to be an art therapist and know the benefits of art to heal but there is so much resistance to making art in our society as previously it was only for people that have trained in art. This is inspiring to me.
    :) Donna

  110. Flora, I so love seeing what you’re up to via Instagram. My creative practice is in hiatus right now but I would love a new journal for inspiration anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!

  111. I cultivate creativity by capturing fragments of inspiration in my sketchbook. I draw, paint, glue in photographs, and journal about ideas in this portable tool kit.

  112. After taking Bloom True last year, I started really noticing the world around me. Not just in nature but even in the unnatural like city streets, pan handlers, cars and scooters and bike, etc. Thanks to your guidance, I feel like the entire world can be inspiration if I don’t just look but take the time to really see. I’m also finding new music is very good for my creativity, too.
    peace & love,

  113. I cultivate inspiration by collecting all the positivity in my life and focusing all of it into my work.

  114. My creative spirit is awakened by myth, legend, story! Even an epic movie about exotic lands will get me to sketching – I love the patterns, relics, symbols and rituals of ancient or far away places. For me wanderlust of body and spirit feels inspiring and mysterious!

  115. Nature, nature, nature! The world is so magical. All the colors and smells and light and reflections! Truly this world is inspiring in every way!

  116. I cultivate inspiration for my creative life by transcending into a realm beyond my own ego, my own fears and my own insecurities. Last year I went through a cancer journey at the age of 30, and found it powerful to make peace with my mortality, be okay with the way things are and the way things aren’t and embrace my own story as valid, unique and worthy of telling.

  117. I cultivate inspiration by embracing any free art time that I can get. As a mom of twin toddlers, my “free” time is cherished.

  118. Nature in all it’s wonder and patterns and lines inspire me. As do my family.

  119. I cultivate inspiration by seeing what others are doing artistically, listening to music, going within and being in nature.

  120. I create inspiration by being open to nature and everyday experiences. If blocked as we all are from time to time, I view artists work in books or on the internet to get the juices flowing again.

  121. Nature and the colors found in it inspire me along with textures.

  122. Love this! I cultivate creativity by trying to see things in a different way, noticing the beauty in the simple things that some may never see.

  123. I Cultivate inspiration through many things. Sometimes it is walking in nature or reading a good book. At times its looking at another artists work that triggers something to be creative in my own way. My dreams will sometimes serve as inspiration. The biggest way I find I get inspiration….just doing the work! The more I paint the more I get ideals for other things. When I am actively creating I find more creative inspiration comes! Love it!!!

  124. I find inspiration many times from nature, BUT I am more often, inspired by people and their stories and testimonies. I am a High School Art Teacher so I love to interact with my students!

  125. I see shapes and images in the weirdest of places. Like in my brickwork in my home or in clouds and even in the fibers of the towel hanging up.
    But you have inspired me greatly. Its the way I like to paint now. Its playing and I love it.

  126. I find inspiration everywhere! Movies, art, books, photos, websites. I especiallyove colors and the infinite possibilities for creating with them. Vibrant color is what draws me to your work.

  127. I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly by viewing other artist’s work. The more I practice, the more I find. I love this creative journey.

  128. I am constantly being inspired by my surroundings, but I definitely need help at this point in my life cultivating that inspiration into something.

  129. I would love to win! I cultivate inspiration by reading books and listening to music.

  130. I cultivate inspiration by going outside and soaking up nature, listening to music that makes my heart soar, and studying the nuances of everything I see when I’m out adventuring around town. I also have a folder on my PC that I snag photos off the internet in that inspire me, when I look through it something is always bound to catch my eye with color and imagination.

  131. I cultivate creativity by teaching others, embracing nature and observing the world through my toddlers eyes.

  132. I AM FEELING LUCKY!!!!!

  133. My kids….always unique…always changing….full of love n life…and my photography hubby. We see the world different but that is exactly what inspires me!

  134. I constantly nourish my inspiration by studying with other artists, spending time in the out of doors with and without my camera, and working in my sketchbook. When I feed the Muse goodies, she rewards me with new directions, tweaks, and secrets!

  135. I cultivate inspiration by spending time in nature and perusing Pinterest as well as journaling. Love your work!

  136. I cultivate inspiration by connecting into nature, sharing with friends and family. Seeing the spark of life in my children’s eyes! I also tune in, listening to my heart and trusting it! Every time it brings pure magic!

  137. Meditation, yoga, dance, creating with my kids, Indian and Morrocan patterns, travel, peeling paint, other artists. Pondering the afterlife and being in the city. Really, anything that makes me feel alive and turns me on cultivates inspiration:)

  138. I cultivate inspiration through talks with my beautiful and very creative daughter, painting with my awesome artist friends, spending time with my two dogs, and learning along with my wonderful students :)

  139. I cultivate inspiration by being a mental health nurse by day, listening and reflecting back to people without judgement – it gives me as much as I give them. I listen to my inner “DJ” to the music of my heart and soul. Especially cool that I can “change the station” and choose the music & lyrics that help me adjust my internal environment.

  140. I get my inspiration from nature and the interactions of people. I work with kids so hearing and seeing them communicate with each other and being able to just laugh about things always inspires me

  141. Inspiration comes from choosing love!

  142. I cultivate inspiration by playing with and watching my 2-yr. granddaughter. Everything is new and exciting for her, and I try to see things through her eyes. It’s joyful!

  143. I try and cultivate inspiration by making a mark not knowing what is coming next. I am so scared of doing it but happy when i do, with no expectation of whats on the page. Love it when i do it. I keep going into shops looking for your book and have not found it yet. Would be so great to get this one.

  144. Inspiration comes from responding to a desire to create something, stepping away from daily demands, walking on the beach or in the woods and surrounding myself with materials to create with.

  145. Cultivating inner silence.

  146. My inspiration comes from every part of my life. The walk to collect my daughters from school, the colours on a shirt, the pattern inside an envelope. Most of all, from that deep feeling within that simply tells me to paint, play, create!

  147. My inspiring life comes from observing the natural world, in all her soothing beauty, through the wondrous eyes of my inner child. I love all your creations Flora, and I would cherish this book. Thanks for sharing the LOVE!

  148. I cultivate inspiration through learning, getting out into the art community, spending time in nature and seeing the world through my children’s eyes. Thank you for the giveaway Flora! Much love

  149. I feel inspired by color and paper and surround myself with lots of both. I write down my ideas and try to create many of them. I read and collect lots of craft / art magazines and am always inspired by them and get super excited when a creative spark is ignited by something new I’ve learned or read. I love to sit and play, although I sometimes can get overwhelmed. I am evolving and my creativity is too! I love your book and would love the journal too. : )

  150. Playing with colours inspire me. I close my eyes and jump in. Nature does that for me too. The more i do the more i want to play and create. Thank you for inspiring me. I can let go and play.

  151. I cultivate inspiration by spending time in silence and connecting with myself. Inspiration is effortless when I’m living from a place of joy and wonder and I’m open to finding inspiration in everything, because of which I’ve often been inspired by the most unlikely things! By dropping judgement of myself and everything around me, I find inspiration everywhere. I just have to remind myself to be fearless!

    Thank you, Flora. xx

  152. I cultivate inspiration by stepping outside.

  153. I cultivate inspiration by trying to live in the present through daily yoga and meditation practice. Also music and nature are great sources of inspiration.
    Thank you!

  154. I cultivate inspiration by connecting to nature. And by taking photos of nature.

  155. I think inspiration is something thats inside everyone and its a matter of listening to it. From the minute i open the curtains in the morning ,that’s if i closed them at bed time because watching the stars is so amazing and relaxing and awe inspiring. I listen to the songs of my heart to feel the colours i will paint with on any given day. I try to go with the flow and remember a quote my son wrote on my mirror “You Hear The Stream, There is Entry to The Tao”
    Love it. If the Universe helps you to randomly choose my entry i will be forever grateful as i love reading your messages they are very inspirational. Thanks Beverley

  156. I cultivate inspiration by scheduling time to do unscheduled things, sipping my morning coffee under a big tree with a blank page in front of me, meditation and / or connecting with like minded people. Any of these activities have my brain buzzing with fresh ideas.

  157. i find inspiration in nature (in the summer, autumn, winter and spring), colors, inspirational quotes..playing with art materials, loosing up, ….
    looking for certain shapes in nature… listening to songs…
    in my nephews… i get inspired by other artist too ;)
    in animals…

    love, alenka

  158. I get inspired by lots of things. Sewing inspiration and making things for my daughter comes from paintings, leaglets, colours, whatever, also from het inmagination. These days I find other inspiration in paper, old memorycards, old magazines: great for combining with cloth and trims for gift tags, cards, scrapbooking and even free art.
    To be honest: I could be inspired by lots of things when I think about it!!

  159. I try to keep my eyes and mind open and I have a little notebook always nearby,where I write ideas,doodle and play with colors and mediums. Thank you for the chance Flora!

  160. I cultivate inspiration by getting out my paints and just start
    “slapping” it down on my journal or a canvas-when i only have a little time but need to appease my art craving-this does it every time! great giveaway!

  161. After thinking about the question, I found there were too many things that inspired me to write down here. So to put it simply, I would have to say Life, all forms of life inspire me.

  162. I cultivate inspiration by living in the moment and noticing the most simple of things….the sound my boots make as I crunch through ice, the haunting call of a gull as it soars in the air, the silky feel of water…

  163. I breath, I look around, breath in, breath out…
    I feel, I listen, inner voice or birdy chats..
    I play and try…and try again!
    Daring Greatly is my mantra!

  164. I wish I knew how to cultivate it…sometimes its is there sometimes it is not…unfortunatley, but I am sure an journal like yours would be a great help!

  165. I look alot and I feel alot. I use my camera, my phone, my journal, a post-it note, inside my hand, whatever really, but I make sure I can go back to that feeling when in front on my canvas:) Thank you Flora for all the inspiration you spread through all these different channels:)

  166. I sketch as much as I can. Slowing myself and experiencing the wonderful nature, praying to God and reading the Bible… so many things more but these are some of the main inspiration that I cultivate in my creative life. Thank you Flora! A lovely journal to have :)

  167. I cultivate my creativity and inspiration daily, trying to see the wonder in everything, being grateful (I keep a weekly list on my blog), and actively by trying to connec to nature and seasons cycle, by keeping a dream journal and practicing for lucid dreams :)

  168. How I cultivate creativity? Choose a paint or ink colour and start there. Flick through old Somerset Studio magazines sitting on the floor. Look at artwork in the background of my favourite TV shows. Watching art videos of my art SHeroes.

    Congratulations on your new book Flora. You first is one of my favourites. xo

  169. Flora, these little goodies are lovely! Journaling in these helpers will inspire the painting process even more and let the creative juices flow… I simply cultivate my inspiration through sketching and taking walks in the nearby parks and woods, allowing myself to take a deep cold breath and simply to listen to the world around me. As I currently live in a furnished flat with stuff that is not exactly my taste, I try to come up with ways to keep the furniture intact but still make it my own, and there is lots of stuff to inspire me about that. Many of the shelves and cupboards over here have fitted, painted papers clued to them.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Have a lovely week! Nancy

  170. Pure inspiration for me comes from letting go of everything except colour. Setting aside expectation and letting the paints flow and the colours merge, mingle and collide. This is when painting feels most fun and it’s how I start when I’m feeling stuck. Your approach is hugely inspirational too!

  171. My creativity comes from the nature around me. We live next to the forrest and I use it every day. It is a hugh inspiration to me. I also get inspired by ( as you teached us in Bloom True ) using my notebook. Former I never thought I could draw, and now I suddently draw every day :-D And by focusing on what is working <3

  172. I have been painting with encaustic for the last four years and because of the nature of this medium I’ve learned to let go of outcome and am inspired by the colours of my oil pastel box and the natural findings I collect on my outings. I also find great inspiration with womyn like yourself and treat my computer like a learning tool, attend class every morning for two hours with my coffee, then get to work in my little studio for the day. Thanks for being there for me.

  173. dear flora, I will press my thumb from now, and maybe I’ll get lucky and win. love everything Konstanze

  174. Dear Flora, I. Do get inspierd by the life and the people around me. Beeing an art teacher teaching children I get inspired from their inocent art to, love to see the way they create so Im trying to let go and follow my feelings. Love your new Journal, hoping to have it in my hands soon. Namaste.

  175. My creativity is inspired when I feel love, freedom and am surrounded by beauty. I love being outdoors in a natural environment and with animals. I love looking at your book Brave Intuitive Painting and get inspired.

  176. I get inspiration from daily meditation. Just bought a journal, but would love one to give to my friend!

  177. Inspiration can be as simple as breathing in (in… spiration) focusing my attention and slightly shifting it upwards (aspiration) towards what I aspire to/for or towards an intention of the moment.

  178. Cultivation… kinda like my garden… Need to feed it continuously… just like art. I incorporate it in my everyday life.

  179. Getting outdoors inspires me. Nature and wildlife fuel me and inspire me to make art.

  180. I try to be in nature as much as I can, especially when bringing in the energy to create. The next part is the hardest – put the paint out and paint. This site inspires me, I am grateful for the work you do, and the beauty you put into the world.

  181. Inspiration for me comes when I make space for it through yoga, meditation or just relaxing. I find that the bustle of life sometimes takes over otherwise and I forget to find inspiration! Thank you for the chance to win one of your journals. X

  182. I cultivate creativity through just living, I have 5 kids, I love looking at them and seeing their creativity, which always sparks my creativity.

  183. I cultivate creativity by playing inspiring music or walking around my studio and randomly picking up whatever my eyes fall on and using it.

    Other times I limit myself to 2 colours or use colours I don’t like much. It’s amazing how great things can turn out when I limit myself.

    Pinterest, of course, is an obvious one.


  184. Thanks for the opportunity :) I’ve already ordered one but would love to give one as a gift too. I cultivate my creativity by watching my daughter immersed playfully in her own creative world and try to apply that to my own painting :)

  185. Hi Flora,
    Love your book.
    I cultivate my creativity in what I think is a unique way. I babysit my baby granddaughter three days a week. Watching the world through eyes that are seeing everything for the first time is truly enlightening. She takes everything in from a story in a book to the call of a crow.
    We spend our days celebrating life and all it’s beauty.
    She is now 15 months old and painting on real canvas.
    She walks on it and plays with her favorite colors. It’s all new and amazing to her and I am fortunate enough to share in it.
    It’s wonderful to be totally and newly in love once again at the age of 62.
    I would love one of your new journals. Thanks for the opportunity.

  186. I cultivate inspiration by painting with kids…watching them pick up a paintbrush with such ease and just begin creating inspires me to let go of expectation and enjoy every step!

  187. I love your first book — has enabled me to paint some lovely pictures. Would love to win the journal.

  188. I invite creativity through noticing beauty. I regularly notice and take snapshots of the beauty I see in my world. It’s a daily creative practice that I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to.

  189. I find inspiration in the vibrant and witty world of 60s and 70s cartoons, the art of Tim Burton, 1980s new wave, vintage photographs, nature, and all things beautiful, grotesque and terribly strange.

  190. I cultivate inspiration by starting each day with new, fresh eyes…and a sense of wonder. And…reminding myself to BREATHE! Thank you for all of your beauty, guidance and inspiration, Flora! xo

  191. Living in Vancouver, I just have to open my eyes. The mountains just make me in awe of my surroundings. Everywhere I turn there is something inspiring. People often stare at me wondering why I’m taking pictures of things most people ignore, such as a large rock or a bare tree. I see the texture and the different colours and marks. It’s like an abstract painting on its own.

    Also, I cultivate creativity in my children and I often just sit and watch them trying to get into their mode. I want to paint like a child again.

  192. I don’t know if I cultivate inspiration. I think I just live life and let the good and bad wash over me and come out on the other side!
    There’s always enough to work with in real life. :)

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