A Give Away to Life Book 2014!


UPDATE: Thank you for all your wonderful comments.  I’m happy to announce the winner of the Life Book 2014 Give Away is: Maureen McCauley of lightofdaystories.com. Congrats Maureen!

Life Book 2014 registration opens next Monday.  Join us for the adventure?

Hi everybody. Have you heard about Life Book yet?  It’s a really lovely year-long mixed media online art class put together by Tamara LaPorte.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara last year in the UK and she is super fun and dedicated to spreading the joy of creativity far and wide. Life book offers creative insights through video lessons, prompts, images and writing by 22 amazing teachers throughout the year.  What a great way to learn some new approaches and techniques!

I’m very honored to be one of these teachers this year…my first time.  My contribution to the course will be a class inspired by my recent infatuation with using non-traditional “brushes” such as vegetables, flowers, sticks, etc.  I will also be sharing some Bloom True tips and a meditation track.

And, guess what? I’m giving away one free spot for Life Book 2014 right here today!  Simply leave a comment in the comment section about why you would like to participate in this offering and you might just win this awesome year-long creative adventure.

"True North" created with potato stamps!

“True North” created with potato stamps!

Check out all the other lovely blogs and teachers below.  What an amazing group!  Hope to see you there.  xo flora

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  1. Ohhhh i would love to paint with non traditional brushes, how exciting, that kind of thing really fires my imagination. Thankyou for the opportunity to win a place. x

  2. ohh this is so great. what I would like te learn is to follow my instinct en intuition!! My mind is still the “boss” I really like te learn that in my creativity and in my live…………so please help me

  3. What an awesome Life Book this will be. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot! I’d love to take it again this year.

  4. Winning a spot on Lifebook would at once invite me to go deep and encourage others. Please pick me!

  5. I would love to win a place as this will be the first time I will be joining the Lifebook. I can’t wait to learn new techniques and to learn about myself more through creativity. I’m counting down the days until I can sign up. Hugs x

  6. Ooh, non-traditional brushes sounds like such fun! I want to participate because I feel like every time I interact with a new artist/teacher and see/learn something new I change. I feel like I’m becoming more the artist and person I want to be with every stretch I take as I try out all of these new things. And Life Book is an incredible way to find new things to try!

  7. I think it’s wonderful you’re teaching with Lifebook. I took Lifebook a couple years ago and it was such a positive experience with so many kind and generous teachers and students. I am especially excited about you teaching. I have taken your course, but I still struggle with your style of painting. I love your style and so want to be able to paint like that, so I keep trying but haven’t been that happy with my results. Another chance to see you working would be fabulous. I’ll cross my fingers.

  8. What a great way to artistically and expressively guide one’s year! Fingers Crossed!

  9. I’m brand new to your blog and I absolutely love your style. I’m really looking forward to learning more from you through your book and ecourses. I’ve heard of the Life Book before but never took the plunge. 2014 would be a great year to start!

  10. I would love to be part of this trip. I am at a crossroads in my life – rapidly approaching the end of my 9to5 life and looking for ideas and inspiration to take me in a new direction. I currently commute between 2 lives and 2 homes so that keeping up with creative stuff is difficult. This sounds like the push I need.

  11. I’ve been dreaming of being apart of the Life Book for two years. I’d love to win a spot! I also need something to jump start my art!!

  12. This is the first time I’ve heard about this workshop and am thrilled that it is for a whole year and a fabulous line up of teachers. Your techniques sould very interesting to me and I hope I win a spot. Thank you for the opportunity to rejuvenate my creative spirit.

  13. Wow life book sounds so awesome, I have been really sick with cancer , so I would really love to be able to win a spot , to help me heal and enjoy the remainder of my life

  14. Sigh, I could really need the life book experience next year to follow the path I am going on. I really want to move forward and learn from the best!
    Have a good start in the weekend – Irma

  15. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot on Life Book! I have been following Tam for years now & have enjoyed some of her classes but have never had the funds or time to join in on Life Book. I’m hoping it would prompt me to follow my dream of producing my own works on a regular basis & learn more about myself & my own personal style. I often feel stuck & fearful with my art, so I was very excited to see that you (Flora) are teaching this year. I have your book & know I could grow from your teachings. Thanks again for the opportunity. -T

  16. I would really love to learn from you and the other teachers. There is so much great talent in the class teachers and a wonderful community to learn with.

  17. WoW! what a line up!!! who WOULDN’T want to be a part of this?

  18. I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2013!! I’ve taken 2012 & 2013 and have loved meeting all the new artists and their techniques! And with you here next year, Flora, I can’t wait!

  19. I would love to join in on the Life Book 2014. Your plans for your class sounds so fascinating. Thank you for the opportunity to win a seat. I have been painting all my life. I am a grandma of 6, so that’s a long time, however I am constantly pushing myself to try new things. I began making cards for operation write home, and they selected me as a cardmaker of the week for the first week in jan 2013. I never really made cards for anyone but my grand kids. I was honored. My comfort zone is watercolors, but I am exploring mixed media. I really cannot wait for the Lifebook to begin!

  20. I would love to win!!!

  21. :) I would like to participate in LB becouse LB is brand in the world of online art workshops :)

  22. I am so freakin’ excited that you will be teaching next year! I will be doing LifeBook 2014 whether I win a spot or not. Can’t wait!

  23. This sounds like such and exciting adventure and I would love to learn from so many uniquely marvelous artist ♥ Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this artistic adventure !!!

  24. Thank you so much for a chance to win a spot in this class. I’ve been eyeing it for the last two years and am blown away by the quality of the instructors for this course. I’d love to learn from all of them especially those I’ve not taken previous courses from.

  25. I have been on an emotional healing journey for the past several years, but this past year, in particular, has been the most difficult. I would love to win a spot in LifeBook 2014 because it would give me so many more wonderful, beautiful, creative tools to not only help with this healing through art, but to also give me some amazing and revitalizing self-care time as I work through each months projects. I would also really love to learn from so many amazing teachers, to learn different techniques and styles, as I journey on my own path to find my own unique creative style and voice. I am a HUGE fan of your work, Flora! I absolutely love your book and it is a dream of mine to take your Bloom True course, so learning from you in LifeBook 2014 would be part of that dream come true!

  26. There are many reasons why I would like to take part in Life Book, but the most important reason for me is that I would love to incorporate art back into my life, after a few pretty rough years without much room for me or my art. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  27. Oh I was sooo relieved to learn how to paint with sponge brushes. I never felt that connected with regular brushes so I didn’t paint. But the option of sponge brushes was just what my heart needed. I’d love to learn more alternatives to use for brushes!!

  28. I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2014. I really would love to be part of an art group this coming year, I have been drifting away for over a year now. I suffered a stroke in July 2012 and now I feel like I am ready to start again! Thank you for a chance to win =)

  29. I would love to win a spot in Life Book–there’s just so much I want to learn–painting, collage, journaling, creating beautiful art from my soul…Such a great opportunity!!

  30. What’s not to love about being creative. I crave it all the time. Would love to participate to keep the juices flowing.

  31. I’d love to win a spot in this class…constant inspiration and creativity to pass on to others.

  32. AmaZing Giveaway!!!

  33. I want to think outside the box, engage in mixed media messiness, and learn to toss my inner critic out the window! Pow!

  34. What an amazing opportunity to be even more bold, courageous and creative! My goal this year has been to make creating more of a priority and expressing my true self through my passion, art!

  35. darling! you have been my creative crush/muse for the last year. I am enrolling in your upcoming course starting next week and am beyond thrilled to start using your techniques and ideas in my own creative life endeavors. So happy to hear about this new course you are involved with and to discover the details. xx

  36. Art has been my pathway to healing – both physically and emotionally. Chronic illness is a joy-stealer and I use painting to grab some of that joy back. It would be great to have more skills and experience under my belt to get what’s in my dreams onto the canvas.

  37. What an amazing opportunity to move through and experience personal growth using art! I’ve got a lot of muck to wade through and artmaking sounds like the perfect vehicle for that kind of work! Thank you for participating in it and doing this giveaway. I only recently learned of you and am loving what you do!

  38. OMG Flora, I am soooo happy that you will be participating in this year long course. Just what I would love to do………Bloom True, be bold, and get picked to participate. xoxo

  39. Life books looks like such a great way to bring all the healing and transformational work I have been doing into one place and allow it to synthesize! I would be so excited to win a spot

  40. talent….talent…talent galore…EMBRACE ME and let me free my spirit from the daily babble in my head. Oh, what a great class to experience…..pick me please :)

  41. Thank you Flora for the wonderful opportunity. This course looks amazing! What an icredible collaboration of teachers, this is going to be a life changer!

  42. This gift would catapult my long-dormant, now emerging artistic self into a realm of confidence, courage and openness. I am ready for anything that has the potential to crack me WIDE open. It will also be more fuel for my new yogic clothing business, biji designs. I’m ready to fully express my gifts!

  43. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!!!!! I need to get out of my box!

  44. Pick me please:) I just started my art journey and would love to do Life Book 2014!

  45. I work with paint and brushes almost daily as I UPstyle or UPcycle furniture and home decor, but what this course would do for me personally is to paint just for the pure love and passion of painting, learning and just expression -not for custom work or creating something that might appeal to others.
    So, for me, it would be a kind of meditational journey and vacation~

  46. {{{{{{{{{fingers crossed, let me be a winner}}}}}}}}}

  47. I LOVE creating art, I want to find out where I belong and what my message is supposed to be. Thank you for this opportunity.

  48. My first love was painting. I have, for long while, been working with fiber arts. But, I have felt this pull to get back to my roots. But, I feel like I need a little push.

  49. I’ve just registered for Bloom True…would love the opportunity to participate in Life Book…I art journal to celebrate the lives of my two children..but this is something entirely new to me! Sounds amazing and inspiring!

  50. In two weeks I am leaving my job, after being sick many years; but my work was a part in the situation so I havn´t been brave enough to leave it.
    Now I have to choice life. I won´t survive any other way.
    After the Bloom True-course I decided to take the step. But I havn´t been able to paint so much. I´m afraid. So I will take the course again: starting monday!
    I know healing art and other ways to create is my way to help myself.
    I will take the life book anyway, but I wanted to write here and hope for luck – and help for my future situation.
    With love<3

  51. It would be an incredible gift to my life and spirit to be able to learn from this collaboration of artists. I would be so thankful for the opportunity.

  52. I’d love to participate! thanks for the opportunity! I love your work and your e-course – which I took in 2012

  53. Over twenty teachers, how cool is that!

  54. I was just reading about this today! I would love to expand my art, this would be perfect. I read each and every teacher’s bio on Tam’s blog. Looks like a fabulous mix of talent!!

  55. We’re having a baby in December and I’d love to have help keeping me artfully motivated in 2014. xo!

  56. I’d love to participate, this seems like it will nourish my soul. Thank you!

  57. I’ve been a fan of yours since I heard about you from Jessica Swift a couple of years ago. I just quit my corporate life as a graphic designer and I’m moving to Spain to see what happens. I have little money but I want to travel and follow my dreams , so here goes…. I’d love nothing more than to take this class as it would come at a perfect time in my life. All this is happening because of choices I am deliberately making in my life, and not because I’m lucky. Would be so grateful to be chosen for this. Thank you for all the inspiration- :)

  58. I desire to connect more with myself, my creativity, and the wonderful inspirational people that offer their wisdom! This would awaken and invigorate my soul!

  59. Oh awesome! I just got your book and would love to see you at work in person. Well, sort of in person. Lol

  60. This has been a year of soul searching and finding the bravery to become my full creative self. Participating in Life Book would truly be an amazing gift and complete serendipity! ~ Beth

  61. Sounds fabulous! What an amazing opportunity to inspire my creative journey!

  62. This is my year of recreating myself and discovering my strengths. I’d love to take this course!!!

  63. I would love to shake up my art with new techniques! That is the spice of life! Thank you!

  64. Just luv the Life Book experience journey
    cheers joan

  65. I inadvertently allowed my creativity to fall asleep years ago. Now as a stay at home mom with an almost 3-year-old and an 8-month-old I am ready to jump out of my skin with a deep need to reclaim parts of myself that I have left behind. I recently learned about your painting e-class that starts next week from Kelly Rae Roberts and felt like the universe was shouting, “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” but the timing is horrible. Now this….a year long course that doesn’t start until January. I’m a bit scared to look at the cost for fear that it will be way out of our budget so I’m taking my chance, first, at winning the free spot. I’m also scared of jumping back into something that was once a crucial part of my life. What if I lost it for good? I don’t think that’s possible, though. It’s in there. Just gotta dig it back out. This would be a great way to start digging.

  66. I am an educator and love learning new techniques and sharing them with my students. Life book sounds like such a great adventure in creativity.

  67. A YEAR long! WOW, this is incredible, crazy & wonderful! I am new to mixed media…have started using different brushes,feathers,fingers & even bottle caps. Thanks to your influence Flora Bowely and Your Book BRAVE INTUITIVE PAINTING. My journey & understanding of my artistic passion has just begun to take flight & this type of year long learning would diffidently keep it alive & up in the air with energy! I GIVE THANKS for this opportunity. Thanks. Beth Figiel

  68. Hello Flora,

    I would love to participate in this amazing opportunity! I am in the process of re-exploring my creative expression and I am looking at all the ways that I can process and express myself in the world. It would be an honor and a gift to be a part of this wonderful forum.

    thank you for the opportunity

  69. I’d so love to win a place on Life Book 2014 to have the chance to discover my personal artistic style on a wonderful creative journey with the amazing line-up of teachers for next year! Thank you for this amazing chance xxx

  70. 2012 was my “9″ year. Everything around me broke or died or went away…that old life is completed.
    2013 is my “1″ year. Starting over, sweeping up the debris, creating a new me.
    It would be great to explore 2014 with Life Book…
    expanding my possibilities and new directions!

  71. So much awesomeness together!!!

  72. I just started painting this year and I would love to participate in this course. I started painting as a way to train my brain out of a scarcity mindset and into an abundant one – blogging along the way. Paint has been an amazing teacher. I would love to connect with my art in the ways presented in this course!

  73. Hi
    I would love to attend, thank you for this opportunity. A whole year full of creativity sounds great. My idea is to share my development and insight on my blog through 2014 – in Danish only;)
    http://www.gallerigoldigoddess.dk / blog

  74. I would LOVE to take this course! I am turning 40 this year, and have a lot on my bucket list. Taking a mixed media class is on the top…..Soul searching to step out of my boundaries in painting and to feel inspired again! I feel like I am at the point in my art career to either stop painting all together or find happiness in my art. Somehow got into the trap of painting to make profit and somewhere along the lines, it just wasn’t fun anymore…..I need to find myself again.

  75. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Lifebook. I am looking forward to a year of creativity.

  76. Hi Flora, What an amazing opportunity. I would love to win a place because already Life Book 2014 has helped me find such amazing artists and teachers! Thank you!

  77. What a wonderful gift of learning. To have the opportunity to learn from so many wonderful creative teachers. Cannot wait to see all of the great techniques. I can imagine keeping the stores very busy after a whole year of new creativity!

  78. Wow! My heart is beating faster as it does when I am reading or doing something I am passionate about. You see I feel I’ve always been creative, but art has taken on a new meaning for me the last 4 years since I lost my youngest son in a tragic way. It has been sort of a personal path for me. Through art I am learning to resurrect parts of me (such as my creativity) that was buried with my son for quite a while. However, I have been fighting what so many others have-that inner critic. I think mixed media is such a freeing way to express your heart. That is the part I am trying to heal. I have been following you Flora and so want to try a class of yours too. So, to get both you and mixed media in one class-WOW! Thanks for offering this. Your outreach is amazing.

  79. What an amazing adventure this would be to be a part of something like this!

  80. I would LOVE to win a spot! Learning keeps me inspired. Keeps my juices flowing! Creating Art keeps me sane. Its such an amazing way to express yourself, it gives me a high! Thank you for a chance to win a spot!

  81. Since first seeing your work about 6 months ago it has inspired me to begin focusing on painting again, but work and life are continuously getting in the way of being able to commit my time. Participating in something like Life Book would force me (in the most positive way) to become a better me and share the beauty I know is within… Thank you for the chance to win what could be a life changing year. :)

  82. Would love an opportunity to win this awesome class with such a phenomenal line-up of instructors! ** fingers crossed **

  83. I’d love to win simply because I’d like to see my positive karma! I Love Life Book, I lived this experience for the last two years and this is a great way to stay inspired!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  84. WOW!!! What an inspiring group of artists Tam has lined up for 2014!!! As I have gone through this year in LifeBook I have loved what I am learning so much I find myyself sharing the creative-soul lessons with any and everyone I can! I have led classes from homeschool to a Lady’s monthly gathering, Youth groups and I have even been led to start a small, weekly art class in my home each week. So if I were to win next year’s LifeBook I would be able to continue to share in the avenues that have already been opened up to me and hopefully even more opportunities will arise as people spread the word around our community. thank you and Tam for this chance to win!!

  85. I would love to win this because my goal for next year is to MAKE MORE ART!! Sometimes I need a little hand-holding and a kick in the pants. This could do the trick!! Looks like a lot of fun too!!

  86. Ooooooweee how fun! I am recently inspired to try painting after reading “Brave Intuitive Painting” and then taking your May e-class. I have been teaching yoga for four years and have decided to close that door so that a new door can open. Already in the short two weeks that it has been I have met three local artists to connect with. What I feel I’m missing is a background of techniques to draw from. Being self taught I could really use a course like this to learn all of the amazing products and ways to create with them.

  87. I loved Life Book last year, and the fact I could download everything and now I can watch the lessons as I want.
    I could not sign up this year, but deeply want to be part of the 2014 edition. I love the teachers, I know there is something in each lesson that will be part of the shift I am feeling.

  88. I’d love to be a student in the Life Book classroom! Learning and creating with a whole bunch of like-minded souls, what could be better than that?

  89. I would love the chance to take this course and without the funds at this time, winning would be oh so sweet. I have been in a bit of a rut lately and feel like I have lost my heart and soul with my work. I have started over thinking everything. Would love the chance to take this course and find my soul all over again in my art. Thank you!

  90. Oh I’d love to win a spot in the yearlong class. So many wonderful teachers to learn from.

  91. I’ve been thinking about taking this Life Book course for a while now and my heart stopped for a second when I found out you would be teaching this year! I took the Bloom True class in May and it *litterally* changed my life. I want to step out to the world now and contribute with my art but I still need to practice and make more art… not always knowing how to move forward! Year-long art making with some of my favorites artists (and role-models…) would be like living in a dream, for sure!

  92. Sounds fabulous…so much artful/teacher goodness. You are so generous to be giving a spot to a lucky reader!

  93. I am looking for a new path in life, this could be my new direction. I began painting in January this year and need help to get moving.

  94. What a fabulous opportunity to explore new areas of creativity and to make art with some very inspiring artists!

  95. A year of art with a troupe of amazing teachers.. what a gift and an opportunity! Looking forward to this class. I pray i win.. as i await for the USA government to actually shut down and we are all screwed!
    miracles prevail

  96. That looks like an amazing experience! I’d love to win a spot. I feel like starting 2014 with this class would help me get inspired to keep working on my creative projects, rather than neglecting them in favor of pay-the-bills work (why does that happen, anyway?).

  97. Such a great opportunity! I’ve been having motivation issues lately and this is just what I need to get me back on track.

  98. I’m thrilled about the year-long concept and with such a host of wonderful teachers, I’m sure the course will be nothing short of awesome. Would love a spot on the course for sure! Thank you for a fantastic opportunity! And non traditional brushes sound so cool!

  99. What a wonderful way to have inspiration throughout the year.

  100. yeah, so i kinda need this.



  101. I am a web designer and I am lucky I get to create every day but I would really love to expand my creativity and to express myself in my own authentic way off of a computer and solely for myself and my happiness. I am dying to play with color, to paint with my hands, and to move with my art.

  102. I’ve heard about this before :) I would love to get a chance to try new techniques

  103. I have been inspired by mixed media art and feel it has added new colors to my life, encouraged me to try new things, play and make my mark! The friend that introduced me into mixed media is doing this project this year and it has been a pleasure to see the things that she is creating every month. I feel participating in a project lik this is a great opportunity to explore ones inner self as well as develop a personal style.

  104. i’m happy to be a part of life book 2014 yay

  105. Eeek, I committed 2013 to Botanical Illustration – lots of rules and lots of ‘wrong’. I’ve learnt a HUGE amount which I am so truly grateful for but -much to my surprise- I’m not loving it anymore. Finishing pieces has become a chore.
    I’m now going to committ 2014 to painting MY WAY and letting colour take me on a new journey… I can’t wait (and a little win would feel like a ‘sign’ that I’m on the right track).
    Happy painting, everyone :)

  106. I need this so bad! I need to get all this pent up stuff into an art journal – excavation and cleansing – fingers crossed!!!!!!

  107. Gratitude for sharing this amazing opportunity. The nature on the Big Island of Hawaii embraces me each day and allows me to continue to explore shining the light of my creative artist. Your course opened up a whole new world for me. Peace and aloha blessings……Laurel

  108. OMG Flora, Thank you for giving to the people this wonderful opportunity! I would love so much to do something like that…
    Please make it be me!!! :) )

    Thank you, thank you

  109. Oh, I’m so glad this is posted – I would like to be considered for a guest student in Life Book 2014 . . .

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet you and see your art.

  110. I have been wanting to take Life Book for 2 years now, but never managed to enroll. 2014 is my year! I am looking forward to learn from wonderful artists/teachers such as yourself Flora! Love, love your work! :)

  111. My life these days has become one in which there’s little “me” time. Art has definitely taken a backseat, and it shouldn’t. I think a little focus would help. I think having a structure and purpose to the art time would be nice. There’s also something special about having talented people to guide art practice, rather than looking about one’s art room and wondering what’s next and what to do?

  112. I’m very curious about what a year long multi-media drawing class could look like. I teach highschool art and am always looking for more motivation and inspiration to create my own work after long days in the classroom. Art cannot just be relegated solely to the summer months!

  113. What a fantastic opportunity! I love to paint and would love the opportunity to learn new methods for mixed media. I am a poet/mixed media artist. I love many mediums. I would love to be a participant in LifeBook 2014. Thank you.

  114. Heartsong
    Oh sacred heart go within and courageously explore what has not been tapped before. Creativity explodes from the beingness of who I am. As the light shines in as it will do so from within. Tether and nurture the gift that shines and share with those in the future with love from another time.

  115. It would be my greatest honor to do this course. As an artist, seeing this online presence of amazingly creative people willing to work together, share ideas and support each others artistic soul to awaken. What could be better?? Getting it for a gift? Fireworks of gratitude!

    In creative spirit,
    Michelle Austen

  116. I would love to participate in the class to learn new techniques, to try out new stuff, to be inspired, to be around other creatives, to learn, to challenge myself, to treat myself – cause being creative is the best me-time ever!
    I just discovered mixed-media recently and it feels “just right” to me. I can not wait to learn and try more.
    Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

  117. Thanks for the chance to win a place in the 2014 LifeBook class…the teacher list is amazing…a whole year of fun!

  118. Why I would like to participate? Are you kidding? This sounds so truly amazing and awesome! I would love to land a spot! I crave learning and learning new creative tactics and especially new art supplies! I hope you’ll consider me for a shot at this fabulous giveaway!

  119. I’m feeling a change in the air. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to expand my horizons.

  120. What a fantastical give away! Love to join all you lovely ladies! Thanks for the opportunity. Namaste, Ronda

  121. I’d love to win a spot because I want to act on my dreams instead of thinking about them :)

  122. I can’t count the number of times your name comes up when people ask about learning to paint. I keep hearing how you’re the best teacher. I would so love to learn from you.


  123. I’m turning 50 this year & just sold my dream house … It’s a year of re-defining myself. I’m opening to Art as a real possibility for me. I’d love to experience Life 2014!

  124. OK…I am soon to be the big 50…and I know it is just a number-this would be a great course to help me embrace where I am at in life…this moment…this year ahead!! I so loved Bloom True, it changed my life and how I paint. I own an art studio…my heart is to set people free…using paint! The more I can learn from others, the more I can help and serve others….so I would LOVE to win!!!

  125. I want to win this terribly bad because of two specific reasons.

    1. I am giving birth to our 2nd child in March. When my son Milo was born I quit teaching elementary school to fully devote myself to molding this little cheeseball! During his naps a need to create started bubbling inside. So with the help of Pinterest I found some inspiration, purchased some books by people that inspired me (Flora Bowley & Traci Bautista’s books were well used this last year), and just started collaging, painting and making things for the sheer joy of creating.

    2. During my 5 years of teaching elementary school I always infused the arts into my lessons and at recess did art lessons with any of my kids who would rather paint than sweat in the Oklahoma heat on the playground. During those times I learned more about the kids, built relationships with them and earned their trust. Many of them today still have their pizza boxes that hold all their past projects from their time in 2nd grade and have a wealth of great memories that can’t be contained in a pizza box. After a year of being a stay at home mom I missed seeing the joy on students faces when they finished a portrait of the Grinch or their own interpretation of Monet’s Lily Pads with crayons & water colors. So, I decided to do my own Summer Art Academy. Between former students, their siblings & facebook, within a week I had enough kids interested to do 3 groups! We painted O’Keefe flowers, Picasso chickens, aboriginal designs, Michel Keck dog collages, and even Traci Bautista Girlie Glam portraits!!!! I loved those 2 hours every Tuesday (and my mom loved the two hours with her grandson lol)

    So that being said when I create, it feeds my soul and when I teach kids about making art it feeds their soul, in turn bringing me a joy that surpasses the joy of creating something on my own. In giving, one always receives more than one ever expects, whether that be parenting, teaching or spreading love to others in need.

    I know all of the wonderful artists teaching this course will be brought joy as well by pouring into their students over the next year! Hopefully I will get to to partake of this journey!

  126. This class looks awesome! I love all the different teachers!

    xfingers crossedx

  127. Just starting the grieving for loss of a 20 year relationship— gotta open to possibility. rebirth for 2014?


  128. Yes please? It would be an amazing adventure for me. :) I’ve been following your story for a while, and would love to learn from you as well as all of the other amazing teachers. I’m an artist who hasn’t fully bloomed yet – this course might just be the exact nutrients this mama blossom needs!

  129. Would love to join in all the creativity next year! I’ve been wanting to get a lesson with you…just LOVE your book!
    Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  130. I took an online course with Tam this year and it was great. I heard about Life Book and would love to try it in 2014, expand my art journaling experiences and learn from you wonderful people.

  131. Flora entry. 

     I fell off some stairs about a year ago (very gracefully) and since then I have lost a side of me that was so alive and happy. I was driven to do something more with my life. But now just functioning as a normal person was difficult. I had messed my back up when I fell and the pain from that had messed up my heart. I felt like a shell of the person I once was. I had back surgery a couple of days ago and I finally feel hope again and I want to get back to my center..back to the right one. Not this slump of a person I’ve been, I want to paint again. I want that freedom of expression pouring out of my finger tips straight from my heart. I love how your videos display your passion and how much you love to share it! It reminds me of who I once dreamt of being.

  132. I would love to take this class and be a part of this study. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. Please want this sooooooo much!

  134. I would love to win a spot on Life Book, as it would give me inspiration for the whole year and I would get to learn from some great artist. TY

  135. look at all these lovely comments from so many creative ladies… what a blessing!

    i’d love to win this spot because my whole world is changing right now, and one of the huge benefits of my plans is that i will finally be living a lifestyle that will allow me the time, and space to explore the talents that i was born with… i’m selling my house, taking a (hopefully permanent) leave from my job, and moving to puerto vallarta in mexico, in just a few weeks. a large part of my decision and commitment to move was the realization that the hustle and bustle of trying to keep my head above water in toronto as a gardener was never gonna allow any space for anything else but surviving.

    while i’ve been shaking loose from toronto, it’s been tough… but knowing that i’m moving on to a life where i can ‘bloom true’ for the first time in my life is what keeps me going. i hope that i’m chosen for this year long class so that i can develop a daily practice, and learn from a group of individuals whom i respect.

    thank you for the chance! :-)

  136. I’ve worked a lot professionally and personally with Lifebooks in adoption–ways to tell adopted kids the story of their beginnings, filled with love and loss. In recent years, I’ve been working with adult adoptees and with birth/first mothers to create personal histories and legacy letters, ways to fill in missing pieces of one’s past in a creative, healing, respectful manner.

    Your Lifebook class, melding your wisdom, warmth, and wildness along with your colleagues, would infuse my work with rich, bold possibilities for rejuvenation, self-healing, and compassion toward those with whom I’m privileged to work.

    May we all continue to listen, learn, and paint deeply. Much gratitude.

  137. I am ready for this. Art has been calling me for some time but I have been putting it off for financial reasons. That was just an excuse… and I am now ready to open myself up and explore. It is time for me to listen and bring the true beauty I feel within out into the world. :)

  138. Dear Flora,
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in life book. I love learning new things and a year of inspiration from so many creative people sounds delightful.

  139. I am a potter and an art educator. I have felt the universe shouting at me to take a step in a new direction, to take a leap of faith in my creative life. Mixed media is a passion of mine, but I lack the experience and confidence. I have admired the work of both Kelly Rae and Flora for many years now! Please take me!

  140. I have been doing Lifebook 2013. It has given me so many opportunities for healing and growth. I have been introduced to artists new to me , including you Flora. You have been inspirational and very influential in my art. I am currently reading your book and hope to do one of your courses when I am able. Tamara asked us to fill in a survey recently asking who we would like to see teaching Lifebook next year and your name sprang immediately to mind. I am really looking forward to your component in 2014.Best wishes.

  141. I have recently started getting in to mixed media art and painting so this class is the ultimate sampler from so many amazing artists! It’s like winning the lottery! Win or no win, I’m in! :)

  142. I would be so honored to win this opportunity. This would be a year long journey that I’m sure would change my artistic life in so many positive ways. I am an elementary art teacher and my days are filled with guiding and teaching others….which I love. However, I so enjoy the times when the tables turn and I am then the student…..I currently feel that I’m on the brink of an artistic change (I work with glass right now primarily) and I think this could really help me move in a new direction. My fingers will be crossed. Thanks!

  143. Flora, I love your book. Love your style. Big, bold, colorful. Would love to have a workshop with you. I live on the East Coast, you on the West. I have two little ones who don’t make it easy to just do as I please. So, online learning would be AWESOME.

  144. This course sounds wonderful! I’ve accepted a transfer position to England (from the US) and I am planning on using my time away from home to explore my art. The secondment is for a year– which makes this opportunity perfect!

  145. Flora,

    You are Something Wonderful, an inspiration, a true artist of life. I would love to take this course. Your gift is very generous and I would be very grateful to receive it. When I scrolled down through the comments my heart was so touched as I read through the heart warming stories that were shared. As much as I would appreciate receiving the gift when I read this last comment, tears flowed and the whisper, please give this gift to Shannon Peters who wrote:Shannon petersSeptember 27th, 2013
    ” I fell off some stairs about a year ago (very gracefully) and since then I have lost a side of me that was so alive and happy. I was driven to do something more with my life…”
    Thank you. Namaste and Blessings, Allie

  146. Once again, you are putting such an amazing gift out into the world. I’m tickled just thinking of the possibility…What’s meant to be will be, oh how I hope it’s me…

  147. The more I check out the blogs for the teachers on the lifebook, the more I ooo and ahhh and desire to be a part of it all! To be taught by these wonderful people would be a great, humbling, and healing experience.

  148. What a wonderful gift! I’m turning 40 in just a couple of weeks, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up and now I’m looking for tools to help make that possible. This class sounds perfect! Thank you for your consideration!

  149. Flora your work is the bomb diggety! I bought all kinds of supplies and took bought several ecourses about a year ago and then I did a few things and they did not turn out the way I wanted Or THOUGHT they should look, i labeled myself talentless, got discouraged and basicly abandoned it, everything has been collecting dust in my little create spot….like a tomb!! I hooked back up on your facebook site this week and got inspired, to go back at it again, I had other issues going on in the background that psyched me out last year, time to jump back on that pony and paint!!

  150. I’d love the opportunity to learn these techniques!! I’m just starting to learn how to paint and would love to broaden my knowledge and understanding. It would be an amazing experience! Thanks so much! <3

  151. I would LOVe to win the spot!! I’m a huge fan of both of yours!

  152. What a very generous give away. I feel as though I am still trying to find my visual voice and I believe that this wonderful year long class could provide some much needed clarity. Thinking good thoughts.

  153. It would be a dream come true to learn from such an
    inspirational roster of teachers and to connect with
    other artful souls from all over the globe. Not to mention learning about using nontraditional brushes. Thank you
    for the opportunity to have a chance to win!

  154. We would all love this course, but I think Annabelle at 27th Sep 5.02pm should have it. X <3 <3 <3

  155. Wow this looks amazing! I would be so grateful to receive this opportunity. That quote on Tam’s page resonated deeply – “your creativity is a gift to this world”. I have always been creating and creative but I pursued other career avenues, and here I am coming full circle back to my passion and I know I am going to uplift, inspire and heal other people in some way with my creativity and counselling diploma in the future. Just not quite sure how yet. I need to explore my own style more, be brave and try new materials. Also stop worrying what others think and carry on my exploration into where my creativity is taking me. 2014 here I come! (I hope!) x

  156. Oh I would love to win a spot in this course to learn new techniques and further learn how to honor my intuition and creative process, sounds like so much fun!!

  157. I am an emerging artist who is so happy to be among these here on this page….Flora’s on line course started me and I flourished (Fora-ished) and now I am looking for the next step. On line courses seem to work best for me and I get so much inspiration from hearing from and seeing others’ work. Pick Me!!!!

  158. An opportunity, twelve months of art,
    A chance to create, a fab kick-start,
    Many great teachers, in all 22,
    My long lost love of painting, I’ll renew.

    Flora Bowley and all, give on this course,
    What a big, wonderful, exciting resource,
    Vegetables, brushes, not forgetting the flower,
    I’m sure these will all, truely empower.

    A dedication for all of a year,
    Paint to canvas, without a fear,
    To create, an adventure, an inspiration,
    ….and if I win, there’ll be celebration!!

  159. What a thrill it would be to be able to participate in the Life Book class 2014! I would love to learn new techniques from these fantastic artists. It would be such fun to connect with other artist to explore new skills and share our talents. Thanks so much for the opportunity.
    Susan Najarian

  160. I would so love to join this year long adventure. Creating is something so healing and touches my soul at the very core. Staying in touch with this important side of me has been challenge at times with just the everyday demands of life. It’s sometimes hard to do this on my own. Having a place to go (with 22 amazing teachers to inspire me) and a committment to keep this in clear focus would so help me expand the joy in my life. Thank you for considering my request!! ~ Anne

  161. Well, who wouldn’t want to win a spot in this glorious event?! As a creative it would be a dream!

  162. What a great opportunity Flora – would love to learn from such talented teachers and awaken further my creativity. Thanks for the opportunity!

  163. Blessings,
    The reason I would like to participate in Life Book is because I feel that doing so will create a sacred space for my creative visions to be nourished and blossom. Thank you for the giveaway.

  164. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEEEEE! I am 53, empty nest Mom who is finally putting herself first. I have wanted to learn to paint & draw all my life and have made the commitment to IMMERSE this year..this year is for me..and for color..and thinking..and dreaming..yay!!! I purchased your book online and wanted to take the online course but of course $ is the next part of my process..putting the $$ down for myself when there are so many seemingly more important things that need doing..well..
    So wonderful you are doing this for someone whoever they may be!! (Meeeeeee)

  165. As a mixed media artist I am always looking for new inspiration! I would love to be a part of this course with a new “tribe” of creative people! But, like most artists…money is tight. So, if I win I could take this course …if I don’t I will sit in my studio and think up inspiration all by my lonesome :-(

  166. Having the opportunity to learn from so many great artists is a huge reason I want to take this year long artistic journey!

  167. So blessed to have met Flora and her art this year! Can’t wait for this opportunity! Thank younfor sharing. My art had changed so much after you Flora!

  168. Would love to win this! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  169. A nice, gentle paced year long “push” would be so nice. I would not feel like “oh gosh” I’ve got to get this done in one month or I’ll be behind” Having the variety of teachers teaching will enlighten me in many areas I’ve never tried. I am a graduate of your Bloom True on-line class. I need to get back to painting now that fall is upon me.

  170. I’ve been away from painting for a long time and have started up again. I so love the time I spend painting. This would be a great boon to take this course.

  171. Be part of Lifebook would be great because I only made one online class before but it was such a great experience that it would be awesome to have the chance to be part of another one. The one I did really helped me to be more self-confident and to dare doing things. Life book looks great because it is long and regular and the teachers line-up is amazing. I am a huge fan of your work. Your work and your personnality are inspiring.

    Thanks for this give away!

  172. This course sounds dreamy and a perfect treat/retreat for a busy working mommy. I used to paint all the time, but after my daughter was born, and this would be just the kick start I need to start again and be inspired.

  173. I would love this so much to assist in my journey of healing. I suffer a mental illness and over the past year it has become nearly crippling some days. I have found solstice and love through creating though can usually not afford courses such as this.

  174. I would love this because I am a 2nd grade teacher who loves art and who loves to create on my own….it is such therapy for me, and this would be a perfect opportunity for me to de-stress, relax and CREATE! I teach at an Arts Academy so this will greatly help me “find myself” in creating, and also helping my children. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  175. I am so excited about this class, and the opportunity to learn from so many amazing and talented artists. I’m just discovering the world of mixed media and it has reawakened my creative spirit. Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in this course!

  176. Oh I would love to do Lifebook 14 the teacher line up is unreal

  177. Beautiful Flora! Wow, what an amazing opportunity! This would be a dream come true!

    Thank you!

  178. Man, what would my year long book look like at the end of this course? This sounds like a good and intense practice to commit to. I am up for challenging myself with it and enter your contest whole heartedly! Big Ups and High Fives Flora~!

  179. Oh, thanks for sharing about this beautiful course! So excited to hear you’ll be teaching here.

    I’m taking your upcoming Bloom True e-course and I feel flutters of excitement….my soul is singing.

  180. What an awesome chance to be a part of a creative community!!! I’d love to win. As a kindergarten teacher, field hockey coach, and yoga instructor, I’d love a chance to get to be creative more consistently.

  181. It would be a dream come true to be in your class!! I so want to take a class with you!

  182. Hi there,

    Thank you for offering a free spot in Life Book.

    I would desire to be part of the class because I’m on a new chapter in my book “Earth School”. I have found freedom from my limiting ego by creating with color. I have learned more about myself through paint and creative projects than I have in YEARS of therapy. I’m still a work in progress. Every day I give thanks to God for another opportunity to do better, be better, love better, forgive better and just BE BETTER all around. I’m so grateful for everyday.

    Good luck to all who enter and thank you Flora for the chance to be part of the Life Book class.

    In love and joy, Kim Huneycutt

  183. I have seen and heard of this course and it sounds and looks amazing..being an art teacher for teens with disabilities I can use all the inspiration and soul feeding I can get..I love passing along what I learn to my students and this looks like a beautiful concentrated immersion of creative people!

  184. Over the years I have experimented with lots of different medias and techniques, jumping around from one to an other. It is time to realize that it does not have to be one or the other but a dance, a song, a poem or a collage of our moment. Oh this sounds so exciting and it would be nice to have some guidance through it. Thank you for creating this.

  185. I’d cartwheel with joy over the opportunity to take part (and I have yet to cartwheel in this life). I have this creative itch that’s grabbing my attention like – hmmm – creative scabies… My hunch is that the inspiration, structure and motivation from this course and amazing teachers would catalyze something incredible. I use the paint brush to help integrate parts of myself, which aids me in supporting others and the planet on our inevitable, divine healing journey.

  186. Hi. Food. This class, or should I say journey, sounds to me like soul food. A year with people, creating, playing, exploring, pushing, dancing, risking, failing, growing….making, coloring, reflecting…..celebrating. Connecting….lots of -inging and -ishing. Sounds filling!b: ) thanks for the opportunity! Xo

  187. Because I am committed to my great creative potential.

  188. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Would love to have a chance @ making art with all the wonderful teachers scheduled for 2014

    Mariette xox

  189. wow, what a line-up! how did i not hear about this until now? it looks like inspiration overload (is that possible) and i want to be a part of it!

  190. What an amazing lineup! I would love the constant inspiration…sitting at the knee of so much talent for an entire year!!

  191. INSPIRATION. CLARITY COURAGE. It is time for me to step into, and step up to, a new way of being, one that shares joy and enables others to share their own shining light within. Life-Book 2014 will help me launch.

  192. This sounds like so much fun!! I’d LOVE to win a spot!

  193. As an “experimental” artist I can’t think of anything better than getting to experiment for a whole year with a group of truly wonderful artists!! Sign me up.

  194. I would LOVE to win this- I’m finally allowing myself to indulge in art classes I have been wanting to take for ages (but found a thousand silly reasons NOT to) and in addition to yours (just a few more days!), I was planning on signing upf or LifeBook 2014. Fingers and toes crossed!

  195. With such an amazing group of awesome teachers, it would be a great privilege to take part in this course :)

  196. I would love to win a spot in this class. Such a fabulous lineup of teachers. This class would force me to set time aside every day just for me to create. Imagine the stress relief. Time for just me would be fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  197. Flora, I love your artwork! When I saw your name on the list of teachers, I knew I had to take this course. I want to take Life Book because I want to learn from the amazing teachers and be part of an artistic community. If a 4-week art class can change my life, then what can a year-long course do?! I would like to be a professional artist and I know I have a ways to go before I get to that point. I think Life Book will help me to grow personally and artistically in unimaginably wonderful ways. I hope I get to take the course. Wendy

  198. As the carer of an autistic daughter I am often called upon to be resilient and strong and even though I have wonderful support from family and friends, it can be challenging to remain positive. Whenever my partner asks what I would like to do with an hour off, it’s always “meditate” with yoga or art. That is where my heart, mind and spirit seeks refuge and to be offered an opportunity to begin a new year surrounded and mentored by loving, giving artistic souls would be a nourishing experience. Thank you, namaste.

  199. WOW, I did not know such a thing existed! All those wonderful tutors, that would be the ultimate prize for some one like me, who loves to play and create with paint! It certainly would be a life changing experience!

    But if I won, I would give the prize to my daughter Louann who is a great little artist in her own right, and at the young age of 25 has just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she now has trouble with mobility in her hands.

    I would love to be able to give her this amazing gift of inspiration!
    Thank you for the opportunity to be in the draw.

    Glynis Laidlaw

  200. I want to make art!

  201. I am so inspired by your work, as I have your book. I would love an opportunity to try a little of your inspiration through Life Book. I have loved Life Book the past two years, but due to life changes I may not get to participate next year. It would be a such a blessing to get a chance to participate. Glad to see new faces in Life Book and such awesome talent!
    Jill Turner

  202. I am looking forward to the theme next year. Self care is so important.

    I watched your video on your home page. AMAZING! Cant wait for your class in LB14!

  203. Looking forward to Lifebook 2014. THanks for the chance to win

  204. Hi Flora,
    I am so loving your latest work, and working with potato stamps…inspired!, love the direction you are taking and your inspiring blog posts! I read them every time.
    I really would love to win a place at the Lifebook 2014 classes.
    Kind Regards,


  205. I’d love to win this! I’ve been wanting to take your ecourse but my hubby isn’t employed right now so I can’t justify the expense. I’ve been doing mixed media for a couple years now and I’m ready to explore other methods.

  206. I would love to win a spot in this wonderful class. It would help me to stick to creating art and to learn from so many different teachers is so very exciting to me. Thank you so much for offering this and for being one of the teachers!

  207. How kind of you to offer a free spot! I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2014. I have never been exposed to your work before today, but WOW, you are fabulous! I would be thrilled to learn from you in the upcoming year. Thank you for the opportunity, and congratulations on being chosen as an instructor!


  208. I would love an opportunity to explore my creativity. I ache to take one of your courses. My life as a therapeutic parent takes all spirit from me most days. Recently, the past year, I have been focusing on my yoga practice, painting and trying to get the joy back into gardening. It is a slow process but… What an opportunity. I am sure all those who partake will be fully satisfied. Thank you for the chance. I hope to see you, Miss Bowley, in my future…

  209. I would love the chance to learn from such an amazing group of teachers!

  210. I think it would be great to work with a great set of artists. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  211. I would love to win a spot because the past year has been a very emotional and turmoil filled year. I lost sight of all the things I loved and I stopped appreciating myself . I’ve regained a lot of ground back but I still struggle with finding that inner peace again. I think life book would be a fantastic way for me to heal and express the chaos that had built up inside of me. Plus the lineup of teachers looks amazing and I would love to learn from each one of them.

  212. Hi, I am absolutely love your work. I am going to art and soul and then saving up to take a class from you!! I live in Seattle so we are no too far away! xox Lisa

  213. What a crazy amount of talent you have in this line-up!! This is a fabulous idea and I’m glad Flora is a part of it. I have been a watercolor artist for years and started painting acrylics and mixed media collage in the last couple of years. I love what I’ve accomplished but still feel the need to find “my true voice” in the mixed media area. Being exposed to lots of teachers would help me explore until I basically come back to myself:) Thanks for the gift.

  214. One of my goals is to encourage and enable other artists, but sometimes, I need a little encouragement of my own and I can’t think of a better place to get that than Life Book 2014. I would love to win a spot in the course. Thank you for your generosity!

  215. The course is so awesome to learn the great teachers’ style. I d love to be part of this journey! Thank you for the chance to win

  216. Nontraditional brushes? Sounds fun! Anxious to get to know your style a bit more.

  217. I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2014! As a Creativity Coach and counselor, I love to encourage and help others to live a creative life. I see where Creativity heals and teaches us many things about how to live life. In fact the process of creativity is LIFE. It is how we can live most effectively if we will listen and learn from this wonderful gift. Having this opportunity would give me back something that I can not only use for my own self healing but offer me new techniques and ideas for healing and helping others in their creativity.

  218. It would be just wonderful to win a spot in 2014 Life Book! Painting w/ non traditional brushes sounds pretty interesting and fun. Thanks for providing us a chance to win!

  219. Hi Flora! This is the first time I’ve heard about Life Book. It looks wonderful. In my life “plan,” 2014 is my year for discovering/creating myself as an artist. These last few years have been challenging, with a number of big life changes as well as healing from some chronic illness, both for myself and my son. (I had registered for your class in Boston in October, but needed to withdraw a few months back, which still makes me very sad…) My career as a graphic designer has been reasonably successful, but after a lifetime spent in corporate America, my soul is yearning for freedom of expression. I’ve always struggled with artistic self-expression, making small strides here and there, but then getting sidetracked by everyday life, kid’s activities, etc. I know there’s something in there that desperately wants to come out, but it’s very tender and afraid. Progress has been sporadic, and I have glimpses here and there of what’s possible. The paintings I did in Bloom True last fall are one of those glimpses. So I think I’ve FINALLY gotten my life to a point where I can devote the time to myself, to discovering what kind of art I want to make and then building my life around it. Exploring what that art will be through Life Book seems like an excellent opportunity and place to start! This is my dream. And Happy Birthday, by the way! :-) It’s my birthday, too. An excellent day. Yay!

  220. I would love to have the free spot in the Life Book because I am broke, helping support a family member and it would be a great “get away” for me. I love to paint and play with clay and a year long art adventure would be so very welcome to me. Thanks for considering my post. I love your art Flora. You just make me want to sing. Take care. Blessings! – Lora R.

  221. P.S. I posted my comment on 9/27 @ 9:10PM Pacific Standard Time. The banner above my post says 9/28 410AM. So, I did post “today”, just my time zone. :)

  222. I would love to win this giveaway. The entire project sounds wonderful. To create a Lifebook at my age would be awesome and very fulfilling.

  223. I would dearly love to win a place in this class. I work with numbers and number crunch all day, so I would like to train my brain not to think literally. Abstract art is what I love to create.

  224. WOW, what a fantastic opportunity to development my love of art…and my daughter too. All those lovely teachers to guide and nuture. Thanks Flora for awesome giveway!!
    x Melissa

  225. I would love it.

  226. What a great fit – Flora and LifeBook 2014!
    So inspiring…I love LifeBook 2013!
    Please pick me…”I’ll be your best friend” forever!

  227. I would love to win and be able to grow my very limited knowledge of multimedia.

  228. The class you will be teaching sounds wonderfull. What a great and new way of painting using other things besides a brush. This would be so much fun to do.

  229. Hi Flora, would love a place in life book. Your teaching has changed my life so much already. I relish any chance to work with you and continue the discovery of me.

  230. With the arrival of our first baby in Jan next year, I am looking for any and all ways to be able to keep up the practice of being creative and artsy. Having a class as amazing as this would be such an awesome way to navigate my way though motherhood and continue to work on my goal of becoming an full time artist. <3 xx

  231. I would love to join LB 2014 because it will give so much inspiration and it’s a wonderful way to learn from so many different teachers with their own way of making art. It will be an awesome experience!!!

  232. Having seen that there are already 229 comments, because who WOULDN’T want to be in with a chance of this wonderful giveaway?! I almost didn’t bother … But then I thought, if you don’t try you won’t win, and as in 2014 I will turn 50, have just discovered art and feel that there are extraordinary adventures awaiting me around the corner, then here goes! Whoever wins, I wish them the very best and happy art to all. Jane x

  233. Great to hear about such a wonderful gift you are giving.

    I have been longing to get back to my one true passion, which is art. After a childhood spent with my paints and thinking nothing of pouring over my little works of art for hours and hours in my happy, silent world I miss being able to enjoy this as an adult. Somewhere across the years the trepidation and the judgement and the fear kicked in and I long to unlock that hidden door inside that will allow me to re-connect with my first true passion and joy.

    I have ordered books and played around with a bit of paint but end up disappointed in myself for not being ‘good enough’. I know there is a volcano of creativity in there that I cannot unlock alone and I need some help with from wiser souls than me. I want to free the passion and see the colours explode from my hands in such a way that I create what I see in my head and feel a part of the creative process and not just scared of it.

    I’d love to take a degree in art but am scared I am not up to it and would be rubbish and quit, that I am just not creative enough. I want to channel my inner artist and silence my inner critic!

    As a start, it would be great to immerse myself in creativity all next year and find a part of myself that I lost somewhere. Maybe then I can prove I am good enough and go on to study art formally without have ‘the fear’!

  234. I luv the fact that Life Book 2014 is themed around healing & self-development. To be able to use art that celebrates & nourishes my spirit & soul is awesome.

  235. I am really hoping to win a spot in this class. I’m kind of stuck at home due to an accident that has left me with severe PTSD and other ‘things’ that makes it difficult for me to participate in the community. I love discovering new forms of art and also enjoy the comadarie with the other students.

  236. Hey.. I live in South Africa and its all about realism here. I would so L O V E to win this!!! :) ))

  237. How beautiful! My heart sings at the thought of such a wonderful course. I had never heard of this until today when a creative and generous friend posted a link to this blog on Facebook. I would love to do this so much. The younger of my two daughters finishes school this year so I can finally devote myself to creating the thriving and prolific art practice I dream of. January is my 56th birthday, my second Saturn return, time to let myself be a full-time artist!

  238. I would love to do this course, it would be such a wondeful experience. I first discovered your art through Kelly Rae Roberts, and since then following your work passionately! Would love to learn more about self discovery through art and to share it again with others! It would be an amazing adventure! Thank you Flora! Maybe 2014 is my year too!

  239. The class sounds so lovely I would be so chuffed to win a spot – we are travelling around quite a bit lately, and this would be a wonderful way to participate in a group with like minded souls.

  240. Hello.
    I would loooove to be part of this amazing e-course.
    For me it this the only way to participate. And this course offers a lot of teachers/artists – and i would love to explore my creativity, learn from teachers and their style, discovering my style ;)
    i would be honored to be part of this course…
    thank you for the giveaway.
    love, alenka

  241. Art is my lifesaver! can never get enough of new inspiring ideas.

  242. Blooming terrific… what a great learning experience. Art is about creating and being exposed to many different ways and means of expressing the self. I dont think you can ever stop learning, nor ever have too many new new insights from how others do their process. This kind of year long development would provide a golden opportunity to expand my repetiore and in turn enhance my creative process by taking it to another level…… That’s what its all about, expanding, growing, exploring, learning and having a ball being mentored by those who are living the process. With love and creative magic xxx Shamana

  243. I would like to participate in Lifebook because there are so many lovely teachers and people involved in learning and sharing art. I wouldn’t be able to help but improve my artistic confidence.

  244. What a fabulous giveaway! Art truly has the power to release our inner creative souls.

  245. WOW, THAT WOULD BE SOOO GREAT,such an opportunity and a lifechanging chance!

    PICK ME!

    PiCK ME!

    PICK MEEEEE!!!!!! (Hope you hear me screaming!). ;) ))

    Colourful greetings (and wish you a beautiful Birthdayweekend!)

  246. I’d love to win a spot and join, because the community in this group is amazing! xx Kate

  247. I would love to follow up Bloom True with Life Book 2014. What a great art experience that would be.

  248. Like Book 2014 sounds amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot. Crossing my fingers.

  249. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    I want and need to be part of a caring, encouraging supportive community. I am in awe of the amazing instructors and need a kick in the pants to focus and move forward.

  250. Winning would be like being given magical access to rainbows, oh the joy of that! Rainbows are more beautiful than the pot at the end because the rainbow is now, & the pot never turns out to be what you expected. Here’s to colourful adventures . As they say you’ve got to be in it to win it- count me in. Xo

  251. I would love to win a spot! There’s a great group of artists lined up!

  252. I’m about to give birth to my first baby (a boy) a the end of November at the age of 42. I am so excited (this little one was so wanted for so long), and of course anxious as any new mama would be. But I’m also a little scared that I may lose myself and my creative life because I won’t take time for myself in 2014. I would love to have my little bundle strapped to my chest as I paint away (with non-toxic paints of course!) and so I can introduce him to the world of creativity from his first breath. I’m hoping that Life Book could give me the structure to stay true to my intention. Thanks for this opportunity! ~Christina

  253. I would love to win because I’m on my own creative self exploration, through drawing painting and making things. I know I
    have so far to go and going through this with a community of
    of great teachers and other students is the right way for me.
    Alone in my studio is nice but learning with connections is much better..!

  254. What a opportunity !!! I hope to win !!!!

  255. Sounds incredible, a feast for eyes and soul! Would love to win the spot, thank you for the opportunity!

  256. PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! I would just love to win this…it will give me another whole year to look forward to with all my favorite artists together in one spot :) x Tanya

  257. yes yes yes. I have been drooling over your work and dying to take your classes. And non traditional media to paint. sounds like just my thing. love it. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  258. Been so curious about life book and what it is. What is would be to have an amazing journey thru life book. So many great teachers to get to meet and their styles and knowledge. And all in one place. I would love to experience that piece of the pie. Thankx Jamesa Cramer

  259. I would love to win this class because I feel like I’m right on the edge of something- like I’m right about to truly find my artistic voice. I have been making so much these past 4 years and know that I am an artist but having a chance to learn from many other artists would help me along my path of more fully finding my own artistic voice and vision.

  260. Life Book seems like a wonderful opportunity to engage in creativity year-round and increase my knowledge of techniques. I would live to participate in this process!

  261. What a lovely giveaway chance! Life Book looks amazing! I feel this would open up paths for me which I am on the brink of discovering and with some nudging, and insight as well as technique help…well, it would just place me where I feel I am headed. Thank you!

  262. Hi Flora, you will definitely be seeing me in the LB2014 classroom, continuing my heart-opening journey that started at COTWS in September last year. Can’t wait :) Thanks, Siobhan

  263. There is a awesome artist named Flora
    whose art is like a wonderful box of Pandora
    so she’s giving away a chance
    to sing and paint and dance
    If I win I’ll yell “I adora ya”!

  264. Hi Flora,
    Thanks so much for the chance. I would love a year of diving into new artistic possibility. It’s really awesome that you are in the line-up! Thanks again. XOXOX

  265. Hej Flora
    Wauw what a beautiful chance , I would be soooo happy to learn – work – and play with such an amazing lot of artists. I have such a zuum in my stomach thinking of how great it could be. I’m sitting here thinking where I will be next New Year, what the course will give hmmmm
    I better get back to read all about it ;-D.

    Thanks for your way of being

    Line Bank

  266. Flora,
    I bought your book last summer and started painting immediately with joyful abandon! I will be having my first show next summer. This December I graduate from Nursing school and cant wait to get a job and back to the work of painting, not studying, in my free time. I hope to take a workshop with you sometime soon and bring you to Homer, Alaska. Thanks for the opportunities and inspiration!

  267. I studied painting and drawing as a young woman and gave it up completely when I painted something that scared me. At the time I did not know that my inner self was screaming out at me and that it was the best, most authentic work of art I ever did. It took many years to face the inner demons and heal them. The last step is to begin painting again. And I try to but lose courage. I have a room full of blank canvas, paints and brushes. My soul seeks support and kinship of artists full flowered and buds on the vine. ♥ Jeanne Little Dove.

  268. I have always wanted to participate in LifeBook, but never had the funds. Your non-traditional brushes technique sounds (and looks!) wonderful! Thank you for the generous offer!

  269. I would love to join the art party because of all the guest teachers that have been invited!! It looks like so much fun, so many personalities, so much talent, so who wouldn’t want to be a part of the inspiration!!!

  270. What a wonderful opportunity! I’ve let the clock tell me there isn’t enough time. The first thing to go was my creative practice. Life Book looks like a tremendous opportunity to my my creativity – my soul – a priority and a lifestyle!


  271. Thank you for the chance to win – I haven’t participated in the earlier LifeBook sessions, although after having seen some of the fabulous work folks have produced afterwards, I wished I had! I love taking online classes, being part of a creative community, and would love to be a part of LifeBook 2014!

  272. Great your on lifebook 2014, You have such a lovely style and i’m looking forward to having your lesson in 2014.

  273. I would love to win this amazing opportunity, because next year I turn fifty and want so badly to unearth the artist in me. I know there are more layers to my being to discover and this would be a most honored and treasured experience.

  274. Hi Happy Birthday Flora…
    Love you xx
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  275. Life Book

    I am student and teacher
    churchgoer and preacher
    of color and lines,
    symbols and signs.
    That help me to create,
    what I see or debate
    in this strange world,
    where ideas are hurled.
    Like hail mine collide
    and I can only provide,
    shelter in painting or poem,
    as art is my home.

  276. Would love to win a spot in this class…. looking forward to taking it!

  277. I’m reading art books, painting and drawing and thats what I enjoy the most. Hope to be a part of this so I could learn much more and keep following my dream to became a full time painter ;)
    Greetings from Croatia!

  278. Congratulations on being chosen to teach during the LB2014 event! This event will be a super great opportunity to learn a wide variety of techniques Whooo-Hooo! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the seat! Hugs from Namibia

  279. I would absolutely love to win a spot on lifebook 2014. I have read your book and followed blogs from many of the other instructors. I can’t always afford classes but love to learn and express myself creatively. I would love to learn more and develop my artistic skills more in 2014.

  280. would love to dig deep and learn how to express myself creatively–
    thanks for the opportunity–

  281. It’s time for me to discover my authentic creative voice and I know this would be key in my transformation…thank you thank you for the opportunity…yes yes yes….

  282. My work always looks like there is a stick up the A********. I really think this would help me work more freely. I hope to be able to take the LB2014.

  283. You got me at non-traditional brushes! How fun!!!

  284. Create, Believe, and Passion is what I have learned from Flora Bowley. Making something come alive in my heart and soul and learning how to let go is an amazing feeling. To continue this journey would be a exhilarating. Believe Create, and Passion is my bloom true story and to discover more from her would be o appreciated by me and my heart!!!

  285. I can’t wait to start 2014 with LifeBook!

  286. Who wouldn’t want be a part of this wonderful venture.New teachers,new ways of doing art,just doesn’t get any better.

  287. I would absolutely love to win a spot!!!! What a fabulous group of teachers!!! You are all so talented!!! Thanks for the opportunity. :0)

  288. because I would <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 this as much as I <3 Flora, & her beautiful <3ful extraordinary art and warm, motivational sharing(soul nurturing), and would be bound to share more of my OWN <3's desire making art from my own <3, and sharing my <3 with the other beautiful gentle souls that would be participating!! with ALL my <3, I will follow my sparkles, and intensify them and share them too :) ….<3, always…..

  289. Because it looks like an amazing opportunity for growth and I can’t wait for it to start

  290. I take a courageous step out onto what I hope is a strong branch.
    (What if I fall)
    I claim this life of an artist breath by breath, daybreak by daybreak.
    I let go of what makes my spirit feel too small, let in the tides of indigo paint,
    claiming my birthright with a brush in hand.
    Spirit whispers as the cadmium stars fan their light through dusky blue, Live to inspire; live this life to inspire.
    (Will I let myself fall)
    I am the silver-blue breath, saying a hesitant, adamant Yes

    ~thank you for considering me~❤

  291. I have fallen into the world of art journaling and the blog loveliness of those who will be a part of Life Book 2014. I would love to win a spot in this course and would do an unending happy dance should I be fortunate enough to win.

  292. I often feel so locked in myself and art is the key to free myself and connect me with the world, I wished my tinos hole would not be as academically. ( sorry for my bad english) your work inspires me a lot. Thanks!

  293. All my life I have helped others. I’ve counselled children. I’ve worked with special needs children. I’ve worked in a school office where I kissed the owies that needed kissing and supplied hugs to those who need them. This continued with my children and now with my Mom who’s in her 80′s. I really need some time to spend with me. I need to get to know myself and this course will help greatly. I’m so excited about this course and hope to win a spot in it. I would be so thankful if I should be chosen as I’m guessing others would as well. Good luck to us all.

  294. This sounds like a great class! I would love to win a spot so I can learn to take my crafting to a more artistic level! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  295. Thank you Flora and Tam for an opportunity to win a place on Life Book so that I can continue my blossoming journey of possibility and authenticity and healing through art and intuition and joy.

  296. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in Life Book to replenish my soul and learn from so many wonderful teachers.

  297. I would love to just have more opportunity to learn some heart art with other heart artist!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! and thank you for your brave learning!

  298. I am looking forward to LifeBook 2014! I want to relax & learn!! Want to learn how to make thermofax screens!! Thanks!!

  299. Life Book 2014 would be a year of living bravely in my artistic growth.

  300. I have recently sold all of my belongings ( besides my moleskins and art supplies) to tap into my gift of art journaling in Costa Rica. Any creative outlet that helps me reach my goal of making a living from it would be amaze.

  301. I keep being stuck in my “caterpillar” stage and there’s something missing. not enough courage? not enough belief in myself?
    I don’t know. but I hope one fine day I will be in the right space & time to finally discover my true Art Self.

  302. Sounds amazing! I would love an opportunity to learn from the best of the best and to unleash my creativity.

  303. I am just returning to my mixed media roots after a hiatus… This would be an amazing jumpstart!

  304. I have been learning so many new techniques in Life Book 2013 and would love to join in LB2014. Winning a spot would be awesome because that would leave more $$ for supplies!!! Yea!

  305. I would love to have a place for the LB course it has a great group of artist teaching lots of new things to learn thank you for the chance

  306. I want to grow and change my art. Through an art journaling process, I have discovered that I expose more my internal feelings, am more raw, and seem to create more powerful pieces. Being part of a group of people who share this passion makes this even more possible. And, to top it off, the ability to learn from so many different, talented people makes the journey sweeter. From the list, I already see that each teacher has a valuable gift to share and I would love to be able to have access to that talent. I really hope to win a spot as I am ready to take my own art to a new level.

  307. It would be wonderful to learn to embrace my emotions and turn them into meaningful artwork instead of pushing them inside. I keep traditional written journals, but just writing words doesn’t seem to help me fully connect with the underlying emotion. Also, I would rather create a piece of art that when viewed can suggest an emotion to the viewer and have them connect with the piece on a personal level.

  308. Ooh ah! My arty girl world would revel in such an opportunity. Thanks so much for the giveaway offer Flora!

  309. The list of teachers is so amazing, I’d love to learn from these wonderful artists. I’m also in a bit of a rut and believe the course will help me develop artistically and personally too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  310. I would love to be a part of your class in Lifebook 2014. Being creative to me is equal to being free, to breathe deeply, to fill my soul with goodness and even to dream and fly and fly…..forever.

  311. A year long creative adventure is reason enough to want a spot in the Lifebook 2014, thanks so much for the opportunity, I hope I win, I need it :)

  312. I am in the middle of a project painting 1001 heARTs. I am transitioning in my life (My kids are making plans to go out on their own) and I decided to figure out … everything while painting. (Art making helps me/us to think.) Painting is not my first media (I am a mixed media fine art quilter at my core.) So I have a lot that I need to learn.

    I would be honored to take part in Life Book 2014.

    To check out the current heARTs go to: http://www.robinsunnepostcard.com That is what I have figured out so far.

  313. Wow it is an amazing adventure and I want to be on it with all of you wonderful artists! Thanks for a chance to win.

  314. Would love this opportunity to learn from all the wonderful teachers x

  315. I have so much to learn and this looks perfect for me. Please choose me!! I’m retired and looking to find my creative side.


  316. Wow! what a great chance to learn from so many wonderful artists, how could you not be excited about that. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  317. It would be wonderful to win and expand my creativity all throughout 2014. Thank you for this opportunity

  318. I would love to have the opportunity to join Life Book which is something I would never be able to afford to do otherwise. My fingers are crossed hoping that the universe provides me with a chance to learn to express myself better through art journaling.

  319. I would like to be a part of Life Book 2014. I love mixed-media. I love to paint. And I want to learn something new. I take part in LB2013 and I learned a lot of interesting things. And I’m sure that LB2014 will be very interesting too.

  320. My life is full of change this year and next. My son is a Senior and trying to decide a college. I’m facing college debt and empty house. My work life is crazy and art is my solice. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  321. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a year than exploring art with so many fantastic teachers…a great escape from my day job.

  322. Hello Flora, I don’t envy you trying to chose someone from so may keen artists who need to replenish, revitalise and connect. It is wonderful to see so many people connecting thought this medium and the need to release and express their thoughts and energy through art. I am no different. I have had sorry and grief in the last 12 months, a job that weighed me down into a spiral of negativity but it is art and the connection I am finding with this new “tribe” that is helping the turning point to a new and positive place. I am beginning my journey and the direction and guidance of this book would help keep me on tract. Thank you for such a nice offer of this gift.

  323. Oooooh what a treat a whole year of different artists sharing their trade and time and indulging us would love to be artists with their talents. A freebie to boot would be an added bonus to what sounds like a year of creative fun.

  324. Wow! so many comments! Thanks, Flora, for teaching and giving away a space in Life Book 2014. As always, meeting new artists and teachers online is magical and inspiring. I enjoy that aspect as much as I enjoy the lessons. Good luck to everyone! ~Hobby

  325. I am so exited about Life Book 2014!!
    I did LB 2012 and have been missing ALOT everything about LB, both the community and Mondays! Yeahhh Mondays are always fun when you do Life Book because then you get a new lesson or something else like interesting interview.

    Greetings from Iceland! :)
    Sigrun Linda

  326. This would be amazing!! I’ve never been a art class junkie but lately I’m soaking up everything I can. It’s more than just creating art it’s transforming your life. I am ready!!

  327. Hello, Flora! I would love to win this spot to gift to my sister, Holly; so, we could journey together in this year long offering.

    Thank you so much for the generous opportunity!! ~H♥~

  328. Hi Flora! I am currently taking your BloomTrue ECourse…day 2 and loving it! Your book is my absolute favorite book! I have been delving into spirituality and you are an answered prayer! Thank you! I am so grateful to be finding myself as an artist! I would love to win this and learn even more from you and others! Thank you for the opportunity! Thank you for the courage to be yourself and share so openly with others!!!! You are changing lives!!!

  329. Wow, what an opportunity. Thank you so much for opening your hearts and giving back. Art truly is such a powerful healing tool and I want to learn as much as I can. I have just launched a new business that creates “goodness gifts” and I recently started to revisit my art background. I felt like I hit lotto when I found Flora in Where Women Create. Instantly, I felt a bond and knew I had missed art so much it hurt. This class would be a blessing for me to continue learning from such creative and brave women. I want to create healing art in my products that help people. Many thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.
    With love and gratitude,
    -Sharon LaMonica

  330. I hope I’m not too late to try for an awesome spot in the year long art fun! Thanks for a chance to win!

  331. Having an artistic soul. To create that comes from my heart, it is a part of who I am. Since I was young, being a shy, quiet child and adolescent… it was a way for me to express what was inside of me.. my feeling, thoughts. I have been growing and moving in my creativity to express the soul side on all levels.. light, love, dark, pain, dreams that is within me and all of us. To grow and learn from other talented artist that can help open doors to tools and techniques. There is so much that I can learn from them, being mostly self taught. To be guided and inspired by these amazing artist would be an opportunity to grow within this passion and life.

  332. A fave quote by RUMI sums it up.

    “Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love.”

    Being drawn to this transformative opportunity. :)

  333. I would love to win a spot on LifeBook. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to learn from so many amazing teachers and at the end you’re left with a body of work.

  334. I would love to take part in Life Book 2014, it sounds so inspiring and would love to learn from such an amazing group of artist. Thank you.

  335. Looks like LB14 is going to be quite the journey and i really want to be part of the ride, thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot !

  336. I have been mulling over coaching options, looking for the perfect thing. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  337. I have looked at this so many times but because I am a senior I am unable to afford to join in. I would love to have the opportunity go along on this amazing journey. Thank you for the chance to win.

  338. I hope you haven’t picked a winner yet because I’d love to take this class. So many wonderful teachers and so much to learn. How can you not want to be a part of all that wonderfulness?

  339. This amazing course really suits my new life goal, celebrate me and live a fulfilling life doing what I love most. Making art is communicating with your soul. Who doesn’t want that?

  340. I would love to take this creative journey! Wow – what an opportunity – Goddess Bless!

  341. What an opportunity !! I would love to take this creative journey ….Many bright blessings.

  342. Living a creative life has always been very important to me. I grew up knowing I wanted to be an artist. I remember my mom telling people I was born with a paint brush in my hands. Somewhere along the way… journeying through life I got lost…I was still being creative as a wife and mother, but I went for years with my at supplies packed up. Recently, as I’ve watched one of my daughters who is so incredibly creative and see her spend almost every extra minute of every day creating it reminds me of just how important is is and how much I miss not digging in deeper and spending more time doing my art. She just can’t get through a day without creating something. Watching her has taught me to move beyond the fear and bring art back into my life daily and intently. This is something I’ve been working on the past few years. I’ve unpacked my supplies and even bought a few new. I’ve taken some online courses and have been trying to take steps back into painting and creating new art. It’s been a bit scarey but I look forward to living a more creative life. This course is just what I need to continue to grow on my creative journey and appreciate the opportunity. It would be a huge blessing and honor to learn from some many talented artists!

  343. I just want to find my own voice, my own creative muse, I am so afraid I don’t own one. I think classes like this could help me.

  344. congratulation on becoming one of lifebook`s teachers. i dont make art yet, just in the admire and wish it was me stage still. fingers crossed, maybe i`ll be the lucky one.

  345. I’d love to win a seat in this awesome course. It will for sure fuel up my creativity!

  346. What a dream come true this would be for me….. and many others :)

  347. Congratulations on being an instructor for LifeBook 2014!! I am super excited about this course and would love an opportunity to join in the year long art journey!!

  348. I love fellow inspiration and the schedule of the class! I’d love to win. Thanks!!

  349. I would love to win a spot in the class – the work I see is absolutely wonderful.

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