Introducing Couch Chats! :: with Alena Hennesey


Something I am crazy grateful for is the tribe of inspiring artists, visionaries and healers I have in my life.  I do not take this part of my life for granted, especially when I hear tales of isolation and lack of creative community from so many people.

Over the past few years, my tribe has been widening.  Through my travels and teaching, I have met so many inspiring creatives (especially women) who are doing amazing things in the world, and I swear our conversations about work, love, art, community and transformation feed my soul like nothing else.  I am always so grateful for these conversations, and I’m often left thinking, “Hey, we should have recorded that!”.  This desire to share inspiration, widen community and spread the love is how “Couch Chats” came to be.

Voila! An idea manifested!

After dreaming about this idea for over a year, I’m really excited to present my very first “chat” with my kindred soul sister, Alena Hennessey.  If you aren’t yet familiar with Alena’s world, I’m happy to be the one to introduce you to it.  Her presence and art exude so much depth, love, wisdom and harmony…an old soul fo’ sure!

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this candid chat about our upcoming e-courses, new books (mine is just an idea at this point!) and our mutual love of “permission giving.”  I will admit that neither one of us is actually sitting on a couch, in fact, thanks to today’s technology, this conversation actually took place on two different coasts (Portland, OR and Ashville, NC).  However, the spirit of sisterhood and our love of chatting is still very much in tact.

Here we go… (please excuse the small glitchy bit in the middle…we are learning!).

For more info about our upcoming courses, please click below…happy painting ya’ll! xo





  1. Oh so inspiring! I love you both & admire your work greatly. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love you kindred spirit gorgeous soul lady! So sweet to revisit our talk again. I’m going to post in a few hours after I get these orders out.
    xoxo, alena

  3. Loved watching this so much! You both are adorable bright lights. Thank you for sharing your gifts with this world!!!

  4. It makes me feel deeply uneasy listening to this dialogue and hearing Flora talk about the ‘wonderful community’ and friendships happening through the face book group for her course, when both she and Beth Nicholls/Kempton blatantly refused students the chance of a facebook group to support them through the process when she first ran this course. We were even told we couldn’t invite other students (who were on the course) if we were to start one ourselves!!

    It left a very bitter taste in quite a few peoples mouths! To then hear she is giving other students that opportunity. Very sad. Very badly done.

  5. Very beautiful talk ladies. I am officially inspired. You rock in so many ways! Now to get to painting! xoxo

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