Introducing Soul Shine Studio!


A very exciting project has been brewing for the past couple of months, and I’m so excited to share it you!  In many ways, this project has been ruffling it’s wings for over a year and those wings are finally staring to spread their feathers in ways we can’t even imagine.

The seeds for this project were planted with some casual, yet profound, conversations and napkin scribbles with a couple of my favorite dreamers and inspirationalists.  The conversations meandered over many topics, but clear threads wove our stories and desires together.  These threads were all about connection, support, collaboration, manifestation and evolution.

In essence, we were talking about NEEDING each other—needing to come together so much so that staying separate no longer felt like an option.  

At the beginning of 2013, I declared COLLABORATION and EASE my two words of the year, and I have certainly noticed a collective gravitation among many people in this direction.  It seems we are all looking for ways to find more meaning and purpose in life, and at the same time, we are ready (so ready!) to embrace more ease and grace along the way.  Are you feelin’ it?

From my perspective, collaboration is a key ingredient in this new story.

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 7.13.37 PM

Enter in Miss Possibilitarian, Kelly Rae Roberts.

Kelly Rae is truly one of the most inspiring, grounded, motivated and generous humans I have ever known, so when she asked me share a beautiful new studio space with her, I kinda couldn’t say no.  I actually didn’t need a new space (already got one of those, thank you very much), but the idea of joining forces with Kelly Rae was, like I said, a little bit irresistible.

As soon as I stepped inside the light-filled room with shiny wood floors and exposed brick, located in the heart of Portland’s lovely Pearl District, I was in love.  I could easily envision workshops, gatherings and collaborations being held inside these welcoming walls, and I realized in that moment that *this* was it!  This was the space we needed to manifest all those napkin dreams we couldn’t seem to stop talking about.  Needless to say…we signed the lease.

Enter in Miss Shamanic Painting Priestess, Pixie Campbell.

Yep, as luck, or the stars, or a million divine forces working in mysterious way would have it, one of my favorite women of all time was about to re-locate to Portland and guess what?  She needed a studio space.  Well, well, well…what would happen if we added an amazing healer, artist, medicine making shaman to our already awesome crew?  I was pretty sure the answer was: PURE MAGIC.  After very little convincing, Pixie was in.

Enter in a trip to Bali where Kelly Rae and my dear friend, collaborator and visionary extradordinaire, Lynzee Lynx, fell in love with each other (don’t you just love it when your friends become friends?).  Lynx was ready to step into her next big creative adventure and a collaborative studio space seemed the perfect fit.  With our fourth shiner perfectly in place…

Soul Shine Studio was officially born.  



Kelly Rae, Pixie, Lynx and moi happy as clams hangin’ in our new digs.

In many ways, we have no idea what will actually transpire in our lovely new space.  We only know it’s supposed to be happening—Just. Like. This.  My crush (OK maybe he’s more than just a crush at this point :) ) so perfectly refers to Soul Shine as our “clubhouse” and honestly that is exactly what it feels like—a special place to dream, connect, play and create where imagination, heart and soul hold the keys to the door.

We are opening our soulful doors this coming Friday for a very special Open House.  We would love for you to join us at the clubhouse for some fun!

Soul Shine Studio Open House

July 5th, 11am-6pm.

1306 NW Hoyt. St. Portland, OR, Ste 412

*Awakening Creativity * Igniting Community * Radiating Possibility

Hell yeah!

Hope to see you there…

xo flora






  1. would so much love to come in person but will be sending you lots of warm tropical waves of flower scented good wishes from Bali instead. May your souls shine bright! xo

  2. I am so excited for you all! I wish so much that I lived in the Portland area to come celebrate your collaborative journey (because that’s what it is!), but alas, I live in Colorado! Best wishes on creative, wonderful soul searching! Can’t wait to see what transpires! Cheers!

  3. Oh congratulations Flora!!!I would love to go and celebrate with you your happiness but I am in NY. In spirit I will be there. That is something that I always dream about it. To have an space like that with friends like yours. One day I will have it.
    Big Hug and Love

    Rossy Tavares
    I will see you in Brooklyn NY…I am so excited…

  4. OMGeezie! You + KRR? looks like a dream come true!! Wish I could join you generous souls in person, but best wishes for all of you!!

  5. What a lovely story. I will surely visit your new place on my next trip to Portland at the end of the month. Just finishing Flora’s book. Would love to chat with Pixie about her healing practice too.

    With love and hope,

  6. oh this looks so exciting! Maybe one day I will have the privilege to wonder over and meet ya all.
    Greetings from Oz

  7. Flora,

    Ease is my word of the year too! Yay so happy for you all, can’t wait to see what flows out of this space, looks amazing already.



  8. Beautiful narrative weaving together. I can feel the magic. Looking forward to your workshops….hopefully soon. This is so exciting, to create the community we all need and search for- thank you for igniting!!!! Happy creating ladies!

  9. Oh no, I will miss it by one week I arrive in Portland on July 12th!!! Ugh!
    Will the studio be open after this date or is this just a one time event? I would love, love to meet you all!

    Great and amazing story of coming together.


  10. How fabulous! I’ll have to dream up a plan to visit Portland one day (it’s a long way from South Australia, but never say never!). I can’t wait to find out what happens next in your collaborative adventure.

  11. You all look so happy! I will be there in spirit, sending you virtual champagne and wishing you all soulful shining success. xx

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  13. Looks like the coming together of such powerful women is going to be a wonderful magnet for creativity! All the very best to you in this shiny new adventure :)

  14. Congratulations you four…can’t wait to see and hear more about your beautiful space and plans for the future!

  15. Congratulations Flora! What a great space for dreaming you have there! ;-)

  16. This is so inspiring! I want to do something like this in my city!

  17. I’m so excited that your collaboration is happening in my backyard! I hope to make the opening on Friday. Congrats! ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33, Hood River

  18. I love your write up Flora, beautifully done…xo!

  19. I think it is only fair after getting us all excited to post plenty of pictures and plans, since some of us are too far to come to an open house, but not too far to come to a wonderful workshop. Let us in on the fun that you have on the 5th!

  20. Woa-I can feel the power of this union all the way over in New York-Woo HOO! So much talent and beauty under one roof-that sacred space is going to be shaking! Congrats to all of you.

  21. tooooo faaaarrr! but love it. all sounds so shiny and souly and RIGHT. enjoy

  22. Big congrats all you 4!

    May it be a space for true miracles to unfold!

    And, please, make it possible for us all over the world to peek in on your BIG DAY!

  23. WOW! Congrats on the amazing collaboration! Looking forward to a workshop schedule that includes lots of quality time with you all!:-)





  25. Wonderful news, love how collaboration is coming together, for you and for others. I especially love this “*Awakening Creativity * Igniting Community * Radiating Possibility” Best wishes to all of you. <3

  26. WOW! Congratulations! I’m just getting caught up on the new site and God, I love this. In fact, I don’t know if I can bear how much I love it. Learning more about you and seeing this personal side of you is making me love your art even more. You write just like I imagined!

  27. Came down from Seattle today to see your studio! We didn’t get a chance to meet. The studio was uber full of people. I love what you all created! May blessing and love on your new adventure.

    Bloomer in training!

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  29. Dear Flora,
    I am so excited for you, Kelly Rae, Pixie, and Lynzee! How exciting to be in a collaborative with special friends who all share a creative vision. Wonderful :D I hope to visit Portland soon and see the Studio!

  30. Beautiful pictures! expect more.. Then I’ll follow your site ..

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