Uniquity + the Declaration of YOU!


[Image: Zipporah Lomax]

After a pretty major spin around the world (aka: my trip to Bali), I am now cozied back up in my Portland studio — favorite mug in hand, favorite tunes playing on my ipad and an epic amount of stories and thoughts to share…soon.  As I allow my experiences in Bali to sink in a little more deeply, I want to take a minute to share with you a very special book.

The Declaration of You!, is written by two superstar ladies (and lovely friends of mine), Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward.  I’m really proud of them for putting together such a beautiful and important book, because it dives right into the heart of a conversation I seem to be having so much lately.  It’s that one about…

Figuring out what makes you come alive and how the hell to make that into a job. 

Seriously folks, this conversation is UP right now and for good reason.  From my perspective, it seems we are collectively waking up from an old story that goes something like: “I can’t make money doing what I love.  Living passionately is for someone else.  Everything’s been done.  Work is hard.  Life is hard.  Blah, blah, blah…”  Sound familiar?

Our new story looks something like: “I have an amazing gift to offer the world.  My gift is important.  My gift is unique.  My gift can be translated into a prosperous job.  The world will be a better place when I generously offer my gift.”  Sounds a bit better, yes?  YES!  From my point of view, we are collectively ready to step into this new empowered way of living, and I’m so grateful books like, The Declaration of You! are available to help guide the way.


[Image: Zipporah Lomax]

Personally, my story has always included the passion piece, but never the financial success reality.  For better or worse (I’m gonna go with better here), I was born with a deep need to always pursue my passions…at all costs.  By the time I was 19, I decided I was going to make a living as a painter.  Um…does that sound crazy to anyone else, because it sure sounds crazy to me now!  However, as I look back, I am so grateful for my wide-eyed optimism and passionate need to follow my heart.  Without those two ingredients (and a few others like hard work, commitment and integrity), I would certainly not be typing this to you now.

One thing I find extremely interesting is how all my passions — painting, dance, yoga, music, meditation, spirituality, personal transformation, intuition and bravery— are now completely woven together into what I call “my offering or gift”  (aka: my workshops, online course, paintings and book).  It seems incredibly obvious to me now, but I swear I never saw it coming. I always thought my passion for making art and my passion for spiritual growth were totally separate quests in this lifetime.

Little did I know that by following all my passions with such heartfelt dedication, I was also creating my dream job along the way — a unique job just for me.

In The Declaration of You!, Jessica and Michelle, make up a word they call “Uniquity.” I get this word.  I get it on a soul level and I get how important it is these days.  In a world where every kind of information is so easily at our fingertips, it is becoming more and more crucial to step back, examine and cultivate the passions that make YOU truly come alive.  What makes your hearts sing?  What do you have to do in order to feel whole and fed?  What do you look forward to doing everyday?  What kind of people and things do you want to be surrounded by?  Essentially, what makes you…you?

These are the kinds of questions Jess and Michelle are asking in The Declaration of You! …and I’m so glad they are.

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The Declaration of You! will be published by North Light Craft Books this summer.  This post is part of The Declaration of You’s BlogLovin’ Tour, which I’m thrilled to participate in alongside over 100 other creative bloggers.  Check it out!


  1. Welcome back :-)

  2. PLAY is the WAY!

  3. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for this post!

  4. I was one who thought I had to have a professional career and keep my art life “on the side.” I am now living life as a professional artist. It’s not perfect but I get to do what I love. More power to all of us as we wrestle with this…it’s not easy, but so worth it!

  5. Flora! Thank you thank you for joining this tour, and thank you for this insightful post. Your idea of everyone collectively waking up from an old story is so beautiful. I can relate to you on the level of always needing to follow my passions, at all costs — I, too, decided I was going to make my living as a painter when I was pretty young (22), which then led to pattern design, and to everything else I’m doing now. Looking back, it seems crazy to me, too, but I’m so deeply grateful to have listened to my intuition all those years ago. Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon! xo

  6. Oh I need to hear these messages so strongly at the moment, after spending years ‘believing’ comments that ‘art is for stupid kids’..no kidding, my physics teacher at school! ‘Art’s very nice for a little hobby darling’ ……etc etc. Thankyou so much for this!

  7. Yay! Wonderful post Flora! Even when you know what your purpose and passion is we all need tune ups along the way too. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Also had a chance to contribute to the book and am holding my breath to see it. Xoxox

  8. Your words here really resonated with me! This especially: “For better or worse (I’m gonna go with better here), I was born with a deep need to always pursue my passions…at all costs.” For so long, it’s felt like the rest of the world has been saying to me: you are crazy for not pursuing the job that will make you the most money. I have degrees in engineering and landscape architecture, but I’ve always really just wanted to be an artist. Well, it took me a lot longer than you to declare it…last year I finally decided, to heck with what everyone else things, I deserve to be happy! I want to be an artist and that’s that! Thank you for this beautiful post. And I LOVE that photography of you with your mug!

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