Blooming flowers + blooming true (e-course giveaway!)

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Hi ya’ll.  Thought I’d share a little eye candy with you today.  I seriously cannot get enough of the magical blooming flowers in Portland these day.  The latest gorgeousness courtesy of POPPIES and IRISES.  Thank you nature for all the inspiration!

I also wanted to let you know that I’m giving away ten free spots for my next Bloom True e-course over on the Do What You Love blog.  The fun part is that you have to nominate someone ELSE to receive the gift.  So…who do you know who might really benefit from five weeks of brave intuitive painting and living?  Show your love and pay it forward by leaving a comment with your nomination over on the blog.  Cheers and happy Wednesday! xo flora

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  1. Loving all this colour and thinking about who I could nominate………….

  2. Dear Flora, (first time poster here!)

    I would love to nominate my magical aunt, Susan. We’ve been out of touch tell a few months ago, and she is just as I remembered her. A simply kind and unique soul. My aunt Susan is a dancer, firefighter, lawyer, crafter, she paints and knits, but somehow wont call herself an artist.

    I’ve followed you for years now. I’ve taken your e-course and it open parts of me I’ve been yearning to come out. When my aunt and I met up a month ago I had your book with me and she light up. I would love to gift her with you e-course. I would love it again myself, to be’s that good.

    Anyway, wishing you all the success in the world. (on another note..Flora, let your light shine on your blog. I think your triumphs and success gives as all hope. Anyone reading it, I think comes from a good place, where you can brag all you want and we’ll cheer you on the whole way).

    Crossing my fingers,
    Ashley Joon

  3. oh my gosh! first time posting and I post on the wrong blog! Ah, so me…got to love it!

  4. I read your book in one sitting! And the same night I painted on a bigger than usual canvas for me. I just painted with nothing in mind, just went with it and it felt so good. Then turned the painting 180 (what?!) cause I felt like it and these images appeared, very cool. Can’t wait to keep going! Need bigger canvas for more room to explore :)

  5. I would like to nominate my sister. She has always been artistic and loved to create and express but never allows herself the time or resources to do so now that she is an “adult” with other responsibilities. I think this would be an amazing class for her.

  6. I nominate my daughter Sarah, Laird who just graduated from the Oregon College of Art and Craft

  7. Hi, Flora,,
    Oh, those photos and your beautiful art have me heading for the studio! Your newsletters and blog posts always are the cup of inspiration tea I need ! Thanks again!

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