Vulnerability—the new “keeping it cool”

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Hi ya’ll.  Look at me…writing a post AFTER the 30-Day Love Affair is over!  It’s true.  I feel I have officially transformed my relationship with this lovely blog.  Dreading my “blog homework” has now been replaced by thoughts like, “Write a blog?  Sure. Totally.  Why not?  No big deal.  Sounds fun.”  So, that said, I’m officially popping in to say hello and to thank you for your ah-MAZE-ing comments in response to my last post about my name change.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend reading the comments—so moving and inspiring.  Reading your comments reminded me why…

It’s so important for us to share our stories!

It’s so easy to keep our stories to ourselves—to believe they are not important, not interesting, too personal or to believe that they might somehow burden other people.  I understand this—oh. so. well.  I understand this because I’ve been feeling all these things for years.  On that note, I gotta tell you that I seriously felt like I was going to puke after I hit the “publish” button on my name change blog.  After I posted the blog, I texted my friend Kelly Rae Roberts and said, “I just revealed a big deep part of my story on my blog.  Why do I feel like I’m going to throw up now?”  Her response was simple:

“Oh that’s a vulnerability hangover…you’ll be fine.”

Ha!  I loved that she was so blunt.  I loved that she didn’t give it any extra energy.  Why?  Because Kelly Rae knows a thing or two about vulnerability—she’s been at it for awhile now and I have a lot to learn from her.  A vulnerability hangover, ey?  I get it.  It’s the feeling we get after being really freaking honest, open and, well, vulnerable.  It leaves us feeling a little blown open and exposed in a way that “keeping it cool” does not.  But, you know what else comes with being blown open that does not come from keeping it cool?  An ability to be seen, to connect more deeply, to be held, to be loved and to be known for who we really are.  I think I’ll take that over “keeping it cool” any day.

Yes, last week was a big one for me.  Not only did I share new pieces of my story to thousands of people, but I also sent out a newsletter, finished my taxes (no small feat), embarked on a huge yard renovation, continued training my new assistant, tied up what felt like a million loose ends, got organized for my upcoming trip to Bali (I leave in six days) and finished seven new paintings for a show this week—ya know, no biggie :)   That said, I seriously needed a little vacation.

We have been having some insanely gorgeous weather here in Oregon, so I did what any smart gal would do headed for the beach with my crush! After two full days of walking in the sand, gazing at the waves, making fires on the beach, cuddling under the stars and soaking up the sun, I literally feel a new person.  Kelly Rae was right.  I’m just fine.  In fact, I’m pretty darn awesome.

Hope you are too!

xo flora

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  1. You’re awesome! Thanks for sharing your growth & magical moments.
    You’re keeping us all moving forward in the right direction. :)
    xo, Cath

  2. Flora, I love this post! Also, your name change post changed my life. I’m glad that you’re continuing to write, and that you took the break you needed. You’re such a blessing. xo

  3. Whew! 7 new paintings in the midst of taxes,,gardening, blogging, romance, impending travel…. You must have a clone… Or be drinking too much coffee!! I don’t know how you do it all! Very inspiring…. !

  4. Yay. and you’ve inspired ‘several’ others of us to get into our blogs too!!! fancy that!!! haha.
    I’m easing in to the vulnerability part… and so love the way you talk. x

  5. Yay you are back! I have so enjoyed your blog posts and hearing about your beautiful and inspirational life. Thank you for your post today I can very much relate to this subject. Thank you for sharing. x

  6. Interesting that I just blogged about vulnerability yesterday too. I find myself being pushed further and further into vulnerability lately… Terrifying but an amazing sense of ‘aliveness’ too! Thanks for all your sharing Flora love! X

  7. Flora Flora, wonderful star , keep shining ;) X

  8. Was soooo happy to see a new post and its content made me feel all tingly – I’m loving your reflections on life (I’m also really inspired to read about your burst of energy in tackling outstanding tasks. I need to take a leaf!!!) enjoy Bali x

  9. Really enjoy your blog and looking forward to hearing all about Bali. (Always wanted to go there.)

  10. I was so depressed today as I was painting too, for at least two years made some simple, best wishes some beautiful paintings but my family told me to stop this stupid hobby and I stopped because I was not bold enough to continue it . I can make more just for my blog . Please share my blog if I did a good job just to keep a productive hobby . I know u are busy but please share it with your readers . I am so blessed that I found your blog to read inspirational articles like this one . Have nice vacation ! love and best wishes .

  11. YES, YES, YES!!! Vulnerability is hard, sometimes painful, yet beautifully rewarding…. not sure where the line is though of greater authenticity and perhaps too much vulnerability. At times we are not vulnerable as we need protection, but need to be vulnerable for all sort of beautiful things to happen I feel.

  12. Very proud of you. Don’t stop….

  13. You’re back! :-) I missed your posts!

  14. Thank you for showing us your awesomeness Flora, your true self with vulnerability and all. I loved reading every bit of it. Have a lovely time in Bali. A much deserved vacation no doubt. xo

  15. Thank you for being the wonderful woman you are, Flora, and for your inspiring authenticity. Your e-course really changed my life and awakened a deep love for painting myself instead of only adoring other people’s artwork.
    Your “An ability to be seen, to connect more deeply, to be held, to be loved and to be known for who we really are” deeply resonate with me!
    Have a lovely and well deserved trip to Bali!
    cococita x

  16. Vulnerability hangover. Love it. I still have those too. Good to know they’re not important.

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