30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #28!

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I realize this might verge on giving away the ending of a book, but I am going to risk it and share with you the list of “friendly reminders” I offer on the final day of my online course.  I hope you find these reminders helpful, and if they leave you craving more elaboration, my next online course starts in one month.  I would love for you to join me on the adventure!

I also want to share with you a few of my latest paintings in progress.  I can honestly say I’ve been taking a lot of my own advise these days—remembering to trust, let go, experiment, play, explore new territory and push my boundaries.  It feels like a breath of fresh air to continue re-inventing my style in this way—one of the many beautiful things about being an artist!

Hope you had a great weekend…

xo flora

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<<<<< REMEMBER >>>>>

You are an artist. You were born to create. Your paintings are already inside you waiting to be born through you. SET THEM FREE.

There are no mistakes. Anything can be transformed at any moment.

Be PATIENT as your paintings emerge. Don’t rush the process.

Be witness to your thoughts, actions, and patterns.

Witnessing creates space for transformation.

YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR LIFE. Choose your thoughts wisely.

Be gentle on yourself (and others).

LET GO of preconceived ideas. Having expectations will only get in your way.

BE OPEN to all possibilities…all the time.

Listen to your intuition. Go with your gut. TRUST YOURSELF completely.

Be a brave explorer. Embrace the process of discovery along the way.

You don’t need to know what will happen next. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.

Respond to what is happening in the present moment. It’s all a conversation.

Be spontaneous. IMPROVISE!

Ask yourself, “What is working?” and “What do I enjoy doing?”

‘What is working’ is your entry point. Every moment is a new starting point.

There comes a time when you need to commit to something, anything. Commit to NOW.

Make bold commitments + follow through. You can always change your mind.

Keep your brush moving. Follow your heart. You know what to do.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard. You can simplify at any time.

This is not a linear process from chaos to order. SPIRAL in and out instead.

BE FLEXIBLE. Be open to the unexpected. Surprise yourself.

If you don’t like your painting, you have nothing to loose. Be bold!

Remember to do things that scare you or feel “crazy.” Be brave!

Step out of your comfort zone…again and again and again.

Allow your process to be SEEN. Let go of “perfection.”

Embrace your vulnerability. This is YOU at your most raw and real. It is a gift.

Loosen up, have fun, be playful. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

The process is much more important than the product.

Getting “stuck” is part of the process + often leads to great breakthroughs.

Don’t indulge in your stuck-ness. Move on through to the other side.

Allow yourself to focus on what is working. Accept what IS and keep painting.

Changing courses many times makes for interesting paintings in the end.

Your most valuable techniques are what come most naturally to you.

Only YOU can paint like you. Your heartfelt creations are a gift to the world.

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  1. I don’t have ‘time’ to read blogs.. I’m ‘making time’ to read yours because I love the way you share, paint and encourage… & I’m going to meet you soon. I am delighted by your posts, thank you x

  2. Flora, I love the new paintings! They are Spring! Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom, from the bottom of my heart. I bought your book not long ago, and it has transformed my art, and maybe my life! I’ve only been painting for just over a year, but you’ve taught me to let go of my fear and doubt. My art has improved, and I’m planning some very big and long overdue changes in my life in the next couple of months. Thank you so much for inspiring me!!! Many blessings to you!

  3. God help me, I want to follow your inspiration and will be confronting fear most of the way…but …maybe not…ha ha,, gearing up for the class, Flora. Thank you. Signed. Scared.

  4. Lately, my creativity well has been a bit dry and I have been feeling a little “stuck”. You have no idea how much your wise artistic words helped me… Thank you! Love your new paintings! Awesome patterns!

  5. This post is at the right time for me — I covered up a beautiful riot of colour with too much which has made the painting plain and boring – didn’t know what to do and was fretting about it – UNTIL I read this post – now I know its just all part of the learning process and I can do again and I can just trust in the piece……..thank you Flora – as usual….

  6. Lovely and gorgeous your painting and words of advise. I Love painting but I’m always afraid of doing something wrong and most times I dont like my painting, I feel “stuck” all the time. I know I not setting myself Free It’s what is all about. Thank You for sharing your thoughts of great inspiration and confort. Thank You xo

  7. Wonderful words! It’s so hard to let go, thank you for encouraging the concept of going for it! Love your work and have really enjoyed your daily blog posts!

  8. Flora,
    Thank you for summarizing your words of inspiration so beautifully! I took your class and LOVE your spirit…these are great reminders that we all need to embrace our intuition more.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that your 30 days of blogging have been incredibly inspiring for me. I hope you will keep blogging often, if not every day. I sit and drink my morning tea and read through my emails and your words and images and feel such positive energy to start my day. Thank you. I think it’s important for creative women to hear from one another. The way you’re sharing here is giving voice to something that needs to be heard! xoxo

  10. Thank you flora! So looking forward to your online class!

  11. Very wise words, thank you!!

  12. Thank you!!! Simply THANK YOU for sharing so DEEP thoughts with us!!!
    You are not only TALENTED but TREMENDOUSLY GENEROUS with us.

  13. You are so wise. Thank you for your blog this last month. I have enjoyed reading it.

  14. Thank you for your inspiring words. Good reminders for me when I’m painting to just let it flow, let go and not worry about outcome. I like your use of black in your images…gives it some nice contrast and interesting shapes to look at.

  15. Love the list. I am going to print it out. That last painting is GORGEOUS!!! I totally want it but for now will enjoy it on my screen.

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