30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #21!


After yesterday’s thoughts on how I find inspiration directly from the creative process and taking risks, I thought I would give a nod to some of my more obvious sources of inspiration today.  Although I find plenty of inspiration from things like textiles, graffiti, shamanism, tribal patterns, personal transformation and music (hmm, that sounds like another post?), my first love and main source of inspiration will likely always be the all-mighty and ever-amazing…

natural world.

Not a big surprise there I’m sure!

Besides actually drawing the world around me (like with a pen on paper), one of my favorite ways to gather inspiration is through photography.  I have always loved taking pictures and now I think of it as a form of field research.  I continually seek out inspiring forms, colors, patterns and compositions, so that when I do step in front of my blank canvas, I literally have all kinds of information to draw from. I have always loved taking photos for this reason and for the way it forces me to slow me down and REALLY SEE.  Lately, I’m a little bit of an Instagram addict too:)

Here are a few of my recent pics/sources of inspiration brought to you by the colors grey and pink with a little bit of yellow.  Not sure how that happened :)

xo flora












  1. Nature the the ultimate master of colour!

  2. Thank you Pachamama♥♥♥!!!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos. I too, love to take photos. I took so many wonderful ones this past weekend that I would like to incorporate in my art.

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