30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #20!


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There’s a question that seems to come up in every single interview I do.  It’s the “Where do you find inspiration?” question.  It’s easy to answer this question with the obvious:  nature, color, form, movement, trips to the woods, looking at other people’s art, etc.  But, when I really get to the heart of what drives my creativity, it’s actually so much more about the act of creating itself.  It’s about stepping in front of a big white canvas and trusting myself enough to make the first move.

Personally, I love the first move.  There is something so powerful in making those first few brush marks across a white a canvas.  It is a simple act, really, but there is an immense amount of bravery and trust involved in this moment of turning possibility into action.  It might appear as an orange swash of color across a field of white, but really it’s a declaration of trust, forward movement and radical personal expression.  It’s about stepping across a threshold into something unknown and trusting that what will happen there will be OK—or maybe even great.

It is possibility in action.

Obviously, there is ton of trust involved in continuing to make marks after those initial declarations have been made, and maybe that’s where the real work happens—how to continue to move forward even when you feel stuck, uninspired, totally overwhelmed or just not into it?  For me, it comes down to risk taking.  If I’m operating from a “safe predictable and controlled place,” I am rarely inspired.  It’s more like I’m going through the motions and there is something very uninspiring about that for me.  It’s often when I step outside of this comfort zone that I feel that divine spark of inspiration.  It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff or running in the rain or arriving in a brand new city.  There is an aliveness present and with this aliveness comes inspiration.

This is not to say “playing it safe” is not a perfectly acceptable way to operate…some of the time.  Amazing things can happen when we are in control, have a plan and know who is driving the bus (so to speak).  There is a time and place for this kind of knowing, for sure!  What I believe is important is simply having an awareness around our patterns and what is potentially holding us back.  Noticing when it’s time to mix it up, step into the unknown and do something seriously BRAVE is a really powerful awareness to have.

I’ll sign off here with a little video I created with my friend, Zipporah Lomax.  Our intention was to demonstrate possibility in action and to inspire others to step into this powerful place of mystery themselves.  I hope it does just that!

xo flora

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.  -T.S. Eliot


  1. Love this!

  2. Thank you Flora for the beautiful look inside your creative process! It was amazing. I’ve been following your career and blog, as welk ad many of your tribeswomen’s blogs & careers for many years! so inspiring!
    I wish nothing more (and keep getting close-those suckers sell out fast! Congrats to you!) than to attend your workshop and learn more about creatively letting go- and letting the painting tell you where it needs to go next!
    I also love the steps you take in your process of moving the body and getting “in tune” with that part of you that is expression and boldness!

  3. Flora – I finished a painting today that I began would you believe in the very first ELearning workshop you did. I was in that first lot of bloomers, and then I did a second workshop, but this piece just wouldn’t come together for me – I’ve found it so difficult to just let go and let things be BUT it came together and its better than I ever thought it could be, changed colours, images and well, almost everything in the process but it happened. Many many thanks for your workshops, your blog here which is inspiring every day (for the moment – I know you can’t keep it up forever) and for the process.

  4. Possibility in action…that’s AWESOME phrase and describes everything about creating something. Your blog is a great read- it has given me inspiration and insight- and those beautiful magnolia pictures you posted earlier got me a tulip magnolia fever and now these flowers are finding their way into a painting of mine…
    Your book is great too- it helped me immensely to start creating again after a long dark sticky period of dreamlesness, giving light and encouragement. Thank you for doing what you do.

  5. Hi Flora,

    Thank you for your wonderful book! It’s truly an inspiration. I am an art therapist and find your intuitive art a great gift.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

    Deirdre (:

  6. I’m new to you (discovered your site through a friend’s ‘liking’ you on Facebook) but each post is like a breath of fresh air. I’m loving the journey you’re feeling your way through in your blog affair and it’s inspiring me no end – like Spring on a page. Thanks for sharing all of this with others, it’s just lovely! x

  7. I have been following you for quite a while now and looked at your other blog a lot and was actually frustrated when you stopped posting…then I found braveintuitiveyou.com and was like “hooray!!!
    I love your work and I find your process so exciting. I have tried it and it looked like a hot mess but I did push thru once and was pretty excited with the results. I am inspired by your work and your words make me excited to try my own process and just see what happens.
    This is me putting it out there!!
    Thank you.

  8. OMG Flora – this video is so AWESOME! LOVE the music too!! Thanks!!

  9. Your video is exactly what I needed this morning Flora, I was feeling pretty flat, and now the day has potential as I’m feeling inspired. Thank you once again for inspiring me. Alice x

  10. Love to watch you paint. You’re right, there is a need for planning and some safety, but we also need to stay free and open to possibilities. I like how you put it, to watch, see what’s going on. Very good.

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