30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day 19!

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Hi ya’ll.  I thought I would allow myself to do a little *shining* today and share with you my feature in the most recent Where Women Create Magazine.  To say I feel honored to be included in this publication would be a serious understatement.  A more accurate description of my feelings would be something like…

totally blown away and a little bit in awe.

To open up a magazine that you really love and see your own face, art and studio space staring back at you is a little bit surreal actually.  One thing I noticed was a wave of, “I don’t deserve this” surfacing right alongside my squeals of joy.  That reaction is so interesting to notice because on so many logical levels I actually do believe I deserve this kind of praise and attention.  I mean, hell, I am super passionate about what I do and I’ve worked incredibly hard for everything that has come my way, but there continues to be some kind of deeper level story that can’t seem to believe/accept that this is my life—that perhaps I’m not really worthy of things being…


I suppose the most important thing (for now anyways) is to simply notice that I am experiencing these stories, right?  The first chapter in my book is called, “Re-creating Your Story,” after all, so here we go again…time to take my own advice and start accepting the good, letting it inside on a cellular level, telling myself a new kind of story and not being afraid to stand tall in my light {insert deep breathe here}.

I understand that re-creating my “worthiness story” is a huge part of my evolutionary work right now.  I mean, how can I help other people get their own worthiness if I haven’t totally gotten my own? {enter second deep breathe here}.  Shifting this story is definitely a one-day-at-a-time-kind-of-a-thing as most big shifts are.  However, I will say this, showing up everyday to write this blog has been one of the most healing things I’ve done in a long time.  It goes so much deeper than telling you about my day, showing you pretty pictures and pondering how to live and paint more bravely.  Actually…

it’s all about showing up for myself, believing in my truth and fearlessly using my voice to express these beliefs.

For those of you who have mentioned how much you are enjoying my posts, THANK YOU, I’m so happy to be adding this bit of light, insight or whatever you are receiving from this into your world.  And for those of you who said you will be sad to see this end, please know this is just the beginning.  I will not keep up my everyday blogging (what sane person can?), but I will most definitely keep writing.  That, my friends, is the whole point of this love affair…to fall in love with my own voice.


xo flora

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  1. Your daily blogs are so inspirational
    I look forward to experiencing art and creative juices from another creative soul :) keep painting

  2. Lovely Flora…. I’m blown away with how ‘aligned’ your posts have been in relation to where I am myself… I totally believe they have been gifts from the universe! You have been helping me push through and ‘re-write’ a lot of my own inner stories (some similar others different of course). There is this feeling of wanting to just run and hide rather than accepting and owning this place, this ‘now’. Stand tall and believe… (so excited to see you in a few WEEKS!eep!). xxx lots of love, joy & gratitude to you.

  3. I love reading your daily posts, but I’ll still look forward to your posts regardless of how frequent your busy life allows after this. You are one of the artists I admire, love your book and some time hope to take one of your classes. You do deserve Good Things! Shine on, bright light! :)

  4. best blog post yet, Flora! you work hard and it shows, the praise and spotlights are just a few of the rewards ~ thank you for being willing to share your joy, wisdom and artwork with us all.

  5. Inspirational and full of thought. Thanks.

  6. Flora,
    I too have enjoyed your posts. I think there is comfort in knowing we all struggle with our own demons. What is inspiring to me is how you recognize them and understand they are here to help us grow in some way. Some days are better than others of course which is why it is even more important to celebrate the good ones when they happen, after all they are the true gifts. Today I celebrate YOU, all your hard work, compassion, inspiring thoughts, ideas and kind heart. Relish this moment, YOU deserve it! Cheery smiles your way…laura

  7. Enjoyed each post . I am painter too but I am afraid to express myself doing art work if it takes all my time making me feel good when other members of family are waiting for other duties which are important too . This is very good hobby and I would like to keep it up anyway ,if it becomes a source of living too .

  8. The spread looks great. Have you read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks? It sounds like what he describes as “the upper limit problem.”

  9. Flora, When I posted my painting on Facebook and you said “love” I couldn’t believe it. She must not mean it, I mean she’s so good. I just started, etc., etc. But I did finally accept it. You loved it. Yeah for me. I’m 63 and still fighting this. But it’s not as often, keep it up, it gets better. You are great reminding me of things I sometimes forget. We’re all in this together. Your speaking out about your philosophy is so wonderful. Know it helps in all kinds of ways. It makes you more because you share.

  10. Shine away Flora, congratulations on the article, it lookas fab. You certainly have worked very hard and shared so much with others, helping open up new happiness in many fledgling artists. It’s really interesting and helpful reading your thoughts through your 30 day blog. Thank you for committing to doing this, I’m glad it is helping you to question yourself more too, we think we have things sorted, until something else needs our attention and teaches another lesson in self awareness….
    I have lovely images in my head of you riding around on your bike catching all those magical moments x

  11. Hi Flora, I recently discovered you in the interweb and am so enjoying reading your words as well as seeing your paintings…both are beautifully done, I think self-worth is a step by step evolution that lasts a lifetime. Well done on being published, i hope it can serve as an affirmation to your natural state of deserving :)

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