30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #17!


Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and this is my Ode to her.

Erin is three and a half years older than me and lives with her husband, Jeremy (he is an amazing painter…check him out!) in Minneapolis, MN.  There are a few words that definitely come to mind when I think of my sis:  smart, grounded, funny, down-to-earth, savvy, passionate…did I mention smart?  I’d like to think I’ve worked through my childhood stories around my sister being “the smart one” but it’s true…she’s pretty amazing in that department.

Erin works in the non-profit world and has always been fiercely dedicated to making this world a better place.  She is currently in charge of making sure the millions of dollars funneled through Margaret Cargill’s Philanthropies serve the people there were intended to serve.  Not just anyone gets a job like that and she is perfect for it.  I have always been super inspired by my sis and her dedication to service.  Our parents both worked at the YMCA throughout our entire childhood and they did a rock solid job instilling the values of hard work, helping others and making a difference in the world.  It’s been interesting to see how Erin and I have taken those principals to heart and put them in motion in totally different, yet effective, ways.

I only see my sis a couple times a year, but when we do reunite it’s always like no time has passed (don’t you love that when that happens?).  Despite our distance, I carry her influence with me every single day and have all kinds of gratitude for her unending love and support.  There are not too many people I can say have truly loved me since the day I was born, but Erin is certainly one of them.  This pic kinda says it all.

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 4.08.33 PM

Happy birthday Erin!  Love you!

xo flora






  1. omg– I LOVE this and love both photos so much— so much love. Thank you for sharing this—xooxox, e

  2. So very sweet. Just the tribute every sister would love to have.

  3. How precious LOVE is…….

  4. Oh my this is such a sweet post. I don’t have a sis or a sister and so I love my two beautiful daughters. That photo of you two at the end is so cute and reminds me of them at that age. so lovely, thanks for sharing.

  5. Flora, you are just so great. I took you class last Fall and it so inspired me. I’m 63, and watching you is fantastic. You are on a path that is very similar to the one I walked at your age. You are so on the right track, I’m sure you know that. Wait until you’re my age. Mind blowing. I’m going to do a blog. This 30 days of blogging is wonderful. It is honest, heartfelt, joyful and on and on.

    Always share what you have. Never hesitate. Don’t be afraid others won’t like you as you spoke about one day. We are inspired by your successes. It shows us we will succeed. Those who don’t understand aren’t in your life anyway.

    Thank you for sharing and being you. You are just wonderful as a person and as a artist. You are a woman of wisdom.

    Good on you, Flora


  6. This post was so sweet!!!! Love the pics and your nice comments about your sis. Also Jeremy’s art is really good!

  7. I love this post, and particularly the picture of you as little children. I always appreciate how supportive you are of other women and your love of collaboration, so it doesn’t surprise me to find you have that mutually supportive, non competitive bond with her.

  8. Such a cute picture when you was a kid. Love those heart touching posts – and your art is amazing! makes me want to be creative immediately!
    greetings from Germany, geisslein

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