30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #12!

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Spring has definitely SPRUNG here in Portland and it’s all I can do to not drool all over the amazing flowers blooming everywhere.  I rode my bike across town today listening to Sigur Ros on my headphones, allowing my intuition to lead the way.  I have an exercise on my online course called, “Intuitive Wandering” that is all about wandering (walking, biking, even driving) without a plan.  I realize this is not rocket science, but I do think it’s quite *rare* to roam based on your gut instincts vs. an actual need to get somewhere.  I know, for me, every time I do allow myself to wander in this way (feeling where I want to go instead of thinking about where to go), I seem to I tap into a totally different kind of energy flow.  In a lot of ways, it brings back familiar feelings I had so often as a kid—playful, carefree, guided by curiosity, present, open to magic…

By following my gut today, I found myself biking through a very old and beautiful graveyard that I never knew existed (totally inspiring thoughts of life and death and living fully…gotta love a graveyard for those reminders).  I also rode down several overgrown alleyways, through city parks and around all kinds of neighborhoods bursting with pink cotton candy blooms.  One thing I noticed is how luxurious it felt to bike in this intuitive way—to literally stop and smell flowers, to take pictures, to take an impromptu walk in the park and to really appreciate this exact moment of Springtime glory.  So often I find myself racing from one thing to the next (like we modern humans tend to do), and today’s wander really got me thinking about TIME.  I thought about where it goes, how easy it is to waste it (hello facebook, instagram, email, twitter, etc…), and how I might start to replace even a little bit of this time wasted with time spent doing the exact things that bring me joy, like a simple intuitive wander.

Again, not rocket science, but a damn fine thing to aspire to.

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Happy Friday everyone.  Perhaps you’ll make some time for a little intuitive wandering yourself this weekend?

xo, flora


  1. It’s how I find my most favorite photos. I love to wander. I do visit a certain cemetery every time I visit Texas. There are people buried there who fought in the Civil War and before that. I consider it sacred ground.

  2. Those purple blossoms are absolutely gorgeous! A day well spent :)

  3. Delight! I like to call this a day of “carefree timelessness” just wandering and pondering. I love going out on my bike and stopping to sit under a tree or take a walk on the beach or lay in the grass and read a book or write in my journal.

  4. We are in our 60′s and have just bought bikes! We also love to walk our dog, through the public gardens and along the harbour front, I love working in my garden. All things, taking time to smell the roses! I am always inspired to make my art after a good dose of nature walking! One feels so alive! Loving all your posts to date!

  5. Yes isn’t just gorgeous out there :-)

  6. i love your blog! :)

    i send you a sunny greeting from germany

  7. Flora! Sounds like an awesome ride. I can’t wait until the weather here gets a bit milder to hop on my bike and get out there too!
    I totally am digging you blog, thank you for this! And again your online course was f*#*ing brilliant! :) I am still watching the classes and videos…hopefully we will meet in person one day!

    Enjoy your weekend :)
    Cheers xo

  8. Thanks, Flora!
    I went wandering today but since the temperature was still just above freezing, I used my car. Drove around the neighbourhood until I found a place that looked good and then sat in the car and sketched! It was really fun and I stayed warm. Looking forward to when the snow melts and the flowers bloom..

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