30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #13!

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I’ve been thinking a lot about DREAMS lately…not so much the kind I have in my sleep (although that might be a whole different post..woah).  I’m talking about the kind of dreams I have in my waking hours.  “Daydreams”  if you will, but not the kind of daydreams I have while I’m staring off into space (again, more blogging fodder there).  Nope, I’m talking about the kind of dreams I have when I get really present to my deepest core desires.  I’m talking about…

dreaming my dream life ALIVE kinda dreams.

Thankfully, I was somehow born into this world thinking/knowing that…anything is possible. 

Amazing, right?  I mean, why on earth would a person believe that anything is possible in a world where so many people are suffering and so much injustice is at play?  I’m pretty sure my positive belief system has a whole lot to do with my amazing “anything is possible” parents and perhaps some kind of wild, well-deserved karma…and maybe a little ignorance?  Honestly,  I’m not too concerned with how this positive belief system came to be the lens through which I experience life, I’m just stoked it’s there.

However, I’ve also worked crazy hard to keep this lens from building up grit and grime over the years {insert positive affirmation here}.  As we know, it’s incredibly easy to become jaded, negative and overwhelmed in a world with so many freaking variables.  Right?  There will always be obstacles popping up on our path which challenge us and make our dreams seem that much more out of reach, elusive or just plain annoying/impossible.

I can honestly say that if had I known then what I know now, I’m pretty sure I would have NOT pursued a career as a painter.  I mean, WTF?  Who thinks they can make a living selling paintings in this day and age…and before the internet even existed!  Apparently my ignorant twenty-year old self thought that painting for a job was a feasible idea (thank god for this ignorance), and thank god I didn’t seem to mind being totally broke while I pursued this dreamy “dream job” because OH MY…

there have been obstacles.

But somehow, with all those obstacles, I kept my dream alive, working my ass off year after year, painting hundreds of painting, showing my work on any walls that would have me and living large (as in happily) on very little income.  When I look back now, I realize I never really had a choice.  I am so passionate about creating and specifically about painting, that I’m not sure what else I would have done.  The fact that I now weave together ALL my passions—art, yoga, dance, personal transformation, making a difference, travel, being my own boss—into one lovely job kinda blows my mind.  All this to say, I really do believe (because I’m living proof) that…

anything IS possible…as long as you are willing to dream it alive (and work your butt off).

I would love to sign off with this little excerpt about dreaming from Monique Duvall’s, The Persistence of Yellow

“I met my dreams in a dream last night.

They were whining about the view, the humidity,

The reckless rooms inside my heart.

We need room for flight, they cried.

So I’m deconstructing my tiny house today.

I’m giving my dreams the starlight as their steeple.

The uncluttered winds for their kites.”

Thank you to the ever-inspiring Myriam Joseph for unearthing this gem and passing it on to me.  To read more about this beautiful dreamer, check out Brene Brown’s Inspiration Interview with Myriam.  Oh, and you just might want to hang around and check out Brene’s blog while you’re there.

Happy weekend ya’ll. Keep dreaming big!

xo flora



  1. What an amazing validation that the trials and tribulations of our lives can lead us to a fruition of dreams. I had a fortune cookie tell me one time, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. Pretty smart for a cookie. An believe it, all the cookies looked the same until I picked one out and cracked it. I taste that there might be less of difference between what we think is the challenge leading up to the success and the success after the challenge was met. It seems you’ll be painting, teaching, traveling through it all no matter how much you sell or how many students will pay. That might be the kicker. You do it no matter the hardship or the reward.
    There is an illusion to choice. It’ll all have to be done.

  2. Oh so now your inspiring me again …… lol
    I too believe anything is possible, that the sun shines Everyday,
    that “why not?” Really who made rules anyway…. I really do love
    life! Oh ya an now it’s Spring … Every color is So fresh an new…
    Yet at the same time I don’t seem to have a clear focus to where,
    why, how come……the journey is So much Fun though~~~~~~

  3. Amazing and inspiring words, as always Flora! :)

  4. Thank you for including the interview with Myriam.

  5. Oh Flora,
    due to our US-Europe time difference I made a beloved habit to start my mornings with your blog. Right after sitting meditation. Today I just read it several times because all of your absolute true positive energy coming from it, getting to the deepest fibre..or.. core. Thank you for sharing all this in your blog. It couldn’t arrive at a more exciting time for me personally.
    Even way before this blog, when I first got your book as a wonderful bday gift, I could tell that you are so in line with your “dreaming your life- daydreams”, happy to have to possibility to get inspired again and gain by your posts!!

  6. Thank you again Flora! You words tell me to go after mine and don’t let the negative voices get a hold of me anymore!

  7. Thank you!
    I love your honesty about this journey. The dreams, and the drive it takes to get there. How you might not have done it if you knew how hard it would be but are so glad you did. Amen sister!
    I love too the tenacity of your sweetness… the choice to be positive.
    The poem is Fabulous!

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