30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #9!

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[Tara and I @ Burning Man, 2012...a picture sure can tell a thousand words.]

I woke up yesterday to a text message from one of my oldest and dearest friends who lives in Boston.  It read, “Can I come visit you…like tomorrow?”  I would be lying if I said this was totally out of the blue, as we’ve been hoping to make this visit happen for awhile now, but WOW, it was suddenly happening…like tomorrow, which is now…like today.  Of course my answer was a resounding, “YES!” and in about three hours, I’ll be on my way to the airport to pick Tara up.  Insta-reunion.  Just.  Like.  That.

I think we can probably all relate to the utter radness of dear old friends—the ones who have known you through all of life’s  messes and celebrations, breakdowns and breakthroughs, falling in loves and falling aparts, and all the twists and turns that reflect a life lived to the fullest. There is simply nothing else like these relationships.  They run deep and the run strong.  And, I have to admit that the more my online network grows and expands (which I LOVE, of course, don’t get me wrong), I am craving these deep old connections like nobody’s business.  Why?  Because it’s my oldest friends who know the whole story…

My whole story.

They knew me when I used to paint in my cramped bedroom after long nights of waitressing.  They knew me when I schlepped my paintings to every dinky little art walk and hosted art shows in my own living room with hopes of paying the rent.  They knew me when I got rejected from all three MFA Painting programs I applied to. They knew me when I lived in a tent for six months volunteering after Hurricane Katrina.  They also knew me when I lived in my van, my art studio warehouse and as a permanent “house-sitter.”  They knew me when I went to Burning Man for the first time and witnessed me finally beginning to fall in love with myself there.  They knew me when I suddenly (and painstakingly) changed my name to Flora after 30 years (yes, that’s a whole other post) And, to say they’ve known me through the deepest of loves and the hardest of heartbreaks, would be a pretty big understatement.

Yep.  There are a handful of people who know the whole of me, and I love them so much for that knowing.

For the next three days, my regularly scheduled life will be on hold.  Besides writing these posts (of course :) ) and keeping up with a minimal amount of other commitments, I will happily be giving myself over to the precious moments as they unfold between two old friends.  Because, really—what else is more important than spending quality time with the people you love the most in your life?  I’m pretty sure…nothing.

If you take a peak at my friend Tara’s photography, you will quickly see that she also “gets” the magic of human connection.  In fact, she has built an entire career out of capturing these moments for other people….a rockin’ career, I might add.  I was blessed to have Tara take all the photos in my book, and if you have the book, you KNOW how gorgeous those photos are.

I am blessed to know her.  End of story.  Adios.

xo flora




  1. its hearing these kinds of stories… as you shared here in brief, and on a recent interview… that endears you to us even more I’m sure. Realness is …. well, it just IS.
    And yes.. there’s nothing like those kinds of friends. enjoy :)

  2. Flora, I have loved reading your posts. This one really resonated, however, as my bestie is an amazing photographer and one of those friends you drop everything for. Connecting is the most important thing. Thanks for reminding me of that:)

  3. I was recently with an old bff at Deschutes in the Pearl and we hadn’t been together in awhile. We had the most fabulous conversation going and it was pure magic. I described it as a visceral gestalt connection. There is nothing like it.

  4. Oh my. I am sitting here, positively GIDDY with happiness as I have caught up on your blog. Its so funny because I constantly think when I check my blogroll, “Man I wish Flora would post regularly.” I love your work (i took your online class), and when that happens you want to know a bit about the person behind it. Lo and Behold I check it today and I find we are day #9 in a blog love affair!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I can’t even tell you how more and more excited I have gotten as I read the days. I am so excited for you and hope you can find something good in all this blog lovin’. I for one couldn’t be happier ;)

  5. Could be it’s due to the end of a long windy day or it might be because of the wind my eyes feel as though I’ve been crying all day. Could be it’s due to a lot of other things, or it could be due to your writing and the deep feeling that came through today’s posting. I feel not only eye strain now, but tears. Old friends are the best.

  6. Love friends that know you…feels good to be known!

  7. Yes keep to your deepest friends , we are just passing by in your life.

  8. OHHHHH have a Fab time with your friend Tara, I have your book and LOVE the photos! Went on her site and WOW the way she captures amazing family moments is wonderful!

  9. What better way to spend time than with ones we love. Enjoy your visit. I know you will appreciate EACH moment. And leave all the dishes until she is gone.
    PS. I love the pictures in your book and I am wondering what your name was before Flora.

  10. I am so enjoying your posts! I admire your work so much and I am so happy for you that you are successful. I can’t believe you didn’t get into those MFA programs, I guess the universe had better things planned for you! Enjoy and keep painting!

  11. The rewards are deeper and more meaningful when you put time and work into something, whether art or friendships. Your story is more inspiring for not being an “instant success”.

  12. How wonderful for you. These relationships get to be more and more special as time goes on. Old friends, they hold your stories. They keep showing up! Our lives are impacted by those who love us and those who refuse to love us…You inspire in many ways…..I think I’ll look up an old friend today!
    By the way… Good analogy for painting… Is to just keep showing up… I hear your words in my head as I get to be a better painter… trusting myself to find my voice….after many many years. Main thing is to keep on keeping on in this life! I have templated many people I admire to teach me…. Your in great company…! Thank you from a “new” cyber friend…
    Keep writing!

  13. Oh Flora, enjoy this moment. For now a reality will always be there in the future, when you find yourself again craving the completeness of your friend’s love. What a blessing to have a friend like Tara.

  14. I moved from Cali to Australia 8 years ago, and though I’ve met many amazing people here, there is nothing like “My girls” back home, and there never will be, how could there be?
    Enjoy and Love sweet soul,

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