30-Day Blog Love Affair:: Day #10!

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[Image by Zipporah Lomax]

As I type this, my friend Tara is across the street on a massage table receiving an hour of healing energy work from one of my healer angels, Mandy.  I gifted this session to Tara because I believe so much in this work and there is nothing I would rather give a dear friend than the gift of healing.  I’ve also been gushing to Tara about Mandy’s amazing sessions for over a year now, so I’m very excited for Tara to receive Mandy’s work first hand.  Woah, I *just* realized as I wrote that how much attachment I have around Tara having an AMAZING experience with Mandy— just like I always do.  Good to notice.  Alright, I’m going to exhale that expectation right…..now.  Cool.  Whatever will be will be :)

Funny, I had no idea what I was going to write today when I sat down.  Admittedly, I spent approximately a third of my yoga class this morning thinking about what to write…not exactly being present on the mat.  But, as I sit here now,  all I can think about are the parallels between this writing process and my painting process.  The difference with writing is that I feel like…

a total beginner. 

A total beginner when writing from the heart, that is, which feels way different than writing at a comfortable distance from my heart.  Yet, this is exactly what I ask of my students as they step in front of the blank canvas.  I ask them to let go of expectations, tune into their intuition and allow their heart to lead the way.  I ask them to step towards the feeling of NOT KNOWING, to embrace the mystery head on.

As a person who has been painting for twenty years now, it’s pretty damn easy for me to embrace this kind of blank canvas mystery.  I know, from experience, that if I keep moving paint around and adding layers, eventually something will happen.  From experience, I know that my creative process is so much more about showing up rather than having some great master plan. It’s about allowing and being brave way more than it’s about planning and plotting.  Ultimately, it’s about TRUSTING.

And, guess what?  TRUSTING is what this love affair is all about too (like any good love affair!)  TRUSTING that I have something worthy to say.  TRUSTING that my perspective matters.  TRUSTING that I won’t be negatively judged by exposing my true self.  TRUSTING that the words will come when I sit down at a blank screen.  TRUSTING everyday for 30 days.

BTW, Tara just returned from her session.

She loved it.

Now for some more quality time…

xo flora


  1. You really hit the nail on the head with the trust issue. I took your online class back in Sept. I have been reviewing some of the videos, since I know they will end at the end of April. I have been feeling so panicked, but then I realize I have all I need within me when i let go of the fear and just trust, it’s just easier to trust you(the more knowledgable one), than myself.
    As I was painting today, I got a little braver, and noticed when I let go of some of the things in the painting I was afraid to let go of, the more important things got clearer and the path became a little easier. This is all such a parallel for my life. I can’t thank you enough for this insightful painting journey you have taken me on. Thank you for sharing so much of you and making the path clearer.

  2. Another great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. love! i too have been going to a healer and having energy work and massage done and it has completely changed my life. so much we keep inside, refuse to feel, and it ends up keeping us from soaring completely.

    i’m enjoying watching you write from your heart. i love blogging and have been sad to see so many people stop and instead facebook all the time. it’s like forgoing a long meal cooked with love and enjoyed with good friends to sit out in your car at mcdonalds. just not the same thing! keep it up! xo, kelly

  4. Flora I am absolutely loving every day of your blog. You and Kelly Rae are both huge inspirations for me…not just artistically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Thanx for being so brave.

    ~ Melissa
    P.S. LOVE the Brene Brown video!

  5. I am absolutely LOVING your blog posts!

  6. I’m also discovering the best blogs I write are when I sit down a blank slate and uncover what I didn’t know I was thinking. I trust writing. You trust art. If we keep on keeping on, we’re going to trust vulnerability too. Ole!

  7. Wow! I just signed up for you online workshop in May. I’m already learning so much from just reading your beautiful blog and all the wonderful comments. Thank you.

  8. Am alongside you Flora, what a great journey. Thank you for being in my life! Meeting you and working with you, at the COTWS, was one of the most memorable gifts I was given by my daughter and family.

  9. Thank you!!!
    Did i ever need to hear this today…
    “let go of expectations, tune into their intuition and allow their heart to lead the way”

    In a space where i have given my self license and time to create I am amazed how hard it is for me to follow that sweet advice… but now that I’ve read it so clearly it feels a little easier.

    I think your writing is fab. It inspires, which to me is more than being ‘good’ or polished, it’s just plain ol’ the best thing in this world.
    Thank you!!!

  10. Keep writing Flora! It’s interesting and helpful! :D

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